Easiest Way To Monetize Your WordPress Images

Making money from your WordPress website should be your number one goal once you get it properly set up and have added enough relevant content to make it interesting to your site visitors.

There are quick easy ways to monetize your website and there are also more time consuming longer-term methods you can choose from. This page will show you one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from your new WordPress website. 

But first, let’s look at the most common monetization strategies: 

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17 Ways To Monetize Your WordPress Website

  1. Accept Donations
  2. Ad Space (Banners, Google AdSense)
  3. Affiliate Marketing (Thru Networks Like ShareASale, ClickBank and JVZoo)
  4. Create A Membership Site Or A Membership Area In Your Site
  5. Create An eCommerce Store
  6. Email Marketing (Thru Your Private List)
  7. Generate Leads For Other Companies
  8. Offer A Service
  9. Offer Consultation
  10. Offer Private Forums
  11. PPC Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  12. Paid Post & Paid Review Articles
  13. Sell An Online Video Course On A Topic
  14. Sell An Information Product (Such As An eBook)
  15. Set Up A Paywall To Access Premium Content
  16. Text Link Advertising
  17. Website Flipping
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Is There An Easy Way To Monetize Images In WordPress?

The traditional way to place buyer links into your site images is to just insert your affiliate link into each one individually. The limitation with this method is that you can only include one affiliate link for each image which means if you’re selling dozens of different products on your page you’ll need a separate image (and link) for each one.

But what if you could do this:

See those Pink Dots on the image on the right?

Each of those dots are little hot spots that link your affiliate code to the page where you customer can buy those items – giving you full credit.

So how do you place those hot spots on your website images?

The WP Shoppable WordPress Pluginwp shoppable box image

WP Shoppable is a simple-to-use plugin that can turn any image on your website into a ‘shoppable image’ allowing you to add your affiliate links into multiple targets on that image.

This product is so easy to use. Just three steps:

  1. Install the plugin in WordPress
  2. Add your affiliate links to the images of your choice
  3. Update your WordPress page

You can use this tool on any and all of your WordPress websites without restriction and it comes with a full 30 day test-drive money back guarantee.

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