Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter aren’t the new MySpace, they are the new ABC, NBC and CBS

Social media, like all other forms of media, is evolving and changing every year. As an affiliate marketer you need to keep up with the current trends to determine where to focus your social media efforts.

The way we use social media to consume content is becoming more consolidated and more often than not the content creator is us – the collective community of bloggers and information marketers.

What started as simple social interaction platforms are evolving into media companies. You must learn how to use the emerging tools these platforms are rolling out for us to help spread your message.

“The tools and technologies that have aided and abated the social era have grown up and forsaken us.

The big social players have all rolled out features and functions that position them squarely as media platforms that maintain comments functionality, rather than their original roles as social networks.

Our desire to connect with one another (and with companies and organizations) via these platforms is what drove their usage and rise to prominence in the first place, but now that they have our attention (and do they ever), they’ve pivoted to supply us not with more and better ways to interact with real people, but instead more and better ways to consume content that corporations pay to put in front of us.

Sound familiar?

It should, as this is the exact same model network television has employed for 60+ years; give away something that is truly wanted (programming), and when people take you up on that free offer en mass, monetize that aggregated attention wherever and however possible.”

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