Affiliate Marketing News July 2016

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July 31, 2016:

Staying On The Right (Legal) Side Of Can-Spam –

“I watch many of my friends in the industry play very fast and loose with regulations, and I fear they’ll one day be in trouble. Ignorance is no excuse and since these are regulatory issues, the fine is sometimes less expensive than mounting a legal defense to it. Two of the main violations I see are...” 

Key Points From The Google Performance Summit

“With more than half of all Google searches happening on mobile, the search giant is continuing to push its mobile-first search vision. At its recent Google Performance Summit 2016, the company announced three major changes to empower advertisers to make mobile the centerpiece of their campaigns. Is your business ready?..”

July 30, 2016:

Awesome Content Marketing Tips

“Any business depends upon its products’ strengths and its execution of the business plans to sell them. The most important part of selling is to reach the target customer for whom the product has been made. Businesses design specific marketing strategies to woo their prospective customers. The internet has brought the world on the same digital platform which has made it easier and at the same time challenging for the business to reach the right target. New age digital marketing has arrived. Content marketing forms an indispensable form of it. If you have not planned well, you may find yourself behind your competitors. Just to help you remain abreast here are seven important tips for planning your content marketing...” 

4 Killer New Books For Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurs are Renaissance people. To succeed, they have to be interested in multiple fields and the intersections among them. They dive into disparate domains and dig for connections that will make our lives easier and more meaningful...”

July 29, 2016:

Why Email Marketing Is Far From Dead –

““Email marketing is dead.” If you’ve been involved in the world of marketing over the last few years, you’ve likely heard that declaration more than once.

But a new podcast wants to bring a new perspective to that discussion about email marketing. Email Marketing’s Grave is a new podcast from the team at marketing solutions provider PostUp. And you can subscribe on the podcast main page to never miss a future episode. Or download the podcast via iTunes or on SoundCloud...” 

Follow These Metrics Or Perish

Metrics are the foundation for any successful marketing strategy, but most companies fail to use many of these important metrics to calculate success or failure. Too often, companies focus heavily on the number of new leads generated, which ignores many of the complex formulas that can determine the true success of any marketing strategy…”

July 28, 2016:

Why Content Marketing Is Still All The Rage –

“Content marketing continues to be a hot topic—the proof can be found in the thousands of articles, blogs, forums, you name it, focusing on its ins-and-outs and, pros and cons. So, to cut through the clutter and get a fresh perspective from one of the best in the business, I sat down with Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group and author of The Content Formula. As the former Head of Strategy at Newscred and VP of Content Marketing at SAP, Michael has a wealth of experience in creating, optimizing and measuring content marketing effectiveness...” 

Key Mistakes To Correct That Stand Between You And A Million Bucks

“I’ve been a millionaire three separate times in my life. The first time I saw $1,000,000 in my bank account, I almost fainted. Even though I knew it was hitting my account, it still caught me off guard.

Becoming a millionaire isn’t as far-fetched as you would believe. With dedication, patience and focus, becoming a millionaire is completely obtainable. If I can do it, anyone can…”

July 27, 2016:

How To Cash In On The Pokemon Go Craze Thru Blogging –

“Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go. It’s on the news, it’s on social media… heck, it’s even on your mobile device!

Yes, Pokemon Go is everywhere and while millions of people are playing the game, a select few are trying to profit from the game as well. So far I’ve seen a few affiliate “email/zip submit” offers, digital gaming guides, Facebook groups and much more…” 

5 Best Ways To Market a New Product By Daymond John

“So you’ve identified a gap in the market, figured out how to fill it, and have created a product you think people will love. Now what?

