How To Succeed In The Natural Health Niche As An

As a professional affiliate marketer, one of my primary focuses is the natural health niche.  Why?  Two reasons… 

One, because natural health is a red hot market with repeat buyers who are passionate about alternative medicine.  And they’re spending over 60 billion dollars per year on those products and I want my piece of that huge pie. 

Secondly, because of my personal interest in natural health products.  Now when I say ‘natural health’ I’m not referring to the controversial field of homeopathy but rather herbal products designed to treat a variety of ailments that not only work effectively but are non addictive and safer than their drug alternatives. 

I have serious disdain for huge pharmaceutical companies that churn out powerful prescription drugs that often cause side effects and are commonly addictive.  I believe the majority of those companies only care about the bottom line and not actually helping people live healthier lives.  They rake in billions while their army of lobbyists throw campaign contributions to politicians to approve their products and their sales force provides ‘incentives’ to doctors to push only their brands to patients.  Meanwhile, the people who rely on these drugs are becoming addicted to them and end up playing Russian roulette with their long-term health. 

Now that’s just my personal opinion. But let’s look at why natural health products sell so well.

Why So Many People Buy Natural Health Products

  1. Natural health products are generally safe. Alternative medicine typically has fewer side effect and long-term health risks than prescription drugs do. Most natural health products are made from simple plants, herbs, and other natural materials. The long-term health effects from prescription drugs are unknown.
  2. Natural health offers consumers more choices. If you’ve ever been to a natural health store or even the natural health section of your local grocery store you’ll notice a wide variety of products and brands to choose from. You can also purchase non-drug alternative medicine without a prescription or a referral from a doctor. 
  3. You know what you’re putting into your body. Prescription drugs are made up of proprietary elements that are complex. The truth is you really don’t know exactly what you’re putting into your body. With herbal medicine you’re in charge of what goes into your body and what happens to it. There are very strict labelling rules that natural health producers must follow to ensure you know exactly what’s in the products you take.

The Natural Health Niche Is Great For Beginners 

If you’re new to affiliate marketing the natural health niche is a great place to start.  Natural health products convert well and there are thousands of them to choose from.  You can pick almost any ailment you like and you’ll find a natural or herbal product that you can sell to treat it.  On that note I recommend you start with choosing affiliate products that cure an ailment that you know about or have dealt with personally to shorten your learning curve.  When you’re selling a solution to a problem it helps greatly to have real world experience with solving that problem yourself.

Unlike the other niches on my website, natural health does not pay big commissions for every sale.  Most of the products you’ll be selling will be priced below $50.00.  But in this niche people frequently buy several natural products at once for a larger total sale and buy these products regularly.  This is where your big commissions come from.  Plus, most offer 2nd-tier sales commissions so if you refer another affiliate who makes sales you get a piece of those sales too.  So where do you start?

I have two pages of options available for you:

Natural Health Affiliate Programs

Health And Beauty Affiliate Programs

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