Affiliate Marketing News June 2016

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June 30, 2016:

SEO Defined –

“How do people find what they’re looking for on the web?

Search engines.

And in order for business owners to ensure that their content appears as the most relevant resource for prospective customers, they must optimize web pages to show up in search engine results for specific keywords.

But let’s say you’re a beginner when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

What exactly is SEO?..”

Morning Routines Of Self-Made Millionaires –

“The early bird gets the worm.

For successful business leaders, that certainly seems to be the case, as most of them have success habits that have become routine and also wake up early to make time for what’s important to them: exercise, meditation, movement, family, catching up on a few emails, hanging out with the dog or even spending time in the garden.

To be your best self, and maybe one day run your own million-dollar company, check out the morning success habits of these 10 entrepreneurs…”

June 29, 2016:

Newbs Should Focus On Affiliate Marketing Baby Steps –

“The best marketing is about being consistent and building up slowly before becoming a black belt at it — that way you won’t get overwhelmed. 

“The internet is changing on an hourly, daily basis,” Balin says. “Things that were relevant in SEO world a few years ago are not anymore. Social is changing constantly … you don’t have to do everything. Just pick two or three things that you’re comfortable doing — and just get started and do them…”

Digital Ad Fraud Still An Expensive Problem –

“If you’re in the digital advertising industry, you’ve probably heard of ad fraud, but you likely haven’t done anything to protect yourself or prevent it from happening.

Billions will be lost to ad fraud this year, and anywhere from three percent to 37 percent of ad impressions will come from bots. In fact, ad fraud is on its way to possibly becoming the second largest organized crime enterprise. With the prospects of a high payout, low risk and relatively little effort needed, it’s easy to see why so many organized criminals are looking to profit from ad fraud…”

June 28, 2016:

Marketing With Both Sides Of Your Brain –

“Ethelbert Williams is a renaissance marketer. His do-it-all approach to marketing has equipped him with a comprehensive set of creative, analytical and leadership skills that he’s sharpened working for the world’s top beauty companies. A stint with a Silicon Valley venture capital firm’s portfolio company enriched his network, exposed him to some nifty fast-growth strategies, and instilled in him a desire to invest in early-stage companies that he continues to exercise today…”

Exciting New Social Media Tools To Check Out –

“Social media marketing is still a new business tool, relatively speaking. There’s no magic formula for success, and the potential benefits of your efforts are broad and not entirely predictable.

That promise is appealing, especially to young entrepreneurs, but results don’t come automatically — even if you have a solid strategic foundation for your campaign. In fact, it requires a tremendous amount of planning, effort and refinement before you start to see results. And in most cases, the tools and features offered by social media platforms straightaway aren’t typically enough to give you the edge you need…”

June 27, 2016:

Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing On LinkedIn –

“If you’re looking for water cooler gossip, an endless barrage of selfies and viral cat videos, there are plenty of social media outlets to fulfill those needs.

But if you’re into professional networking, connecting with like-minded individuals in your industry and advancing your career, LinkedIn is the go-to network.

Simply put, this is social media for pros…”

How To Target Millennials –

“Millennials are an interesting bunch. We get a lot of hate from older generations, especially in the workforce, mostly due to accusations of self-involvement, entitlement, or an over-reliance on technology to go about our lives. These negative characteristics may be evident in anecdotal situations (and, quite honestly some empirical data as well), but they leave out some of the positive characteristics, such as a stronger-than-average sense of social justice, greater incredulity when it comes to facts and information, and better tech-based skillsets…”

June 26, 2016:

Solving Doorway Page Problems –

“Content marketing is portrayed as an elixir for branding. Whenever your branding goes out of track, you pull a trick to put it on the track again. The trick you pull every time is high-quality content.

This portrayal corresponds to reality in the online marketing world where content marketing solves almost all the problems…”

Is Your Website Trustworthy? –

“You work hard to get traffic to your website. You pay for advertising. You optimize for the search engines. You work it on social media.

And it pays off! Traffic comes. People arrive. They look at what you have to offer. And — they hesitate.