Daymond John — prolific investor, business owner and star of the hit TV series Shark Tank — recently sat down with Shopify’s TGIM podcast to share his best tips and strategies for marketing your brand new product. Here’s what he had to say…”

July 26, 2016:

The State Of Ethical Affiliate Marketing –

“Three years ago I left the day-to-day management of PerformanceIN to invest in a seed round and support vouchercloud; the UK-based publisher, which at the time was looking to incorporate a strategy to build revenue from its app and website. The company did just that, and was the fastest-growing affiliate on multiple networks consistently each quarter…” 

How To Survive Getting Sued

“When people talk about starting a business, oftentimes they’ll say something like, “We need to be careful, so we don’t get sued.” But, deep down, they don’t foresee that ever happening; and, unfortunately, it does happen. A lot...”

July 25, 2016:

ServerMania Launches New Affiliate Program –

“ServerMania, a trusted provider of dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, and colocation services, has announced the introduction of a new hosting affiliate program with payouts of up to $550 for each sale. With an average order value of $125, ServerMania is a high-value opportunity for marketing partners in the hosting space…” 

Affiliate Marketing’a Role In The Overall Performance Scheme

“In a world where advertisers can take for granted the ability to have their every demand met under one agency’s roof, it’s no longer sufficient for marketing channels to be treated separately.

In fact, the spectrum of tools available to a performance marketer now exist symbiotically; one channel’s technology, or another’s insights, are transferrable to the benefit of another…”

July 24, 2016:

How To Improve Both Your Sales And Attribution –

“Marketing attribution was born the first time a sales leader debated the accuracy of a leads report, asking, “How are we assigning credit for leads to a single channel while the vast majority of customers engage with us in multiple channels?” And the brawl began…” 

The One Trick To Using Content Marketing Effectively

“Stories are engaging. People love listening to a well-told tale. Just ask anyone who has ever binged watched a series on Netflix, Hulu, or the History channel. For content marketers, history (ancient and modern) provides an unending supply of stories.

Engagement is an important part of content marketing. In fact, content marketing can be described as the act of producing and publishing content with the express aim of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. Storytelling can certainly achieve this end…”

July 23, 2016:

How These Startups Are Killing It With Content Marketing –

“Everyone wants a piece of the content marketing pie, and no wonder: Entrepreneurs everywhere are starting to realize the true potential value of that strategy and how it helps companies gain visibility, even with so many content giants currently competing for space…” 

Struggling? How To Completely Turn Your Business Around

“Although, neuromarketing is nothing new. It’s been decades since advertisers, product developers and marketers first started using social psychology to influence what we buy. Companies have learned how to exploit basic human behaviors, and use science to understand how consumers react to marketing campaigns, products and eye-deceiving designs...”

July 22, 2016:

Top Small Business Tools –

“Marketing slowing you down? Tons of small to mid-sized businesses are using marketing automation tools to boost productivity, increase revenue and get rid of monotonous day-to-day tasks…” 

Are You Smart Enough To Use Neuromarketing?

“Although, neuromarketing is nothing new. It’s been decades since advertisers, product developers and marketers first started using social psychology to influence what we buy. Companies have learned how to exploit basic human behaviors, and use science to understand how consumers react to marketing campaigns, products and eye-deceiving designs...”

July 21, 2016:

Using Market Boosters To Increase Profits –

“When it comes to growth hacking, most companies try to monitor their competitors’ strategies. Unfortunately, this pattern is pretty visible in small- to medium-sized businesses. Hoping to achieve the same results as successful companies, they tend to simply copy strategies that work for someone else…” 

How To Make Income As A Freelance Writer Online

“Writing is a special and skilled task. However, the concept of being a “paid” writer is something that has changed a lot over the past several years. The the past, if you wanted to make money with writing you only had a few options — you would need to be a hired writer for a company or agency, write a book and get it published or find a job that hired you for the type of writing skills you had (such as legal work). Now today the game has completely changed, and there is actually no need to attend college to get your Masters in English if you wanted to start earning money as a freelance or professional writer, especially if you are focusing on just online work...”

July 20, 2016:

Essential Internet Marketing Strategies For Success –

“The internet has radically transformed how we build and promote businesses: We have access to far more resources and far more potential than ever before. So, why do so many entrepreneurs end up neglecting these fruitful opportunities by forgoing marketing, or delaying it as an unnecessary expenditure?..” 

