Affiliate Marketing News August 2016

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August 31, 2016:

The Very First App To App Affiliate Program

“Customers who make purchases of selected real-world products and services offered by the free Ibotta shopping app, and then send back photos of their receipts, have received over $110 million in rewards since the app’s launch in 2012.

Today, the Denver-based company is extending its reward network to other apps, offering what it describes as the “first app-to-app affiliate platform.” Now, users can immediately get credited with rewards when they use Ibotta to make a purchase in another, linked app…’” 

The Challenges Of Solo-Entrepreneurialism

“It’s easy to glamorize the life of an entrepreneur. As the progenitor of a business, you have creative control, which means you get credit for the idea and you get to usher in a tangible enterprise that, in most cases, is entirely yours. You get to call the shots, direct your own efforts and eventually (if things go well) reap the profits of your hard work...”

August 30, 2016:

Is Guerrilla Marketing For You?

“In principle, guerrilla marketing sounds cool. The premise is pretty accessible; rather than investing money into a traditional advertising campaign, or investing lots of time and money into an ongoing inbound marketing strategy, you’ll pool your resources to pull a kind of publicity stunt, often public, to increase your brand visibility (and possibly, your reputation along the way)...’” 

The Formula To Get Your Content Shared

“Everybody likes approval – especially marketers — so we take particular pride when someone shares our content.

We get some business benefits out of it too, of course. And while metrics like conversion rates usually help small business revenues more than social shares, many marketers are still focusing on the shares. It’s our favorite way to tell if a piece of content has done well or not…”

August 29, 2016:

Effective Mobile Marketing Methods

“It should come as no surprise that a strong mobile presence is indispensable in today’s market. The average user spends most of their internet time on their smartphone as opposed to their desktop.

For all brands to make the most of their marketing budget, it’s essential to focus a significant portion of efforts on the mobile audience. This is especially important for companies in the ecommerce sector, where the user-experience should be as seamless as possible prior to the purchase…’” 

Getting Started On Snapchat

“Snapchat has seen tremendous growth since launching a few years ago, and at this point claims more than 9,000 snaps per second, totaling more than 8 billion video views a day. Indeed, the platform has moved beyond a casual “toy” platform for younger audiences: A lot of B2B and B2C businesses now view it as a seriously good way to engage their target audience...”

August 28, 2016:

Does Text Message Marketing Work With Millennials? –

“It’s no surprise that Millennials love texting on their smartphones, and a recent survey by OpenMarket reveals just how much they love it: A whopping 75 percent of Millennials would rather give up the ability to talk on their smartphones than the ability to text. More than half (53 percent) say that, in general, they prefer to text rather than call. Why does this matter to you as a business owner? Because Millennials’ preference for texting versus talking extends to the way they want to communicate with your business...’” 

Ten Careers Online You Can Start Without Any Money

“If so, you should consider starting an online career. It’s a lot easier than you might think — thanks to the internet, it’s actually quite simple, requiring much less startup capital than you might imagine.

With a combination of drive, determination and skill, your online career can start almost immediately. Here are ten that you could literally start today…”

August 27, 2016:

Mobile Affiliate Marketing Trends Globally –

“In the last 5 years or so, with the boom of mobile devices, mobile content and traffic has grown exponentially. This also leads to rise of mobile advertising. According to eMarketers, mobile ad spending will hit $100 billion in 2016. Among the $100 billion pie, one of the ‘oldest’ form – affiliate marketing, is estimated to take up 10-15%, reaching $10-$15 billion. And as the need of acquiring mobile users grew, large part of the budget was spent by app advertisers, including but not limited to mobile tool apps and mobile gaming apps...’” 

How To Make Marketing Automation Save Make Money For You

“When it comes to growth hacking and digital marketing, it’s vital to leverage marketing automation and implement a solid customer journey optimization strategy that helps you save time, money, and quickly acquire more customers...”

August 26, 2016:

Using Neuroscience To Turbocharge Your Content Marketing –

“When we think about ways to improve and refine and improve our content marketing strategy, we probably don’t think about the field of neuroscience. But this academic discipline offers many insights into how to market a product or service—so many insights, in fact, that it’s become a field of its own. We call this field neuromarketing, and it involves take advantage of the wealth of information gleaned from measuring the brain’s electrical fluctuations to drive positive engagement with marketing messages...’” 

