Which Niches Are the Most Profitable Among 2 Tier Affiliates?

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful profit generating tool for entrepreneurs, bloggers and social media influencers. It allows earning money from commissions without selling any product or service directly.

An affiliate partner gets a link from the promoted company and shares this link via pasting into a blog post, sending in private messages or inserting into the website’s interface as a banner or widget. Once the customer directed through the mentioned link performs some activity within the promoted website, the affiliate user gets the agreed commission.

While traditional referral programs are highly profitable for people with a large number of subscribers, there’s another approach which can be even more yielding: The 2 tier affiliate system.

What Is A Two Tier Affiliate Program?

In a nutshell, affiliate programs with two or more layers reward affiliate marketers not only for direct customer sales but also from the sales of other referred affiliates.

One-tier affiliate programs feature only three participants – a promoter, a company as a provider and a client as a buyer. Two-tier programs add another promoter or affiliate partner to the hierarchy. Thus, you can earn an extra commission from the sales generated by clients, who used an affiliate link of another webmaster – the one invited by you.

Things may seem complicated now, but let’s look at examples which should help to understand the idea of 2 tier affiliate networks. Let’s say, there’s John – an affiliate who has a link to a given partner website. John also invites his friend, Mary, to serve as an affiliate, too. Thus, Mary gets her own link and starts engaging clients. In this case, John will earn from customers attracted by both himself and Mary. Payment models may be as follows:

  1. Percentage from sales. John gets a commission from sales in both cases.
  2. Percentage from earnings. John gets a commission from his clients and Mary gets money from her referrals. Then, John gets an extra percentage from Mary’s earnings.

How to Earn with These Programs?

To start making money as an affiliate marketer, you should get two-tier links. For this, just choose your favorite network, where you look for one-tier links from companies, and filter search results to display only two-tier offers. Then, grab the most suitable link, copy it or create an HTML banner, and insert it into any platform you use to share affiliate info. New marketers joined by this link, will be able to attract more customers, earn money, and generate small commissions for you. Usually, 2 tier partners get about 10% from sales or 1 tier user revenues.

Check the hints on getting more profit with these platforms:

  • Focus on niches. Find specific industries, sectors or even topics which will be interesting for both end users and affiliates.
  • Use networking. Social media communities work fine when you want to share something. Try to promote only relevant links, e.g. Dog Food in the community of animal lovers.
  • Share news. If you have enough social influence, consider creating newsletters. They are also good for spreading niche info.
  • Be helpful. You can share your own experience, motivate people to start doing affiliate marketing, provide case studies, and more.

Appropriate Niches for 2 Tier Affiliate Marketing

Now, let’s move to the exact industry names and titles that can help you earn a decent affiliate profit. We’ve chosen five of the most profitable and valuable niches for affiliate marketers who want to use two-tier links.

1. Gadgets

When the world introduces ‘the next big thing’, try to be there to earn a few bucks. Technological progress brings unbelievable things (self-driving cars, smart windows, human-like robots) to our life. Although inventions fail regularly, you should still try to partner with gadget manufacturers because they always deliver something new. It is especially cool if you love tech and can share your experience using the devices you promote.

2. Health and Beauty

It’s natural for human beings to look for ways of improving their health and appearance. At the end of the day, our social roles force us to become healthier and more attractive to other people. Thus, we are trying to make new friends, build strong professional connections, and fall in love. For this niche, you can focus on a specific cosmetic product, or medicine, or healthy food.

3. Hobbies

Here, we won’t talk about all the diverse pastimes. This section is about unique and expensive hobbies, which involve pricey products and services. You want to try it because profitable niches usually mean ones where people are ready to spend a lot of money. For example, tennis and snowboarding are quite expensive hobbies that require costly equipment. Also, any gambling affiliate program is viable, too, because people tend to spend thousands when playing casino games.

4. Pets

When we don’t care about ourselves, we care about our little friends. The world goes crazy over dog costumes, cat beauty salons, and separate rooms with pools for domestic otters. Pets are part of a family; and people can spend tons of money to make their lives better. You can choose to promote products for specific species or cover unique topics like dog merchandise or aquariums.

5. Self-Improvement

Once we’re happy with our accommodation, food, health, beauty, hobbies, and even our pets, deeper thoughts come to our minds. Who am I? Why do I exist? How can I be better? Mr. Maslow, widely-known as the author of the hierarchy of needs, was totally right. People look for ways to improve their minds, become more competitive, and impress other people. It’s pure psychology. You just need to find a good topic for webinars or online courses.

A Final Word

Frankly speaking, there are more examples but we just can’t cover them all. Literally, you can choose any niche and engage people to invest in it if you have good persuasion skills. Hence, remember to focus on popular topics, especially those that are hyped a lot now. For instance, the world has been obsessed with cryptocurrencies for a few years in a row, so why not create a blog about this stuff? Plus, there will always be certain eternal things which worry people: health, development, social interactions, etc.

The key is to find a niche suitable for you exclusively. Try different options, analyze performance, and think big. Need some ideas?

Here are some of the best two-tier affiliate programs.

Guest post by Julia Beyers.