African Entrepreneurs Urged To Embrace Online Marketing

“Business people have at the moment been encouraged to start online market promotions and advertising to foster the potential trade, business and products inside the country while eyeing the East Africa regional market.

Speaking to the press during the 40th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) which ended recently, Marketing Manager Makusaro Tesha said that the firm is the largest online market place open 24/7 hours with millions of monthly visitors…”

July 19, 2016:

How To Create Effective Banner Ads –

“When you are running an online advertising campaign, you are facing an inherent challenge that has frustrated many.

People don’t really like to click on ads. In fact there are many tools out there that banish ads completely, meaning advertisers have had to get a little more creative in how they present their advertisements…” 

How To Master Storytelling Marketing –

“Want people to purchase your product or pay for your service? Don’t tell them to do it; tell them a story, instead.

Good marketers know they only have seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention — and storytelling is the most effective way to do this, said Molly Phillips, a senior account manager at Greenroom public relations and marketing agency…”

July 18, 2016:

Are You Wasting Your Money Online? –

“In 2014, a viral video depicted a scene that would have been hilarious, if it hadn’t been so sobering. It started with bystanders attempting to save a winter sledder, who had broken through the ice of a California lake. The rescue was so badly botched, that in the end, 11 more people had to be pulled from the freezing water....”

Do Your Landing Pages Suck? –

“It happens all too often:  You stumble upon a product to promote, or someone’s personal website and it looks like it was created in 1999.  You cringe and move on, and you know what sucks for that person?  Their potential buyers and leads do as well.  Everyone may think that their site is the special snowflake exception, and that it has a sort of old fashioned charm, but then everyone would be mistaken...”

July 17, 2016:

Using Infographics To Build Backlinks –

“Infographics are one of the best ways to bring boring content to life. As more online users focus their attention to engaging content and online video, infographics are still one of the most effective ways to gain readership, attention, and backlinks to your site. The reason for this is that they are quick and easy to view, while also being extremely easy to share...”

How To Effectively Automate –

“In the early days of the internet, creating a new website or ad campaign was quite direct. There were no social media sites, the use of tracking pixels was quite limited and there really wasn’t much in terms of demographic and audience targeting. For the most part, you would setup an ad campaign and have URLs with sub-id tracking. If you made money from your campaign, excellent! If not, you would continue to mess around with your text and banner ad copy and maybe try a few different traffic sources...”

July 16, 2016:

Do Ad Blockers Affect Affiliate Marketing? –

“Any conference remotely connected to digital marketing this year is likely to weigh in on the growth of ‘ad-blocking culture’, and Performance Marketing Insights: Europe was no exception.

Ad blockers are a pressing issue for the digital advertising industry, putting a key source of publisher revenue and the work of advertisers into question. It’s a trend growing at a rate of knots, with IAB research estimating that 22% of all online users download ad-blocking filters…”

How To Use Attribution –

As a co-founder, Todd Crawford evangelizes the opportunities presented by a multi-channel approach to the performance model. Prior to Impact Radius, he served as vice president of sales and business development for Digital River’s affiliate network, oneNetworkDirect. Todd also contributed to the founding team at Commission Junction in 1998 and led its business and sales development efforts as vice president for more than seven years….”

July 15, 2016:

How To Implement Pinterest Affiliate Links –

“I am sure a lot of affiliate marketers were pretty much elated when the ban on Pinterest affiliate links was lifted by the company last month. For marketers already familiar with how efficient Pinterest affiliate links can be, it is time to leverage on what this powerful tool offers. For those with little or no knowledge about how it works, I would love to share a couple of tips to help you boost your marketing with Pinterest affiliate links—and without violating the rules...”

Guiding Buyers With Content Marketing –

“Everywhere you look, content marketing is present. You can’t go anywhere online without touching at least some aspect of it. In fact, 88 percent of B2B marketers and 76 percent of B2C marketers plan on using some form of a content strategy in 2016.

