Affiliate Marketing News March 2016

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March 31, 2016

Are You Prepared For The Internet Of Things? –

“The traditional product value chain has been shaken up with the unstoppable spread of globalization and the universal commodification of goods and services. Globalization has forced companies to adjust and respond...”

2016 State Of Marketing –

“The CMO’s currency is the customer – customer voice, customer value, valence, and often, the experience itself.” – Jake Sorofman, Gartner Vice President. Sorofman notes that CMOs are finally getting respect in business, pointing to CMO tenures which have doubled to 48 months over the past decade. Sorofman also reflects on the scope of customer experience management and the key role of CMOs to design the desired-state experience, and align other line-of-business leaders, serving as de-facto chief customer officer...”

March 30, 2016

How To Market Luxury Brands –

“It’s a good time to be in luxury car sales. February car sales took flight, to a 15-year high for the month, while SUVs and luxury cars dominated this month’s New York Auto Show, according to the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. What’s more, we know that when auto sales improve, the economy overall — and therefore the luxury economy — is improving, too. American consumers are once again ready for luxury marketing...”

Powersports Launches Affiliate Program –

“Powersports Support the nation’s number one ecommerce software for powersports dealers announced the launch of their affiliate program today. This new sales channel will be open to anyone, including Sales Representatives from all the distributors and brands in the powersports industry. The PSS affiliate program will pay a monthly recurring commission of 25% off each new referrals monthly subscription. The price to join the PSS affiliate program is 100% free...”

March 29, 2016

Why Content Drives Conversions –

“The buzz word in digital marketing in the 21st century is content. Good content gets your customer over the bridge from interest to taking the desired action and converting.

You’ve probably heard about content marketing, yet perhaps you haven’t quite understood it or its value. In this article, we’re going to break content down for you and explain why good content is key to conversion. First, let’s define good content…”

How To Leverage Your Email List –

“Since the inception of Google, everyone seems to be chasing the same dream: Wake up in the morning, open your laptop, and watch the sales roll in from the night before.

The internet has certainly changed our landscape of communication. It has provided ample opportunity for entrepreneurs to pursue a life of autonomy and abundance. But more importantly, it has given everyone a chance at bat…”

March 28, 2016

How To Improve your Website Content –

“You wouldn’t set out on a journey without a map – so you shouldn’t take a scattergun approach to content creation. Knowledge really is power when it comes to developing amazing content, which is why it’s so important to do your research before you even begin thinking about putting a plan into action...”

96 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing –

“Have you ever been reading an article — say it’s on content marketing — and you spot a strange word?

You realize you have no clue what it means. It wouldn’t be so bad if the writer only used the word once, but the concept is central to his point.

I’m talking about words and phrases like…”

March 27, 2016

How To Be More Effective –

“We all are too busy. There is no doubt about that. Thanks to internet and smart phones, everybody is available all the time. 

However, did you ever notice that the people who constantly mention that they are very busy are in fact the least effective ones? Being very busy is not an indicator of being effective or successful. Some people like to tell everyone around themselves how busy they are so that nobody asks them to take on another task…”

Ten Daily Habits That Will Make You Millions –

“You have to pay the cost if you want to be the boss.

The cost is discipline. No leader can achieve success without a certain level of discipline. A disciplined person is willing and able to give up short-term pleasure to achieve long-term gains. Of course, becoming disciplined requires you to have daily habits. Only disciplined people with habits can turn their lives around…”

March 26, 2016

How To Boost your Branded Terms –

“You’re likely already familiar with optimizing your site for specific keywords. You may have a list of specific keywords and phrases you’re targeting, or you may be more in the “add amazing content and see what happens,” camp.

However, the idea of optimizing for branded keywords may not have crossed your radar. Branded terms are words or phrases that are specific to your company. They often include your business name, but also may include certain trademarked product names or your website name. For Apple, some examples of branded terms might be…”

Why Your First Idea Might

“There’s a common mistake both young professionals and expert contributors fall victim to when coming up with ideas. It’s known as the Einstellung effect — when a person defaults to a known solution rather than a novel or optimal way of solving a problem.

For young creatives, the problem may be that they don’t have the context to know what’s new and what’s a tried-and-true solution…”

March 25, 2016

Native Ads Cheat Sheet

An infographic…

From Millions To $

Many of you wonder what has happened the last 5 or 6 months and I am here to give you a detailed explanation to clear the air and put an end to all the rumors.

