Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review 2023

Since the global pandemic COVID-19 hit us all,  eCommerce has grown at a rate of 20% since it all started.

There has never been a better time to start making money with affiliate marketing than there is right now.

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What Is The Massive Affiliate Blueprint?

Massive Affiliate Blueprint (MAB) is a complete affiliate marketing ‘ecosystem’ that automatically runs your business for you on autopilot.

This all-in-one money making system is so automated that literally all you need to do is:

  1. Download the system
  2. Sign up to all the affiliate programs to get your links
  3. Turn the thing on

That’s it.

Why This Should Get Your Attention & Serious Consideration
James Neville Taylor. That’s why.

I’ve had the unique pleasure to personally know James for the past two years now and he continues to amaze me.

You see, three years ago James hit rock bottom after a long battle with depression including a suicide attempt.

Today, he makes over $300,000.00 per year online.

This product is the exact blueprint he used to get there so fast. Nothing is left out.

He will teach you step-by-step how he did it and how you can too. Guaranteed.

The value here is insane.

What’s Included In The Massive Affiliate Blueprint System?

  1. More Than 40 DFY Proven Tested [DFY = Done-For-You] High Converting Affiliate Offers
  2. 12 DFY Proven Tested High Converting Landing Pages
  3. 12 DFY Proven High Click-Through & Tested High Converting Bridge Pages
  4. 365 DFY Professionally Written High Converting Email Swipes [Plus learn how to leverage email marketing]
  5. Massive Traffic Secrets Package From The Top Traffic Experts In Internet Marketing Today
  6. 365 Days Unlimited Brain Bank Email Access
  7. 12 Monthly “Ask Them All VIP” Coaching Calls
  8. Exclusive Access To James’ Huge Traffic Rolodex
  9. Receive 100% Commissions On All Of James’ Time Tested High Converting Affiliate Products from $7 -$100 A Pop
  10. $450 Per Sale for Every Sale You Make Of Taylor-Your-Future-Now DFY Massive Blueprint 1.0
  11. 365 Days Unlimited Technical Assistance For Anything Affiliate Blueprint Related
  12. Exclusive Monthly Private Affiliate Contests
  13. Full Access + Full VIP Treatment To Taylor-Your-Future LIVE – Virtual Event
  14. One Full Day Group Mastermind Session With James Neville-Taylor Personally
  15. Recordings For All Monthly Masterclass Sessions + Q&A’s & Live Case Studies
  16. White Label Affiliate Marketing Course
  17. 12 Done-For-You Branded PDFs
  18. Done For You Professionally Crafted Sales Page
  19. Single-Click Download TYFN System
  20. A Step By Step Blueprint To James’ 6-Figure Business
  21. Cash-Pulling-Copy Mini Course
  22. System And Traffic Hurricane Course
  23. Taylor’s Secret Package From Top Traffic Getters

As you can see from this impressive list, this is a complete affiliate marketing system that has you covered from A-Z. And this blueprint 1.0 review cannot possibly include everything you get.

Click through using the blue buttons on the page and you’ll get the complete list of all the top-quality tools, templates and training you’ll receive.

MAB Also Includes 7 Live Masterclass Sessions To Get You Started Fast

Masterclass Sessions:

  1. Overview Of The “Taylor Your Future” Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0.
  2. How To Master The “Finder Keeper” Techniques To Attract Cash-Grabbing-Products Master Blueprint
  3. The “13-Year Old” Stupid-Simple Secret You Will Use To Set Up Your Profitable Website In Minutes
  4. How To Set-up High Converting Landing Pages. The “Taylor Your Future” Secret Get Your Audience To Hand Over Their Personal Information
  5. The “Illuminati” Techniques That Will Get Them To Get Their Credit Card Out and Buy Your Offer
  6. The “Go-All-In” Taylor Ingredients You Must Apply To Your Marketing Strategies To Motivate Your Audience To Buy Any Products And Services You Recommend
  7. This One Is A Surprise

These masterclasses provide you with time-saving hacks and tips to help you make money online as fast as ever before. If you follow the lessons and implement what you learn it can save you years of expensive trial and error.

