Musical Instruments Affiliates

Musical Instruments Affiliate Programs

include big ticket items such as electric guitars, amps, and keyboard workstations. People are buying items like this more and more online.

Love to play guitar? Start making money selling what you love online.

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1. Featured Affiliate Program

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2) ZZounds

Affiliate Commissions:  6% of the purchase total (one of the highest in the industry). If a customer buys a keyboard workstation, one of our their popular products, then you’ll earn a commission of $125-300 on that one sale alone. 


Affiliates not exclusive to zZounds:

  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 25% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 50% bonus

Affiliates exclusive to zZounds: (For the entire month, zZounds must be the only musical instrument affiliate featured on Your site.)

  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $1,000, earn a 20% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 40% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 80% bonus

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website:  Here

Affiliate Description:

Leading musician websites look into their options carefully – and the leading world-class musician portals have overwhelmingly chosen zZounds Music as their ecommerce partner. We’re making it easy for you to do the same thing on your website. Don’t get left behind.

3) American Musical Supply

Affiliate Commissions:  6% commissions. Many big ticket products available.

 Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website:  Here

Affiliate Description:

Get free shipping and easy payment plans on musical instruments and music equipment at American Musical Supply. Make music, make friends.

4) Guitar Center

Affiliate Commissions:  6% on everything from $5 guitar strings to $50,000 recording studios

 Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website:  Here

Affiliate Description:

The Guitar Center story began in 1959 when Wayne Mitchell purchased a small appliance and home organ store in Hollywood, California. By 1961, he’d changed the name of the company to The Organ Center. In 1964, Joe Banaran, President of the Thomas Organ Company, approached Wayne in search of an outlet to sell a new line of guitars and amplifiers, called Vox.

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More musical instruments affiliate programs coming soon…

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