Assuming you’re a part of this percentage, it’s important that we examine content marketing’s role in the buyer’s journey, so you can get a better idea of how to develop a strategy that’s conducive to high conversions…”

July 14, 2016:

How To Create Beautiful Eye Catching Blogs –

“Blogging is an essential marketing tool. Companies that post at least 15 blogs entries a month generate five times more web traffic than those that don’t, according to HubSpot. Companies that blog are also 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment from their marketing efforts....”

Why Chatbots Are Gaining Popularity –

“Chatbots are gaining popularity and are becoming a popular tool for marketing. Given the versatility of chatbot tools, their tasks can be programmed to retain data, respond to specific keywords and know when to offer an additional product to a consumer. It is also a method of increasing consumer interaction ratings and improving overall consumer experiences for increased sales. The ability for a chatbot to assist a customer right away markets the company’s sense of urgency in consumer relations…”

July 13, 2016:

How Luxury Brands Came Around To Affiliate Marketing –

“For a long time, luxury brands were reluctant to adopt affiliate marketing as part of their digital strategy, whether simply because they felt that it didn’t add any value to the brand, or even worse it could damage the brands reputation! However, over recent years the affiliate marketing industry has diversified, developing publishers and innovative ideas which actually address the needs of luxury brands...”

Why The Rich Keep Getting Richer –

“Baby boomers started turning 65 in 2011, marking the unofficial beginning of their retirement years. The timing could not have been better for older boomers, who are already part of the wealthiest generation in U.S. history. Since then, the broad S&P 500-stock index is up 91 percent, including dividends. U.S. stocks hit a record high yesterday…”

July 12, 2016:

Nine Bad Habits Your Must Crush To Boost Your Productivity –

“Nothing sabotages your productivity quite like bad habits. They are insidious, creeping up on you slowly until you don’t even notice the damage they’re causing.

Bad habits slow you down, decrease your accuracy, make you less creative and stifle your performance. Getting control of your bad habits is critical, and not just for productivity’s sake…”

Instagram Marketing Case Study –

“Many businesses start using Instagram with little knowledge of what works. They simply learn by doing. That was the case with two woodworker-entrepreneurs who began using the platform several years ago. Each realized that targeting the right audience was more important than amassing a large number of followers. But they also learned that Instagram exposed them to their competitors. One entrepreneur turned that circumstance into an opportunity, while the other saw it as a threat…”

July 11, 2016:

The Three PPC Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention To –

“Without good analytics, 97% of inbound marketing campaigns fail.

Do I have your attention? I should.

This shocking statistic comes from the data in Hubspot’s 2014-2015 State of Inbound Report. Inverted, it means that without good analytics, your internet marketing has only a 3% chance of success.

But what are “good” analytics?..”

John Chow’s Top 6 Tips To Making Money Online –

“So today, I’m going to go a little bit deeper than usual, and share some advice I wish someone had taught me when I was first starting out. If you want to do well in this business, here’s what you’re going to need...”

July 10, 2016:

How To Improve Email Response Rates –

An infographic…

How To Improve Your Content Marketing –

“A thoughtfully crafted content marketing strategy is the heart of your content marketing campaign. As you all know very well by now, content is king and it drives everything else forward. Without great content, it is practically impossible to improve your reach online and engage with your audience. In this article, you’re going to learn ten simple-but-not-often-implemented ways in which you can optimize your content marketing campaign..”

July 9, 2016:

Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity –

“Nothing sabotages your productivity quite like bad habits. They are insidious, creeping up on you slowly until you don’t even notice the damage they’re causing.

Bad habits slow you down, decrease your accuracy, make you less creative and stifle your performance. Getting control of your bad habits is critical, and not just for productivity’s sake…”

How To Turbocharge Your Productivity –

“As an entrepreneur, it’s far too easy to find yourself a bit disorganized and losing time throughout the day.  As many people grow up and begin their work under the dynamic of a boss-employee relationship, it can be easy to have a bit of a crisis when first learning to self-manage.  Unfortunately, that’s a mistake that’s not just left to the newbies. Let’s improve our Productivity…

While you may have avoided the disorganization and task jumping plague, here are just a few tips for making sure that your day goes to the most important tasks on your plate, and in the right proportion…”

July 8, 2016:

How To Hire The Right Freelancers –

“Finding strong freelance talent can be a game-changer for your company.

