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Updated: January 5, 2023 by Bill Burniece

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 25% of every sale you make of subscriptions for the awesome Needls. ad platform.

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What Is Needls?

Needls is really cool. It’s a platform that uses advance A.I. to maximize ad spend on both Facebook and Instagram.

As you probably already know, online advertising can be really confusing.

So much so that many companies rely on outside agencies to help cut through the confusion. But that can be expensive.

Needls. fills that void being the first 24/7 robo agency that can handle your clients entire advertising process from A to Z.

Needls. uses cutting-edge data science to help target the perfect audience for selected offers.

With Needls, no budget is too small. Whether your client spends $80 or $5000, Needls. gives the same 24/7 optimization attention to each account by using machine learning.

Needls. takes care of it all, so users don’t require advertising experience.

They also don’t have to spend hours in brainstorming sessions trying to explain their brand goals to an agency.

It takes a few minutes to be setup on Needls. and to start seeing results.

How Does Needls. Work?

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Step 1: Ad Creation

The first step is to answer a few questions about your business and market and Needls. will create hundreds of ads for you to share across social media.

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Step 2: Ad Targeting

Next, Needls. monitors social media conversations going on in real time and matches your ads to be delivered to your target audience when they’re looking for your product or service. Cross platform optimization is used to assess when your ads are most effective.

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Step 3: Ad Optimization

In the final step, Needls. uses data science to help optimize your ad campaigns by implementing hundreds of parameters to improve your conversions and sales.

Needls. is the easiest and most effective way to advertise on both:

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The Needls. platform monitors social media conversations in real time to determine the perfect audience based on what they’re looking for and when they need it.

Here are some examples:

When somebody posts on FaceBook:

facebook screenshot image

When somebody posts on Instagram:

instagram screenshot image

Needls. ConclusionNeedls. logo 2

Needls. is a hot product that literally pays for itself for companies that advertise on social media.

As an affiliate, you can earn lifetime earnings of 25% for each referred subscription. Sign up today by clicking the blue button below:

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