In the middle of 2015 SMASHRevenue was a thriving company. It was stable, not exactly growing like a year ago, but affiliates have been well catered to and payments have always been on time.
I can’t take credit for it – but Tuan can. We used to be equal partners but there is no doubt that he held everything together and I single handedly ended screwing it up…”

March 24, 2016

Affiliate Marketing… Programmatic?

“When some people hear the words “affiliate marketing,” the thought stream glides to images of spam, pyramid schemes or dodgy pharmaceuticals. They also remember keyword-stuffing websites that tried to exploit search engines to get traffic for their affiliate links, but didn’t offer anything of value to their visitors…”

Three Tips To Turbocharge Your Email Efforts

“Despite your best efforts to keep customers up-to-date with the latest brand news and offers, you’re seeing flat lined open or click-through rates, an unsubscribe mass exodus, and — worst of all — emails tagged to funnel directly to your customers’ spam folders (yikes). These are all sure signs that your email campaigns have stopped resonating with your audience and are, instead, starting to offend them. That’s because, while frequency of interaction can build loyalty and brand advocacy, there’s such a thing as being too attentive...”

March 23, 2016

How To Build A Side Business The Right Way

“Many people dream of leaving their nine-to-five jobs to start their own businesses. Many successful entrepreneurs had to keep their day jobs until they reached a point in their businesses when it was feasible to quit. This transition time can be stressful and difficult, especially when you don’t enjoy your job, but it doesn’t have to be...”

FortuneJack Launches New Affiliate Program

“FortuneJack’s new affiliate program allows participants to earn rewards for referring people to the casino. The company says that the process to get started is relatively easy. “In just minutes,” says the casino, “anyone can open a profile which will allow them to track statistics of his or her referrals, and earn lucrative commissions from his or her referrals...”

March 22, 2016

How Nike Lost Steph Curry To Under Armour

“Under Armour’s bet on Stephen Curry has proved to be a genius one.

Curry is the reigning MVP on the NBA’s best team, the Golden State Warriors, he’s the new face of the league, and, according to a Morgan Stanley analyst, worth perhaps $14 billion to Under Armour…”

What Dropped Jaws At CES 2016

“Vision. When talking about the massive CES® 2016 convention held annually in Las Vegas, the word vision usually applies to the imagination of forward-thinkers. The technological dreams that will become reality. The metaphorical “seeing into the future…”

March 21, 2016

Can You Tap Into Twitter’s Algorithmic Free For Social Marketing?

“Last week saw a major shift in the new media landscape, as Twitter switched all of its users to a so-called “algorithmic feed.” That means users will be more likely to see tweets that match their own preferences, rather than just the most recent ones. At the same time, Instagram was reported to be testing similar changes…”

7 Good Internet Marketing Tools

“The difference between a beginner Internet marketer and a proficient one is, on the one hand, in experience, and on the other hand, in the tools they use. And while experience can only be obtained through continuous work and study of the market, tools are what you can get right now. Here are some with which you should start...”

March 20, 2016

Anthony Bourdain’s Awesomely Blunt Tips For Entrepreneurs

“Anthony Bourdain is not known for holding back. It was just that straight talk we we were seeking when we caught up with the outspoken chef and personality this past week at SXSW where he spoke about passion in small business at the festival’s Capital One House. He shared his thoughts on standing apart and what to stop worrying about right now. As you’d expect, his advice is simple and straight to the point…”

Four Tips For Affiliate Marketing Newbies

“If you are fighting to monetize your content and looking to generate revenue, you surely should opt for affiliate marketing. While there are several stories related to affiliate marketers amassing great fortunes and driving sales through affiliate businesses, these simple concepts are not as easy to execute as it seems. In order to achieve success in affiliate marketing, here are 4 tips that will ease the journey to making money...

March 19, 2016

Twitter Finally Admits 10,000 Character Tweets Are A Horrible Idea

“Despite rumblings of a 10,000-character limit on Twitter, the company’s CEO told The Today Show that the 140-character limit is here to stay.…”

How To Make Money In The Red Hot Relationship And Dating Niche

“No matter what happens in the world markets or with the economy, one thing is for certain — the world of dating and relationships is going to keep on strong! From online dating sites like eHarmony, Match and everything in between, the business and growth from these sites never seems to end...

March 18, 2016

Where Did The Affiliate Marketing Community Go?

“The industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The ‘golden age’ of affiliate marketing was a time when the field was dominated by content sites and the industry was much smaller.