Ultimately, the biggest benefit is flexibility. Enlisting outside help only when required is a smart move if your business needs and cash flow are inconsistent. And a freelancer capable of ramping up or down with you can be invaluable when scaling. Furthermore, not being beholden to a direct hire allows you to pursue varying skill sets as needed, without having to commit to the additional cost of overhead and benefits…”

Ten Simple Ways To Make Passive Income Online –

“Whether you have a 9-5 job and want extra income or want to leave your 9-5 all together, making passive income is an excellent option for making more money. There are many ways to make passive. Here is a list of 10 ways to make passive income online...”

July 7, 2016:

How To Become An Entrepreneurial Selling Machine –

“Without question, sales have changed demonstrably in the last decade.

Remember the good old days, when you simply had to hide in the kitchen until the pesky Cutco sales representative vacated your front steps? Now, you’re forced to hide all those targeted online ads that look, well, exactly like that knife set you’ve been eyeballing. How did they know?..”

Keys To Effective Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest –

“In early May, Pinterest lifted its ban on affiliate links in pins—huge news for publishers and advertisers alike. Pinterest emerged as an online destination for consumers looking for new trends and products since its creation in 2010, and with over 100 million monthly active users and worldwide reach, it represents a massive opportunity for players in the affiliate space...”

July 6, 2016:

Amazon And Affluent Marketplaces –

“According to some industry pundits, Amazon will be the number one seller of apparel in the United States by next year. To help accelerate that achievement in apparel and fashion, Amazon earlier this year unveiled a new daily show, “Style Code Live,” on to help push its fashion and apparel businesses. The show features fashion and beauty tips as well as live chat that allows viewers to communicate with the hosts and includes a product carousel displaying apparel related to the show and that can be purchased on”

Ten Must-Follow Affiliate Marketing Blogs –

“Have you launched your business and looked for different ways to create a real buzz about it on the web? Then affiliate marketing might be the best option for you. In addition to promoting your products on your official webpage, you can get support from affiliate marketers. They will spread the word about your offerings on their own web platforms, for a commission…”

July 5, 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Continues To Evolve –

“It has often been declared dead, yet it’s still alive. Affiliate Marketing is here to stay! According to a survey by market researcher Forrester – which was created by the Rakuten Affiliate Network, this sector will be growing annually by 10 percent between 2016 and 2020, in the US alone.

The consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that sales made together with partner programmes on the UK-market will increase from 984 million euros in 2016 to about 1 billion euros in 2019…”

How To Scale Your Content On A Global Scale –

“Enterprises are only just starting to incorporate content marketing as a discipline into the mix, and as a result, they’re quickly realizing content must permeate the entire organization. This applies globally just as much as it does regionally. Yet scaling content up to a global level brings with it a host of challenges.

Creating a global content marketing strategy is absolutely essential, but at the same time, it’s exponentially challenging. One large global organization asked me to help develop a global strategy, but to do so with two separate teams and in two separate client engagements that effectively bisected the globe (and as a result, the strategy) in two separate meridians…”

July 4, 2016:

Why Perfectionism Is A Curse –

“As a leader you set a standard of excellence under the auspicious belief that flawless execution– all the time at all cost — is the only path toward success. Research conducted by Joachim Stoeber of the University of Kent found this quest for perfectionism can be “self-oriented.” Meaning that you don’t only have high expectations of yourself, you have “socially prescribed” the culture of your company with a zero tolerance for mistakes, or “other-oriented” your demanding expectations of others...”