Getting Crazy-Creative With Social Media

“Although this remains true, people, brands and industries are expanding the ways we use social media, incorporating it into daily business activities, employment opportunities and even education.

Perhaps you’re planning your next trip and want to find local hotspots. Rather than heading over to TripAdvisor, why not check Instagram geotags? Need a way to spice up your classroom’s curriculum — try Facebook!

From planning your next vacation destination to reporting crimes, check out these ways people, businesses and schools are utilizing social media channels…”

August 25, 2016:

The Performance Marketing Awards 2017 –

“Hosted by PerformanceIN, next year’s celebration of excellence in results-based marketing is the very first after our 10th anniversary, where comedian Katherine Ryan entertained a sell-out crowd at the Grosvenor House Hotel. 

This time there are plenty of big announcements, as highlighted by PerformanceIN founder Matthew Wood…’” 

Gift Marketing Without Creepin’

“Gift-giving may be the next big thing in the marketing world. Different from coupons and promotions, gifts are given to potential customers or influencers to get their attention. They can serve a number of purposes, ranging from a thank-you to a brand-building tool.

But there’s a delicate line between what constitutes a great gift and what constitutes a creepy one. Let’s talk about how to aim for fun and personal without getting too intimate – with a few real-world examples…”

August 24, 2016:

The Ins And Outs Of A Fulfillment By Amazon Business –

“What happens when an entrepreneur leverages the power of a big business to create a small one?

For an increasing number of small business owners, the answer can be found in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business model…’” 

What’s Working Online In 2016?

“Yes I know, I haven’t been adding much to this site lately and I only came into it today to update WordPress and various plugins and such. But I like to keep adding content to the site even if it is only every now and then. It’s one of the first websites we created and one I still enjoy writing for...”

August 23, 2016:

What’s Ahead For Social Media? –

“Most of us have grown so accustomed to social media being a part of our lives that it seems strange to think about it as a “new” phenomenon — but it is. In less than 10 years, a handful of niche sites catering to small populations have turned into dozens of apps and platforms that connect the majority of the world’s population...’” 

What Types Of Offers Are Best For New Mobile Affiliate Marketers?

“Getting started with mobile affiliate marketing can be somewhat intimidating to beginners because of the number of variables involved.

Unlike traditional web (or desktop) affiliate marketing, you only have to focus on driving your traffic to a landing page and/or offer from a computer most likely on a cable or high-speed Internet connection.

With mobile we have to focus on multiple operating systems, devices, screen sizes, and network operator.  All of these variables can have an effect on your conversion rate.

With all these moving parts, I always recommend starting with lower paying offer…”

August 22, 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Micro Moments –

“Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock or spending too much time on Facebook obsessing over the latest meme of the week, you are fully aware that everyone’s lives now revolve around their mobile phone. 

We use them for everything and we can’t live without them. Merchants know this, affiliates know this, and so does Google; they even have a name for it…’” 

Facebook Hacks For Power Users

“Facebook is the principal digital public square of today. Well, it’s the principal digital public square for those of a certain age (i.e. post-college, the young’ns aren’t into it). But Zuck & Co.’s site is still an extremely integral virtual venue and will continue to be for some time.

While Facebook’s business model has evolved away from just to include its mobile incarnation and other associated apps, the old familiar website is still the preferred venue for many. And why not? one of the most advanced public-facing websites out there…”

August 21, 2016:

Marketing Tips For Your Blog –

“When it comes to marketing tips for your blog, onsite techniques seem to be the bratty little kid in the family.

Everybody likes the well-behaved older child – offsite, commonly followed marketing tactics – but the onsite stuff is annoying, agitating and generally ignored by most bloggers.

If you neglect the bratty little kid you can expect big problems down the road…’” 

Win $10,000 for Your Dream Food and Beverage Biz!

“To help expand its coaching and mentoring program to more small businesses across the country, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream is once again partnering with Entrepreneur Media for the third annual Pitch Room Wild Card.