Cashback and voucher code sites weren’t around yet, and perhaps there was more of an opportunity for individuals and smaller organisations to carve out their own mark in what was a more level playing field…”

How To Decrease Your Bounce Rate And Keep People On Your Website Longer –

“Keeping people on your blog longer can translate into higher engagement, conversions, and profits. Having strategies in place will reduce your bounce rate enormously as it forces people to navigate to different pages on your blog. People are often under the impression that keeping people on your blog longer has to do with layout, colors, and navigation, which is correct 60% of the time...

March 17, 2016

Five Small Business Trends To Watch This Year

“Heading into an election year means many of the big influences on the US small business market will come from macro-economic conditions and technological changes being implemented in the sector.

Here are a few trends that bear watching over the next 12 months…”

No Less Than Three Hundred Twenty-Seven Traffic Sources –

“Do you know the best way to generate traffic to your website?

It’s actually a very simple formula.

Step 1: Find out WHERE your target audience hangs out online.

This could be specific websites, forums, Facebook groups, Pinterest Group Boards, email newsletters, etc…

Step 2: Once you identify where your people hang out online, it’s simply a matter of POSITIONING your content in front of them…

March 16, 2016

2016: The State Of Internet Marketing

“Since the internet became readily available, marketers and entrepreneurs have taken to it to promote themselves and their businesses, and to grow their income. Internet marketing has become increasingly popular over the years, and people all over the world are going online to make themselves more money...”

To Disclose or Not To Disclose –

“Kevin Edwards, Global Strategy Director at Affiliate Window, looks at the potential risks of bloggers in the affiliate industry.

As our industry grows in scale and scope, so we have a responsibility to create and observe robust standards that ensure we accurately market to consumers…”’

March 15, 2016

Tips For Being A Top Affiliate Program Manager

“Your affiliate marketing program is a serious marketing campaign that requires diligent ongoing involvement. Unlike some may think, affiliate program management is a full-time job; and within its framework the affiliate (program) manager should be taking care of seven very specific things which I’d like to cover for you in this blog post...”

How To Improve Your CTR Image Advertisements

“I guess the main problem that is inherent to all banner image adverts is the stereotype that comes along with them – spam. However, this was not once the case. Banner adverts use to get very healthy CTRs but have continued to dwindle over the last 10 years – hence why advertisers feel the needs to make the adverts more extreme to regain the once achievable CTR...”’

March 14, 2016

TED Talks That Will Make You More Productive

“For many of us, achieving peak productivity can seem like a Sisyphean struggle. Every once in a while, we’ll think we’ve got our inboxes or to-do lists up-to-date, triaged, and under control. And then something else comes along that throws a giant wrench in all our grand plans — a tempting off-campus lunch, a last-minute request from your boss’s boss, or a cat GIF storm you can’t help but participate in...”

Nascent Technologies That Will Change Our Future

“Technology is changing at an incredible pace, so fast in fact that many industries and individuals are having a hard time keeping up. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, or just plain curious, these are the fields to keep an eye on in the next decade, and the ones most likely to mint a new generation of millionaires and billionaires...”’

March 13, 2016

Are Pinterest Ads A Good Option For Affiliate Marketers?

“Pinterest has been a top name in the social media space for a while now, but it’s usefulness in affiliate marketing has had mixed results. The site’s Ad Manager was previously only available to big brand advertisers. That now changes as the company has released a new set of advertisers tools that are now available to medium and small businesses. This means an affiliate like yourself can now utilize Pinterest’s reach and volume for promoting CPA campaigns like those featured at MaxBounty...”

Mobile’s Hot But Most Buying Is Still Done On Computer

“New research from Skimlinks, which took in data from 15 months of commerce-related content, shows that nearly three quarters of all purchases measured are made using desktop and laptop devices, rather than smartphones and tablets.

In a world where everyone from web designers to search-engine giants like Google is telling you to deliver your websites and online experiences on mobile as a priority, it seems that the most important interaction of all is still happening on the computer…”’

March 12, 2016

How To Write A Book A Year

“I have few business ventures that are as rewarding as writing a book. Please don’t interpret that in financial terms; most any business author will tell you that getting rich on writing a book is a pipe dream. But the ancillary benefits are amazing...”

How To Stay Uber Motivated All Day Long

“Over a century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt delivered a now-famous address that immediately cemented its place in the Motivational Speech Hall of Fame.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,” Roosevelt said. “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming…”’

March 11, 2016

How To Connect With Customers On Mobile

“In digital marketing, gone are the days of separating mobile and desktop customers.