It takes just a moment’s hesitation to create doubt. In that moment, you can lose a customer. They find you — but do they trust you?..”

June 25, 2016:

Shoemoney Live With Shawn Collins –

“Shawn and I have known one another for over a decade. I have been a speaker several times at Affiliate Summit and Shawn has attended my event as well Elite Retreat. Shawn is a great friend and someone I have learned a lot from throughout the years…”

How To Build Critical Credibility For Your Startup Idea –

“How do you convince someone you’ve never met to trust you? How do you prove to him or her that you’re someone who can be relied upon? These are tough enough questions to answer on a personal level, but they’re even tougher with a brand-new business venture...”

June 24, 2016:

Must-Read Marketing Reports –

“Don’t miss your chance to tap into best practices and industry insights in performance marketing. Catch some of our hottest new affiliate marketing reports — they’re filled with golden nuggets designed to help you step your game up and drive a killer ad network…”

How To Create A Business With ZERO Cash –

You don’t need the money, you need a better strategy.” Has anyone ever told you this? Does it sound like a far-out theory that doesn’t register with how the rest of the world operates?

A large number of would-be entrepreneurs possess the desire, the motivation and the leadership to start a business, but are held back by their lack of money (and their perception of its importance). For them, the path to greatness stops there. But it doesn’t have to be…”

June 23, 2016:

How To Tap Into The Power Of Social Media –

“People are changing their lives daily with blogging, whether it be through personal stories, building resources for others or using a blog to generate some extra money on the side. Not only have I experienced the power of blogging first hand, but I’ve also helped thousands of others discover the same. Now it’s your turn!..”

Robert Herjavec’s 2-Letter Tip for Boosting Productivity –

Robert Herjavec lives by his calendar. “If it doesn’t exist on my calendar, it’s not real,” he says.

To wrangle his haywire schedule, the Herjavec Group founder and CEO talks with his assistant “at least 20 times a day,” he recently told Entrepreneur on the Culver City, Calif., set of Shark Tank.

Some of those times take place in quick spurts between long takes on the hit reality TV show, when the Canadian entrepreneur slides his iPhone seemingly out of nowhere and reads and responds to emails and texts...”

June 22, 2016:

How To Tap Into The Power Of Social Media –

“Let’s be honest, when  Facebook first hit the scene, we all simply used to catch up with old high school buddies. It’s come a long way since then. Now, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming huge platforms for marketing efforts. They continue to grow by the day, which is why it’s time both bloggers and businesses alike starting taking advantage of what it has to offer…”

This Three Minute Ben Angel Video Will Help You Crush Your Procrastination

“Do you have the bad habit of putting off important tasks until the last minute? Would you like to kick that habit and stop procrastinating for good?

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner and marketing expert Ben Angel, says that your productivity and your tendency to procrastinate are intrinsically linked to your self-image and who you want to be right now…”

June 21, 2016:

How To Win Over Affluent

“The luxury market is one that shifts constantly. In the current post-recession world, it seems we are moving away from a label-conscious culture where established brands have dominance to a more value-focused approach where people seek what is authentic and unique.

The reasons behind this trend are multi-faceted, but they present real opportunities for independent brands to tell their story.

Story, it turns out, is essential to courting today’s affluent consumer…”

Luxury Brands Warming To Performance-Based Marketing

“With Chris Evans presenting Top Gear alongside that flirty Italian fromFriends, and the country ready to make a decision on its European future, it’s fair to say 2016 has thrown a few curveballs at us, changing our perceptions on topics we were once rather comfortable with.

We can speak similarly for the ever-growing affiliate marketing channel, which has seen a game-changing advancement in partnerships so far this year.