The virtual competition starting July 28 will allow small food and beverage business owners to submit a sales pitch for a chance to win a $10,000 business grant and extended mentoring from Samuel Adams…”

August 20, 2016:

How to Use In-App Marketing –

“The mobile advertising industry is shifting and changing faster than anything that ever came before it. This is why brands are adjusting strategies to compensate for the shortfalls.

Here are some industry stats for in-app mobile advertising…’” 

How To Correct Your Infographic Mistakes

“A well-designed infographic is a powerful communication tool that draws the eye through a tight progression of well-curated facts, using illustrations that help the viewer understand the concepts at a glance.

But not all infographics are well-designed. A poorly rendered infographic leaves viewers confused, skeptical or even mistrustful of you as its source. Make sure you’re not making any of the following fatal mistakes in your infographic designs…”

August 19, 2016:

Do You Know How To Use The Data You’re Collecting? –

“You’ll find this concept embedded throughout every performance-based channel, including affiliate marketing, paid social media and paid search among others. In fact, the performance marketing model has swept its way across the digital ecosystem, earning the spotlight and budgets from all savvy marketers and C-level executives and establishing a standard for others to follow...’” 

Questions Frequently Asked By New Affiliate Marketers

“What exactly is affiliate marketing? What’s a “cookie”? How do I get compensated for promoting a brand? Whether you’re thinking about signing up with a brand as an affiliate or have already done so, chances are, you have a lot of questions. To help you better understand this marketing model and how to be successful with it, we’ve compiled a list of some of the commonly asked questions affiliates/publishers have...”

August 18, 2016:

Entrepreneur Partnering With CAN Capital –

“For many entrepreneurs, financing is a major roadblock to reaching their business goals. Thankfully, today’s economic landscape offers a wealth of options.

As the premier media source for and about small-business owners, and after nearly 40 years of this dedicated coverage, we at Entrepreneur have become experts in the distinct challenges our audience faces. We are particularly attuned to entrepreneurial pain points – finance being a prominent one – and showcase as many solutions and resources to overcome them as possible…’” 

Paxful Launches New P2P Affiliate Program for Bitcoin Traders

“A US-based Bitcoin marketplace claims that it has launched a new breed of affiliation program for traders.

Paxful Roots, as the program is titled, is created under the watch of Delaware-based Paxful Inc. It is marketed as one of the world’s first peer-to-peer affiliate programs, in which traders referring business to Bitcoin sellers earn up to 2% of the total purchase made. Paxful’s role, meanwhile, stays committed towards providing wallet services to safely store and transact funds…”

August 17, 2016:

Technologies That May Impact Internet Marketing–

“Online marketing is influenced by a number of tightly interconnected factors, one of the most important of which is the development and popularization of new technology. We take for granted many of the new technologies that have revolutionized our industry—such as social media platforms, or even reaching back to radio and television—but these are only the beginning. There will always be new technologies on the horizon, ready to change the industry in new and exciting ways, and it’s hard not to wonder about how they’ll impact our work…’” 

Will Content Marketing Go AI?

“Content marketers (myself included) like to make bold predictions about the future. And as a general rule, everything’s always a bit more amplified than it needs to be. When we predict a new search engine algorithm update, it’s not a “small but significant change in rankings,” it’s a “game changer.” When we predict the future of a given strategy, we either hail it as the future of marketing or predict its fast and inglorious death…”

August 16, 2016:

Why Content Marketing Really Isn’t About Content At All–

“Marketers put an incredible amount of focus on their content. And you can’t blame them, considering how important quality content is for reaching business goals. According to Hubspot, “brands relying on inbound marketing save over $14 for every new customer acquired…’” 

Why Twitter Is So Vital To Marketers

“It may seem like Twitter is having a tough time lately, but it still isn’t wise to write the micro-blogging service off. Twitter has 320 million monthly active users, most of whom are international and mobile, and they represent several key demographics for marketers. An infographic from WebpageFX examines the impact of marketing on Twitter…”

August 15, 2016:

Are Affiliate Marketers Evolving Into Digital Partners?