Marketing and PR pros must adapt to the growing number of smartphone users who consult their mobile devices before making a purchase.

Google reports that in order to meet this growing trend, marketers should account for new conversion types and think about measurement in a way that connects with consumers using various screens and channels…”

The Best Creative Collaborations Ever

“In a 2013 article in Forbes, contributor Ruth Blatt wrote about why “supergroups” — bands comprised of independently successful artists — so rarely work out when such an assemblage of talent should otherwise predicate success...”’

March 10, 2016

How To Be More Creative

“Join us live at Entrepreneur’s Accelerate Your Business event series in Chicago or Denver. Secure your spot »

We are constantly fed the message that in order to be more creative, we must “think outside the box.” Well, in this episode of On the Go Show, Dr. Dragos says that the real key to unleashing brilliant ideas is to think inside the box…”

Affiliate Marketing A Vital Business Strategy In 2016

“A new report finds that the perception around affiliate marketing is shifting — and advertisers and publishers alike are seeing new value in the strategy. 

To better understand the state of affiliate marketing, Rakuten Marketing commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct research on affiliate marketing. The result was the “Networks Help Drive Affiliate Marketing Into the Mainstream” report, which found that the market for affiliate marketing is expected to increase from $4.2 billion in 2015 to $6.8 billion in 2020…”’

March 9, 2016

Are Affluent Millennials A Good Target Market?

“Early last year, Millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. As this generation starts to reach maturity, it has prompted many brands to turn their focus toward building brand loyalty and forging lifelong relationships with Millennial consumers, even those that have not reached affluence yet...”

100 Website Visitors Should Equal >$100K Or Something Is Wrong

“Marketing expert Ben Angel has a serious question for you: Are you struggling to drive traffic to your website or, more importantly, to monetize your existing traffic?

In this video, Angel says that it’s a common myth that loads of website traffic are required to generate serious sales from your online presence. He gives tips to show you what it really takes to turn 100 web visitors per day to your website into six-figure sales each year…”’

March 8, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To Page Speed And Why It’s Critical

First, the good news: this manifesto is designed to help you win. Customers, readers, loyal fans, the whole shebang.

For the last twenty years, Portent’s CEO Ian Lurie has published, ranted, blogged, spoken publicly (and privately) about the stupid things that we marketers and web geeks often overlook in favor of shiny new things. Those unintentional slights to user experience that we justify under the umbrella of “necessary evil...”

8 Great Peyton Manning Quotes To Motivate You

“As the Broncos and Colts Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning rides off into the sunset, take a look at some of Manning’s most inspirational quotes. It was this winning mindset that helped his teams achieve greatness...”’

March 7, 2016

How To Make Your Own Marketing Tech Blueprint

“Marketers are being placed at the center of technology-related decisions with increasing regularity. While much has been written about the increased responsibility, there has been little discussion about how marketers can facilitate better technology investment decisions. To better understand how marketers can lead these efforts through the development of marketing tech blueprints, I turned to Scott Vaughan, the CMO of Integrate. Below are his thoughts (and a terrific example from CA Technologies)...”

3 Growth Factors In Affiliate Marketing

“In August 2015, Rakuten Affiliate Network commissioned Forrester, the research company, to conduct a study on the factors driving growth in the affiliate industry.

Forrester surveyed decision makers at 151 large U.S. advertisers (in excess of $200 million in annual revenue) and 151 large U.S. publishers (with traffic that ranks in the top 5,000). Forrester also conducted 10 interviews with advertisers and publishers “on the challenges and opportunities affiliate marketing presents…”’

March 6, 2016

Simple SEO Mistakes To Avoid

“Search Engine Optimization is no rocket science; yet, it is not so easy either. If you are new to it, you are very likely to make too many mistakes. SEO is quite a complicated field to understand and it is quite common to make mistakes without even knowing that you are making them. Here is a list of five mistakes that SEO newbies generally make…”

Eleven Cool Facebook Hacks

“Over 1.5 billion people regularly use Facebook.

And as the social network has grown, the rate at which Facebook shares news, and releases new features and products has accelerated.

It can be a little hard to keep up sometimes.

With this in mind, I’d love to share 11 Facebook tips, tricks, and facts with you.

