Membership Websites 

As an internet marketer you have several different income-producing models to choose from. One of the very best ways to make passive money online is the membership website model.

Why is it so good?

Because you sell one time but bill over and over again. As long as you keep your paying members happy they’ll continue to stick with you month after month.

Advantages Of Membership Sites

  1. Passive Income: The membership model produces a reliable and recurring income stream which you can depend on month after month.
  2. Re-Use Existing Content: You don’t necessarily have to create new content for your membership sites. You can just repackage or re-structure your existing content to make it easily digestible.
  3. Social Media Impact: A membership site is essentially a private community which ties in nicely with social media platforms. Once your membership site is live you can use social media to network and quickly find new paying members.
  4. Demonstrate Your Expertise: Since they’re basically subscribing to ‘you’ and your ideas it gives you the freedom to show them who you really are and prove your expertise in your niche. You can also save your most valuable information for your membership clients to keep them coming back for more. 

How To Start Your Own Membership Site

Up until now, that’s been the hard part. But that’s now changed since the release of the newly created JVZoo Member platform: 

The Solution

JVZoo Member  

JVZoo Member has been developed to simplify your life. And to maximize your profits at the same time.

  • Sales pages for your products? Done.
  • Product creation? Yup, right inside the dashboard.
  • Hosting? Included. Ultra-fast and secure … for all of your products and sales pages.
  • Product delivery? Yup, with the ability to create unlimited membership sites to handle the delivery of all of your products
  • Autoresponder? Not quite … But you will save lots of time because it will automatically send login details to every one of your customers and let you email your members from inside the platform.​

JVzoo Member integrates seamlessly with your other products and services too. It lets you quickly turn a single product into recurring profits month after month. And provides incentives & motivation to keep your customers paying.

This is much more than just a platform for creating membership sites… 

You can also use JVZoo Member for:​

  • List Building – perfect for hosting your optin page, freebies and showcasing upsell offers
  • Product Creation – Quite simply this is the fastest way to create new products from scratch
  • Selling More Of Your Products – effortlessly upload products you’ve made on any platform – even use it to sell white label products
  • Affiliate Marketing – nothing spells authority like hosting your reviews inside a membership site … where visitors can access all your product reviews
  • Coaching – it’s the ideal platform for big-ticket coaches to present their entire funnel of services … from tripwires to core offers & premium plans​

One tool, multiple purposes. Saving you time, boatloads of cash … and exponentially increasing your profits.
Everything you need is inside.

To make your life even easier, you can simply edit any of our professional templates and get your product to market faster – allowing you to focus on growing your business and looking after your customers.

It’s far easier to sell to existing clients, rather someone you have no relationship with.

As you create new products and courses, they’ll be offered to your clients automatically in your members area.
This allows you to maximize your profits with no extra effort.

Affiliate Disclosure
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