How To Get Ahead In The Social Realm –

“Social media is a cliche these days.  People know they need to “be on it” and they know they need to “get serious about it”, but when push comes to shove very few people are giving their channels proper attention.  It makes sense, too, results are generally slower on social but they come with the added earned bonus of often building more loyal customers...”

July 3, 2016:

Marketing Lessons From Disney Movies –

“Benjamin Franklin reputedly once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Certainly, those words can be applied to many sectors of life — and business. But let’s consider their value for one area in particular: movies, especially movies from The Walt Disney Co., which are pretty “involving,” to say the least...”

How To Solve Clutter Problems –

“Have you ever looked around you — at your desk, your room, your car, your garage — and realized that the clutter has gotten out of control?

Don’t worry, we all have those moments.

Everyone has a unique relationship with their “stuff.” I, for example, have a drawer full of youth soccer jerseys I just can’t seem to part with. (I swear I’m going to make a T-shirt quilt out of them someday!) For a friend of mine, it’s mugs. She has like six of them on her desk at work. Who needs six mugs?..”

July 2, 2016:

Why Your Not Getting Things Done –

“Studies show that an average employee gets distracted every three minutes while they are at work, and worse, it takes around 23 minutes to get back on track after a distraction.

Weekdone, a team performance and organization management software, compiled the below infographic detailing the 10 most common office distractions. Check it out for things that should be avoided to increase your productivity…”

How To Build Your Blogging Brand

“It’s a leadership requirement to build personal brand. It’s an indication of what you can offer: contribution and performance. A personal brand builds skills and character. A blogger’s success depends on this personal brand.

Take the name of any famous blog. Chances are, its recall factor is higher in terms of knowing the blogger behind the blog. There is Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Jitendra Vaswani from Bloggers Ideas, Darren Rowse from Pro Blogger and our very own Zac Johnson…”

Maximize Your Content Marketing ROI –

“Content marketing is one of the highest-ROI marketing strategies you can use, coming in 4th overall out of 10 marketing strategies in a recent survey. This is, in large part, because of its unique long-term compounding effects. Whereas traditional advertising strategies frequently rely on one-time payoffs, with content marketing, you’ll be creating assets that persist and indefinitely, providing value in terms of referral traffic and domain authority indefinitely...”

Business Lessons Learned From Improv –

“The entrepreneurial journey is ripe with experiences that make you uncomfortable and, at times, even embarrassed. If this is you, here’s something to try: Bring your team (or just yourself) to an improv comedy class. Seriously! I’ve taken a couple of these, and each time I walk away, I recognize some key correlations between the improv stage and my business...”

July 1, 2016:

How To Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer –

“The average time readers spend on your blog is one of the best indicators of the usefulness of your content.

The longer people stay on your site, reading your content and exploring blog archives, the higher your chances of converting them into subscribers and customers.

Average time on site is, of course, a key SEO metric as well, and one of the user experience factors Google uses to understand the quality and relevance of a piece of content…”

Nearly Zero-Cost Business Ideas –

“On this episode of #3MinThursdays, 7Twelve Marketing’s Mikhail Alfon explains five easy sales techniques that are sure to help improve your closing ratio. These basic, yet key ideas are vital for connecting with your prospect and understanding exactly what it will take to get their business.

Alfon says that while it’s important to explain the value of your product, it’s also crucial to ask clients questions and listen to what their needs are. Click play for more tips, and check out 7Twelve Marketing’s YouTube channel for more etiquette pointers from the team…”

Free Stuff All Year Long –

“You won’t get time off for Root Beer Float Day, but it’s still a day worth celebrating. Money has put together a list of marketing holidays, along with all the freebies you can score on those days.

For example, National Root Beer Float Day is celebrated on August 6th, and A&W typically gives away a free float—this year is no exception. Some deals might not be announced until the week of, and sometimes these shops or retailers only announce on Facebook or Twitter…”

Nearly Zero-Cost Business Ideas –

“Franchises with lower costs of entry can make it easier for you to plan to be your own boss. Here’s a look at the strategies behind low-cost franchising and some resources on where to find successful opportunities...”