“Affiliate marketing – the digital performance channel, which exists relatively under the radar when referring to the growth of digital advertising overall. However, as an efficient digital channel with continued growth. How is this channel evolving and how is changing technology aiding its development?..” 

Justin Bieber Quits Instagram. Nobody Cares

“Nearly 80 million “Beliebers” on Instagram have been left out in the cold, as Justin Bieber has apparently shuttered his account.

According to several published reports, Bieber’s move was a reaction to negative comments about his photos with Sofia Richie, with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez among those chiming in…”

August 14, 2016:

Are You Getting Good Conversions? –

“There’s one big problem sometimes: What if you launch a campaign and there’s NO CONVERSION DATA?

It happens sometimes.

The whole point of “optimizing” is to split-test different parts of your campaign. How can you tell which landing page is working if nothing’s converting?

Here are some things that go through my mind if that happens: 1. Are you testing enough offers?..” 

What WordPress Theme Is Right For You?

WordPress — it’s the leading free content management system beloved by so many.

It allows us to create beautiful websites and blogs of all varieties and niches without breaking the bank. But when it comes to theme selection… there’s just so many choices!

In WordPress, your theme sets the tone (and overall look and feel) of your site within seconds of that first user impression.

That’s why it’s essential to pick a theme that’s right for you, your site, and one that delivers. Here are some things to consider to help you pick that perfect WordPress theme!..”

August 13, 2016:

Time Management For Bloggers –

“Blogging can be very tricky because you need to be able to generate the right content ideas and get everything published on-time. You have an enormous readership that is constantly looking for awesome content every few days. With the recent changes within Google, certain factors play an even more important role like fresh content and frequency. However, many bloggers fail to meet the requirements and much of this can be attributed to poor time management. If you’ve been blogging for years and need to find a way to keep your blog updated, then follow these simple time management tips...” 

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

“This post is not about the basics of improving your site speed.

You know you should be aiming to get your page load speeds down toward 2 seconds per page. You know you can do tests through Pingdom, or Gtmetrix to see where your speeds are at right now. And you know that first you’ll be wanting to compress any images on the page, to reduce the page’s file size…”

August 12, 2016:

Do You Understand What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur? –

“For the past week this term has been thrown around so easily. As if someone that builds a site assumes they are an entrepreneur. I remember when the term wasn’t cool to said. Why would you want to be an entrepreneur and risk everything.

Well I am going to give you 2 types of content via post and a Youtube conversation I did with Mark Joyner…” 

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram

“Instagram made headlines this past week with their blatant copy of Snapchat’s Stories, however don’t put them into the scum pile too fast.  Their platform is growing at an alarming rate, recently surpassing 500 million monthly users.  Those users being responsible for more than 95 million posts daily, including images and video.

This should shine some light on the blaring marketing opportunity for businesses of all sizes and across multiple avenues of business.  Yet, many are still inactive on this particular social network…”

August 11, 2016:

Brace Yourself: The 100 Most Expensive Keywords On Google –

“When it comes to being ranked at the top of Google, hell even on page one, advertisers are willing to shell out the big bucks to get that first click.

In this “One Hundred Most Expensive Keywords on Google” infographic, provided WebpageFX and put together through data from SEMRush, we get to take an insider’s look at the most expensive keywords and search phrases on Google today...” 

Are You Destined To Become A Millionaire?

“Becoming a millionaire may seem like an unobtainable dream. I’ve been there and felt like it was unattainable and something that would never happen to me.

Then I started reading, studying and mimicking countless different successful millionaires…”

August 10, 2016:

How To Boost Your Brand’s Online Rep And Cred

“Credibility is important in building a successful online business. Whether your online business is a spinoff of an already-existing enterprise or a new solely online venture, how customers perceive your company plays a critical role in your success. Strong brand credibility can help everyone from e-commerce stores to freelancers earn and keep their online customers’ trust...”

Is Peer To Peer Marketing More Effective Than Celebrity Endorsement? –

“The New York Times once declared that nothing sells like celebrity, but that article was written in 2008. Celebrity endorsements don’t pack the same punch they used to. As cool as they are, celebrities can’t totally convince people that they actually like the products they endorse...” 