Most notable are the prestigious luxury brands and resellers opening their affiliate programmes to the ‘tried and tested’ promotional publisher models, such as cashback, voucher and loyalty-based sites…”

June 20, 2016: Launches New Affiliate Program

“In tandem with the launch of the company’s new affiliate system, has also just unveiled a thoroughly redesigned website. Thanks to active Transport Layer Security on every page, the new site protects the data of casual visitors, affiliates, and franchisees alike, allowing all to learn about the latest developments with the utmost in digital safety. More appealing to the eyes, the newly redesigned site is also easier to navigate than before. Homeowners, franchisees, would-be affiliates and real estate investors can learn more at”

Does Your Content Marketing Suck? –

“In this day and age, anyone can produce content for your business and push it out into vastness of cyberspace. Indeed, there’s no shortage of writers, consultants, and marketers who are willing and eager to help you meet your content needs – folks who can write fast and work on any budget. But content marketing isn’t simply a matter of producing content and checking off the “I’m done” box. The best content marketing should be based on a clear, evolved marketing strategy, and that strategy must go to the core of your business’s values and goals. In other words, your strategy needs to be aligned with your business’s mission statement. And if it isn’t, it’s probably going to fail...'”

June 19, 2016: Happy Father’s Day!

Meet Some Dadprenuers On Father’s Day

“Most dads work full-time, but do they run high-profit companies they built from scratch? This Father’s Day, five motivated “dadpreneurs” are killing the game with businesses that not only help provide for their families, but serve to inspire them as well...”

Father And Son Success Secrets –

“For some fathers, allowing their son to take the lead role in a company they founded may be a difficult pill to swallow, but Rick Platt says watching his 28-year-old son excel as CEO of a company he created has been a source of pride. Together, Rick and Jeff Platt have grown their indoor trampoline park, Sky Zone, from one Las Vegas location to 37 locations across North America. The father-son duo speaks candidly about the challenges of running a business together and offer advice for other entrepreneurial families...'”

June 18, 2016

The One Hundred Most Expensive Keywords –

“Every job I have had; I’ve done well at. I was always very well liked and performed well. People enjoyed working with me and my employers enjoyed having me as an employee. My motivation for working was always the same though: needed the money. Had to pay bills. Had to pay rent. Had to eat. HAD to have the money to go to the movies with my friends. The jobs always ended the same though, with me NOT working there.

I have always had a skill set that COULD bring income if I were just able to apply myself. After leaving each job, that is exactly what I did. That is, until the bills came in and I didn’t have enough to cover them. So the dream died and I went back to work. That stupid steady paycheck won again…”

Wanna Be An Instagram Millionaire? –

Many of us have fantasies of becoming a millionaire by way of Instagram. Why can’t we be like the Rich Kids of Instagram or Instagram guru Liz Eswein — who was able to start her own social media management firm following the success of her account?

Of the hundreds of millions of Instagram users, it can’t be that hard to match your income to your lavish-lifestyle instaphotos look, right?...'”

June 17, 2016

The One Hundred Most Expensive Keywords –

“An infographic

Are You A Slave To Your Phone? –

Most days, when Miguel McKelvey arrives home from work, the first thing he does is put his phone out of reach. After all, he has a V.I.P. who’s been dying to see him all day: his 6-year-old son.

“I put the phone on the counter and I try not to look at it for as long as possible,” the architect and WeWork co-founder and chief creative officer tells Entrepreneur. “By doing that, I feel more engaged with my family, I feel more engaged with my son when I’m playing with him … and that becomes a real meditation, almost because it’s a real departure from the day to day...'”

June 16, 2016

High Velocity Testing? –

“Mark Zuckerberg famously said, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Since then, startups and growth marketers have latched onto the statement. “Move fast and break things” has become, an ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who just want to hustle all day, hustle all night like Gary Vaynerchuk.

But how true is that statement, which Mark made many, many years ago?..”

Influencer Marketing Stats To Pay Attention To –

“These days, media channels inundate consumers with more paid advertisements than ever before. Not surprisingly, the impact of this is that people trust paid advertising less and less. Anyone with a computer knows that advertisements are literally everywhere on the web — and consumers are more resistant and critical than ever when it comes to paid marketing...”

June 15, 2016

Testing Drop Shipping On Facebook –

“If there’s anything Teespring has taught me, it’s to test your socks off!