MAB Also Includes 14 Breakthrough Sessions To Help You Scale Your Business

Affiliate Blueprint Breakthrough Sessions:

  1. The Secret Taylor Ingredients That Allowed Him To Bank 20k In Passive Income Each And Every Month ~ James Neville-Taylor
  2. The Super Simple Methods Erick Salgado Used to Create a Multi 8-Figure Business In The US As A Brazilian Immigrant ~ Erick Salgado
  3. How Spencer Mecham Skyrocketed To A High 5-Figure Per Month Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing In Just 2 Years ~ Spencer Mecham
  4. The Top-Secret Tactics Dave Sharpe Deployed to Create A $250 Million-Dollar Empire ~ Dave Sharpe
  5. Insider Secrets On How Henry Gold Closed A $10,000 Program In 30 Minutes TO A Complete Stranger ~ Henry Gold
  6. How Akbar Sheikh Went From Living In A Broom Closet To Building A Multi 7-Figure Coaching Business In Less Than 2 Years ~ Akbar Sheikh
  7. The Underground Art Greg Cassar Uses For Creating Freedom – Building Your Dream Life By Design ~ Greg Cassar
  8. The Crazy-Simple Secrets Greg Jeffries Uses To Quietly Dominate The Search Engines ~ Greg Jeffries
  9. Case Study: 11 Insider Secrets To Crushing Competitions That Have Obscenely Large Email Lists ~ Wayne Crowe
  10. Case Study: 12 Insider Secrets: From Idea To Finished Product In Just 7 Days ~ John Thornhill
  11. The Mindset Hack That Tom Beal Uses To Rise On Top Of Everything He Takes On ~ Tom Beal
  12. The Stealth Marketing Techniques That Bring In Millions Of Rabid Buyers Without Them Even Realizing They’ve Been Sold ~ Matt Bacak
  13. The Tactical Approach Omar Used To Build A 7-Figure Empire With JV launches ~ Omar Martin
  14. The “Out Of The Box” Secrets That Peter Wolfing Uses To Revolutionize Industries And Create New Categories In Marketing ~ Peter Wolfing

Every one of these breakout sessions live case studies contain actionable gold nuggets that will explode your online business. In fact, each of these 14 modules could be sold on thier own for thousands of dollars.

The value in this package is extraordinary. 

Who Is James Neville-Taylor

James is one of my favorite guys.

James hit rock bottom in 2017 after a long battle with depression that ended in an attempted suicide that he luckily survived.

He pulled himself up from that and started learning internet marketing.

Now there are fast learners, then there is this guy. 

He has built an online business now that now pulls in over $300,000.00 per year.

In. Three. Short. Years.

That’s why I know he’s the right guy to help you get to where you want to be online… fast.

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Massive Affiliate Blueprint Review Summary

MAB requires an investment by you.

Some investments of this size are risky – especially in the digital marketing arena.

This one is not. Here’s why…

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint Guarantee

James gets more than 500 sales with this program every month.

So for three months after this launch, he is going to send $30,000 worth of traffic into a rotator that will include your affiliate link.

That will generate more than 1,500 sales he will be giving away to everyone who gets in early.

This is a one time offer and expires when the launch ends.

If, at the very small chance YOU do not have any sales after being plugged into his ads for 3 months – he will leave your affiliate ID in there until you do.

Yes, that means your first sale is literally GUARANTEED.

No other program guarantees you sales because they are not willing to spend $30,000 of their own money on their partner’s success.

You will be guaranteed at least 1 sale with his most successful affiliate product.

And James and his team also guarantee to keep working with you until you feel you are truly successful.

Basically, they will not abandon you after a month or even a year and leave you to fend for yourself. This is more than just a marketing strategy, it’s a true lifetime partnership. James is a limitless leader who likes to give back. 

The value here is absolutely insane.

And guaranteed. 

Please don’t drag your feet on this offer.

Since James is going to work with you individually, he has capped the product licenses at a firm 500 or on October 27 arrives – whichever comes first.

If you join this program you will learn the right way to become a successful affiliate marketer in the shortest amount of time. James told me that since Massive Affiliate Blueprint is his first official product, he wants to majorly under-promise and over-deliver, which is why I am proudly promoting it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my complete massive affiliate blueprint review.

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There has never been a better time to make money online than there is today.

eCommerce has received a 20% boost from the unfortunate global pandemic that has been devastating to so many people.

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