August 9, 2016:

Working With Influencers –

“Content marketing is old news, but incorporating influencers into affiliate marketing strategies has become a hot topic.

Brands and agencies are often seen working with ambassadors to maximise awareness of their campaigns, because they know consumers trust those they can relate to. That’s not to mention the decline of ‘traditional’ formats as a result of ad blockers and the ongoing effects of‘ banner blindness’…” 

How To Turbocharge Your Brand With Social Media

“Despite the plethora of studies, statistics and reports showing that an effective social media campaign has a positive impact on building a brand, many businesspeople (including marketing professionals) remain in a foggy “I know I should be using social media, but I’m not sure how or why” state. According to one report by Social Media Examiner, 85 percent of marketers who use social media aren’t clear on which social media tools would work best for their business...”

August 8, 2016:

What Is A Zentrepreneur? –

“What is a Zentrepreneur? It’s an inside-out executive who remains calm under every circumstance while adding value to the world and achieving impossible goals.

In the words of Ron Rubin, owner of The Republic of Tea (founded by the same executives behind The Banana Republic), “While an entrepreneur creates a business, a Zentrepreneur creates a business and a life.”

“While an entrepreneur pretends to know what’s next, a Zentrepreneur imagines what’s next and believes in it deeply,” he said in an interview with Awareness Magazine. “Believe. There is no bigger word. None…” 

How To Keep Setbacks From Becoming Disasterous

“I’m writing this little article from seat 4B on a Delta flight from Milwaukee to Tel Aviv, Israel. I’m going to consult at an incredible company. The fact that I am having a pleasant conversation in first class with a salesman from Microsoft (he’s sitting next to me) is a small miracle...”

August 7, 2016:

Is SEO Connected With Social Media?

“While everyone can agree that social media is important when it comes to your hotel’s marketing strategy, not everyone knows it’s also important for improving your hotel’s search engine optimization. Social media and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. While one is good by itself, together they create the right balance of salty and sweet that your hotel’s taste buds are craving.

Contrary to popular belief, Google won’t take your hotel’s social media profiles directly into account when ranking your site, but it will look to it for certain social signals which will help Google decide how to rank your hotel’s website…” 

FTC To Crack Down On Social Media Sponsored Posts

If you follow a bunch of celebrities on various social media accounts — or even just a few of the more self-promoting ones –then you’ve probably seen all kinds of sponsored advertising. That’s not a big deal. In some cases, you might have no idea whether the celebrity is naturally interested in the product being featured or whether the person is getting paid to promote the item. That’s not good, and it’s that kind of practice that the Federal Trade Commission is looking to crack down on: deceptive endorsements…”

August 6, 2016:

How To Use Webinars To Promote Your Business –

“There are no qualms that there exists numerous digital ways to enhance visibility of your venture or talent. However, amidst this, it becomes imperative to opt for change of pace. Presence over diverse social networking websites may not suffice anymore because the more specific you become in catering to your niche segment, more success you fetch in your pursuit. Therefore, here comes that million dollar question, how to stay ahead of the curve? Well, you might find your answer in “Webinar”...” 

Essential Digital Tools For Social Entrepreneurs

As a social entrepreneur, I love finding companies and products that help me give back to my community. That’s why these six apps and platforms have become part of my personal and professional toolkit. They’re easy to use as I go about my day — whether I’m exercising, grocery shopping or working on my site…”

August 5, 2016:

Facebook Seeks To Banish Clickbait Headlines

“Facebook hopes to catch clickbait in the algorithm net it is using to clean up its News Feed.

Research scientist Alex Peysakhovich and user experience researcher Kristin Hendrix detailed the latest change to the social network’s News Feed algorithm in a Newsroom post, saying that the tweak was a response to feedback from users…” 

How To Beautify Your Social Media Content

“Sharing your company’s story in a compelling fashion seems simple, right? I can’t tell you how many times business owners and marketers completely drop the ball on their content execution, which leads to a failed marketing strategy.