Whether it’s drop-shipping, Teespring, Affiliate marketing, or any general business venture, spending money to test where your customers head is at is crucial before committing.

It could mean the difference from a few 100 dollars to 100s of thousands…”

How To Boost Your Own Brand –

“When it comes to marketing in the online world, it’s easy to get caught up in the sale.  After all, we run our businesses to make money, right?

But that’s just the thing:  Too many of us don’t really run businesses at all.  Instead, we run sales machines, with the sole purpose of optimized conversion rates, email open rates, click-through rates, and the list goes on.  While that’s all part of the process, it’s not everything.  And what it certainly is not is sustainable in the long-term…”

June 14, 2016

Most Of The Affluent Do Not Inherit Their Wealth

“As much as everyone likes a good get-rich quick story, the rich typically didn’t make their wealth overnight, which should comfort investors who are concerned that buy-and-hold investing no longer works.

Support comes from the 2016 Insights on Wealth and Worth survey conducted by U.S. Trust. The study explored the common success traits of wealthy Americans across all generations, surveying close to 700 individuals with at least $3 million in investable assets. The results, says Chris Heilmann, chief fiduciary executive at U.S. Trust, show that “the American Dream is alive and well.”

Luxury Marketers Must Focus On The Customer Experience –

“Through the research process, it has become clear to me that at its heart, every brand participating in the luxury market is ultimately in the happiness business.

Consumers trade up to luxury not because of quality, value or enhanced features offered, but for the sheer, unadulterated pleasure and joy received in the anticipation of the purchase, the buying and the using experience. And if we are really lucky and do our jobs amazingly well, customers also get happiness in the memory of each of those.”

June 13, 2016

Essential Content Marketing Strategies –

“Content marketing is such a broad and multifaceted discipline, it’s maddening to try and reduce it to any one block of advice. Even in specific industries, it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone—different industries, business sizes, and brands require fine-tuning for their circumstances and demographics, and what objectively works well for one business may not work at all for another...”

Nearly Free Business Ideas

“Franchises with lower costs of entry can make it easier for you to plan to be your own boss. Here’s a look at the strategies behind low-cost franchising and some resources on where to find successful opportunities...”

June 12, 2016

A Site Content Audit –

“Here are the highlights of the things I have shared in this episode:

Things that I have been working on including helping a friend start his own website (com) about his life as a pharmacist and lending my wife a hand with her blog, – two things which translates to my project: the Late Night Affiliate. This is a course I am creating for beginners on affiliate marketing which includes a step-by-step guide for people to follow where, at the end of the course, they will have a properly constructed blog in a niche that I helped them select, a content plan to follow, a traffic strategy and other tactics…”

Influencer Marketing The Right Way

“When it comes to getting major influencers to help with your marketing efforts, you can be embarking down a treacherous path. While it’s crucial to on-board folks who have a lot of sway with your market, you have to be careful not to rub them the wrong way...”

June 11, 2016

An Unbelievable Free Idea Hotbed

Looking for ideas? It happens more than 2 billion times every month on Pinterest.

Pinterest engineering manager Naveen Gavini announced in a blog post that there are more than 2 billion idea searches on the social network each month from a database of some 75 billion ideas from more than 100 million users...”

Essential Tools For Reputation Management

“Increased use of social media and online marketing techniques gives companies a chance to engage with their customers, and brands are quickly catching on to the practice of reputation marketing. The potential downside is that this kind of interaction means customers are also free to publish reviews, complaints and comments that may negatively affect your brand...”

June 10, 2016

The Reality Of Marketing To Millennials

“The retail environment is crazily competitive. The old guard retailers have upped their game, and there are new startups coming online every day. In this environment, how do you stand out and grow your customer base? And most importantly, how can you reach the important demographic of next-generation shoppers — Millennials — in a way that speaks to them?

Most retailers need to rethink their marketing tactics when it comes to Millennials. In 2016, Millennials are moving faster than ever, and so is the landscape of media offerings marketers can use to reach them…”

Instagram Has Passed Twitter In Advertising

“Advertising agencies are for the first time turning to Instagram more frequently than Twitter for social media ad campaigns, a survey released Thursday showed, a further indication of weakness in an ad sales operation that has been one of the few bright spots for Twitter.