This post will give you plenty of great stuff to help you get the most out of and better understand Facebook. From why you get shown certain ads and which types of posts get the most engagement, to how closely connected you everyone else on the planet and much, much more…”’

March 5, 2016

How To Make The Last Hour Of Your Day The Most Productive

“The important thing to remember about productivity is that it’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon. If you’re super-productive for one hour but slack off the next two, you haven’t been productive. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.)

Some people are blessed with the power of concentration. But most of us aren’t. Our willpower is a finite resource and steadily decreases as we make choices. By the time the workday is winding down, our reserve of willpower badly needs replenishing. That’s why it’s so hard to finish the day as strong as you started it — your brain literally can’t handle it…”

FTC Cracking Down On Search Term Fraud

“Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act prohibits ‘‘unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.” Traditionally, the Commission has focused upon direct advertising claims, both express and implied. However, two recent matters place online marketers on notice that the Commission is now closely scrutinizing indirect advertising through the use of purchased search terms...”’

March 4, 2016

How To Gobble Market Share Online Without Spending More Money

“Pay-per-click advertising is all about buying online market share. People are searching online for something relevant to your business, and you pay to show up in that search.

It’s a great model, provided that those impressions actually turn into sales.

Unfortunately, even if your PPC efforts are producing profitable sales, most business owners and account managers live with the nagging feeling that their ad spend isn’t producing properly.

The market share is there; you just can’t seem to capture it!”

Savvy Guide To Strong SEO Backlinks

“Backlink analysis is one of the most discussed and strategized search engine optimization (SEO) tasks out there. But today, there are so many relevant tools out there that backlink analysis has become a seemingly overwhelming task.

The good news is, you don’t have to take all the same arduous steps the other SEOs tell you to. Here’s the savvy SEO’s guide to backlink analysis…”’

March 3, 2016

Despite Wealth Decline, The Super Rich Keep Splurging On Affluent Goods

“The global super rich continued to splash out on super-yachts and luxury goods last year, despite a decline in their overall wealth in the wake of financial market turmoil.

According to the latest wealth report from estate agents Knight Frank, published on Wednesday, sales of super-yachts – boats longer than 24 metres – soared 40% in 2015, with the rich roaring off to ever more far-flung destinations, such as the Antarctic and outposts in Asia, rather than their traditional ports of call in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.”

Love Him Or Hate Him There Are Good Marketing Take-Aways From Trump’s Campaign

“First things first — as a lifelong Republican, I can’t stand Donald Trump.

His racist rhetoric, misogynistic tendencies and divisive diatribes are shamefully embarrassing. Worse than that, his plans to weaken the First Amendment protections of journalists in this country are downright frightening.

He’s more believable as an “evil” manager of some wrestling heel in the WWE’s next Wrestlemania pay-per-view than as a presidential hopeful.

He’s a dumpster fire in a $10,000 suit…”’

March 2, 2016

Ways To Track Social Media ROI –

What’s your social media ROI?

In other words, is all the time you spend…

  • Tweeting
  • Posting
  • Commenting
  • Pinning

… making you money? Or just making you “popular”?

And if you do generate sales from social media, how much is it costing you?”

How To Attract Millions To Your

“Would you like to build a brand that reaches millions of people?

Whether your brand is about you, your company, or both, you can draw the attention of millions of people. Depending on how you’ve positioned your brand, you can have a deep impact on society, help a ton of people and earn a fortune.  

However, I’m often surprised by the vast majority of companies that focus on establishing their brands before finding their strategy. These people set up their social media channels, websites, books, photos and everything else, but they fail to pull in a dollar, while losing thousands in the process…”’

March 1, 2016

Why Small Businesses Need Internet Marketing –

“If you’ve spent any time networking with local small business owners, working for them as employees, or pursuing them as potential clients in the past 15 years or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard some variation the following phrase: “we don’t need online marketing.” Today, most such business owners have at least made the concession of attaining a website, but what about optimizing it for search engines? Designing it in line with a brand? Offering an e-commerce platform for online purchases? Engaging with customers on social media?…”

How To Monetize Your Mobile App –

“One of the leading problems that app publishers want to solve is how to make money from their apps. There are in fact several powerful ways to monetize your apps, even if they aren’t games. For example, publishers can consider implementing in-app ads, offering freemium products, enlisting their apps in affiliate & referral programs, and featuring in-app purchases…”’

Avoiding Startup Suicide –

“Sharing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and mental health

You would think that depression among entrepreneurs is tied to failure, or perhaps workload and stress. But the truth is that many entrepreneurs struggle with mental health issues in all types of entrepreneurial situations…”