It is important to realize that compelling content is the backbone to marketing success. About 350 million new photos are added each day to Facebook, and 100 million hours of video are consumed daily on the social channel. If your content doesn’t kick ass, nobody will pay attention to your brand…”

August 4, 2016:

How To Double Your Brands Reach And FAST –

“As a content marketer, I am a huge fan of letting new customers find your company naturally.

It’s basically “permission marketing.”

If they find your brand, it is because they want to, not because they were lead there by advertising or flashy marketing tactics.

But there is a problem.

The competition has risen so much in recent years that the odds of you being heard through the noise without some sort of paid marketing are slim to none…” 

3 Habits You Have To Drop NOW To Succeed

“Your success or failure to create and scale a business will come down to the kind of habits you incorporate into your daily life.

Follow the habits of highly successful entrepreneurs, and there’s a good chance you will become one too. Strong personal habits that might positively impact a business include: healthy eating and working out, saving money and tithing…”

August 3, 2016:

How To Market Effectively On Snapchat

“The acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon closes the chapter on Yahoo’s pursuit to remain independent, and the future of the company and its subsidiary properties is unclear.

One of those properties is Tumblr, the eccentric online blogging platform that Yahoo bought in 2013, with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer famously promising that the tech giant wouldn’t “screw it up…” 

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy By Neil Patel

“Content marketing is the leading marketing strategy among today’s digitally savvy businesses. And, as a result, many businesses do it, but few businesses really understand how to do it effectively…”

August 2, 2016:

The Most Common And Often Soul-Crushing Affiliate Marketing Mistakes –

“Companies that invest in Internet marketing generally fall into two camps: those frustrated because their investment isn’t paying off, and those frustrated because they can’t tell.

Companies address the frustration in a number of ways—changing agencies, changing strategies, tweaking this and tweaking that. However, the vast majority of organizations failing or floundering with Internet marketing make one, two, or all three of the worst mistakes possible and never address them…” 

Are Changes Coming To Fundamental Affiliate Network Performance Models?

“I am going on record and declaring that the traditional 20-30% affiliate network performance fee model is headed for extinction. 

Currently, there are significant pricing and structural changes taking place in the US performance marketing industry that are signaling what may be coming for the rest of the global performance industry. 

For networks to remain relevant and competitive as the market evolves, they will need to embrace changes to a model that has not evolved with the times and is hindering the industry’s greatest opportunities for future growth…”

August 1, 2016:

Mastering Native Advertising On Mobile –

“Our mobile devices have become an extension of ourselves. We sleep next to them and bring them everywhere. They are the last thing we check at night and the first thing we see in the morning. Brands and marketers, however, are still learning how to connect with their customers on smaller screens...” 

How A Properly Designed Workspace Enhances Your Productivity

“Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it’s important to feel comfortable at your workspace. Space can be tight and distractions may be plentiful, but a comfortable and inviting office increases productivity and efficiency in addition to boosting your moral.

Here are seven comfort tips to help make your office space more comfortable and transform your workplace into a better place to work, and enhance your productivity…”

Make Big Data Your Business Partner –

“Scan nearly any technology publication and you’ll find an article about Big Data. Big Data’s omnipresence not only makes it easy for companies to believe they can readily collect it, but also unlock its secrets to expand their marketing to produce results.

I’ve personally been using data-driven marketing techniques since 2002, developing marketing programs that were at the time new to the tech space. My background ranges from founding eBay’s telemarketing platform to localizing marketing programs internationally. Today, my team and I provide advanced data modeling for our clients, including algorithmic targeting and propensity models…” 

How To Get Exposure On Social Media

“The advent of social media has created an exponentially increasing number of opportunities to put your brand out there. However, many other entrepreneurs realize this as well. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel outlines a few tips to help you get featured on the most popular social media sites...”

Fashion Retailer Reiss Makes Push In Affiliate Marketing Efforts

“Fashion retailer Reiss has detailed plans for its new affiliate marketing strategy after launching in the UK with Affiliate Window.

Working with the new partner, Reiss will utilise the vendor’s payment on influence tool to reward publishers driving upper funnel traffic. The retailer, which was previously working with Rakuten Linkshare for its performance marketing, also plans to use cross-device tracking technology to reward its mobile partners, with mobile identified as a key growth area for the business going forward…”