The survey, from a unit of Comcast called Strata, came the same week Twitter Inc. said its head of product, who took over the team in September, was leaving. The research firm eMarketer said earlier this month that Snapchat was on pace to surpass Twitter in U.S. active users, highlighting the threat Twitter faces from faster-growing competitors…”

June 9, 2016

Facebook Ad Hacks That Work

“1 BILLION users. Cool.

1 MILLION other advertisers that compete with you? Not cool.

Some of them who have pockets so deep they’ll take millions in loss just to bleed their competitors dry. Fortunately for you, most of these advertisers are brain dead. They’re optimizing for brand recognition, not direct response…”

The Embarrassing Moment You Get Caught Sleeping On The Job For A Billionaire

“If you’ve ever freaked out because the boss walked by just as you were updating your OKCupid profile, consider yourself lucky.

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group, recently visited the Virgin Australia offices and found one employee napping on the couch…”

June 8, 2016

How To Add Videos To Your Facebook Comments

“Videos are everywhere on Facebook, and they can now be included in one more place: comments and replies to posts from users, pages, groups, and events.

Software engineer Bob Baldwin announced in a note that the social network released the new feature worldwide Thursday.

The ability to add videos to comments was initially developed during Facebook’s 50th Hackathon in February, and Baldwin wrote that it is available via desktop, web, iOS and Android by clicking the camera icon next to the comment field…” 

What Crazy-Successful People Do Every Day

“Having close access to ultra-successful people can yield some pretty incredible information about who they really are, what makes them tick, and, most importantly, what makes them so successful and productive.

“Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” –Vaibhav Shah…”

June 7, 2016

How To Connect With Your Email List

“People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

What you say is powerful, but how you say it leaves lasting impact.

Imagine how the verbiage would be noticeably different in an email about financial investments compared to an email about a doggy daycare.  No matter what kind of business you have, tone of voice helps you connect with your audience…”

How Sixteen Companies Are Ruling The Search Engines

“In the Academy Award-nominated film Food Inc, filmmaker Robert Kenner reveals how the varied choice of items we see on the shelves of supermarkets is actually a false presumption. Instead, that seemingly endless variety is actually controlled by just a handful of companies...”

June 6, 2016

How To Use Google Adword’s Extra Headline

“Last Tuesday was a big day for AdWords. During our annual Google Performance Summit Keynote, we introduced a wide range of exciting new stuff. What got me most excited was expanded text ads. I think it’s one of the most significant updates to AdWords since the invention of Quality Score.

To recap, we’re currently testing ads that have two 30-character headlines and one 80-character description line. These test ads also contain two customizable 15-character path fields that will be appended to your Display URLs automatically. Compared to your existing ads, it’s 45 extra characters in text, plus an additional URL path field…”

How To Understand PPC Reporting

“Reporting can be a tedious part of a client relationship. Either you spend too much time building custom reports or your client spends too much time reading between the lines. However, through considerate planning and automation, you can regain control of your calendar and reinvest that time in creating the perfect dog memes...”

June 5, 2016

Why Small Businesses Are Turning To Banking Alternatives To Solve Cash Flow Problems

“After losing her job at LivingSocial, the online deal company that went nearly bankrupt three years ago, Kate Levenstien decided to take a chance on a business that combined two things she loved: bacon and beer.

Her plan was to hold an event celebrating the two in a baseball stadium. So she called ballparks in major cities, and the first one to agree was Safeco Field in Seattle, a city she had never visited. Without hesitation, she put down a deposit…”

How To Handle An Online PR Crisis

“It is undeniable that social media is an important PR tool. So, you’d think that businesses and public figures would be extremely careful with this tool. You’d think that there is a multi-step process in place with more than one couple of eyes reading the content bound to be online. Yet, companies of all sizes still manage to land themselves in hot waters on a daily basis. Some mishaps come from accidental leaks of information, some happen as a result of simple human error, or a plain joke that went wrong...”

June 4, 2016

What Top Earning Internet Marketers Have In Common

“The MOBE Top 10 is an impressive group to be sure. They are extremely successful affiliate marketers, making over $1.3 million in commissions from MOBE in just one month.

They are also a very diverse group. They range in age from early 20 to almost 80 years old, and come from all walks of life and backgrounds. They all have different stories and talents. However, they also share the following characteristics that makes them successful…”

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Quotes (RIP)

“Muhammad Ali didn’t just float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, he also lost 3 and a half prime years of his career while fighting the draft as doggedly as he did Sonny Liston. He controversially converted to Islam at a time when most Americans didn’t even know what that was (but they knew they didn’t like it) and even raised the roof by way of talking a suicidal jumper off of one...”

June 3, 2016

How To Kickstart Your Website Traffic

Are you struggling with low website traffic?

Don’t know how to get more search engine traffic to your blogs or websites?

Don’t worry. Let me help you with this article where you will discover 5 of the easiest ways to jumpstart your overall blog traffic.

First things first. Here are 2 major reasons why majority of the bloggers don’t get much traffic.

  1. Not targeting the right keywords
  2. Wrongly assuming that the content alone can give them more traffic…”

Old School Marketing Techniques You Can Use Today –

“This past week, my employer brought in a chiropractor — let’s call him Dr. Dave — to talk to my co-workers and I during lunch. Dr. Dave pulled a classic chiropractor move and gave us a “healthy” Subway lunch and bottles of water.

Dr. Dave also happened to crush content marketing…”

June 2, 2016

What You Need To Know About Push Marketing

Push notifications are a source of tension between user and network. Many users disable them because they’re irrelevant, or because they simply have too many applications, which causes too much noise. An infographic from Kahuna details the benefits of a well-run push-notification campaign...”

Five Millionaire Traits To Emulate –

“Long gone are the days when wealthy and successful individuals held traditional, high-paying, 9-5 jobs. Now, today’s wealthiest people are the self-employed, ambitious, savvy business entrepreneurs willing to take risks.

While millionaires may vary greatly when it comes to their backgrounds and their resumes, they all share a few key traits. If you want to start your own journey to becoming a millionaire, it is a good idea to pick up some of these traits, and make them part of your everyday routine. You may just find yourself on your way to millionaire status faster than you thought…”

June 1, 2016

The Short Video Marketing Strategy

“If you know anything about quality content, then you are fully aware that the majority involves anything and everything multimedia.  Short videos are interactive and engaging, plus they can deliver your message fast and easily.  

As a small business owner, you are most likely limited on resources and time. Good news is that video marketing is not only for the big brand names, but also very obtainable to us little peoples too. In this article, I’ll spell out 4 ways to use short video content to grab the attention of your target audience...”

Actionable Ways To Make More Income From Your Blog

“Did you know upwards 90% of the bloggers never make any money from their blogs?

The majority of the bloggers fail to make money from their blogs because of 3 main reasons.

  1. They don’t know their target audience
  2. They don’t lay out a monetization plan
  3. They focus only on making QUICK money online

If you don’t want to be one among them and looking for actionable tips to make money from your blogging efforts, this post is exclusively for you…”

How To Create A Killer eCommerce Brand –

“Thanks to the Internet, entrepreneurs can now do more than ever before. Yes, brick and mortar businesses still have their place in the world of entrepreneurship, but many people are now building incredibly successful e-commerce brands from the comfort of their own homes...”

The Importance Of A Mobile-Friendly Website –

“Angela Mader’s business, Fitlosophy, began in 2008, when she started printing fitness and nutrition journals for men and women. Over the years, as sales grew steadily, she expanded into food scales and more journals, among other products. But one number scared her: Fifty-six percent of her online sales were coming from mobile, and yet her website was ancient and unreliable. “Without a mobile-friendly website,” she says, “we were seeing a lot of lost sales.” Still, she had only a staff of five and annual revenues over $1 million. Could she afford a slick solution?..”