Mapping The Mass Affluent Online

Despite what you may think the mass affluent have a large online presence and are getting more and more comfortable buying luxury items on the internet. Nielson, the leading global information and measurement company, defines the mass affluent as those households with $250,000 to $1,000,000 in liquid assets, excluding real estate.

In the United States, the mass affluent category represent roughly 12 percent of all households. Reaching this highly concentrated group can seem daunting but is well worth your while since larger online purchases equal larger commissions for you the affiliate marketer. A smartly designed precision marketing campaign is a very effective way to reach this valuable audience. By understanding how this group uses the  internet in their daily lives, you can effectively use digital precision marketing to engage these consumers accurately while also protecting their privacy (which is a huge concern for them by the way).

What Are The Mass Affluent Looking For Online?

  • Sports: The mass affluent are 54% more likely than average to frequent sports-related sites online
  • Financial:  51% more likely
  • Food: 47% more likely
  • Home: 42% more likely
  • Travel: 32% more likely 

When it comes to targeting the mass affluent its important to understand that wealth is more important than income. Let me explain.

A corporate lawyer making an annual salary of $100,000 is included in the high income bracket. But if she just finished paying off expensive student loans and is plowing most of her savings into college funds, she’s not necessarily the best target for buying premium products. Again, wealth matters more than income. Nielsen studies identified the prototypical mass affluent individual as a suburban empty nester, most likely caucasian. Two thirds of the mass affluent are over age 55, and many are retired. The rest tend to work in the finance and management sector or own their own business.

“The online behavior of the mass affluent meets expectations but also surprises. One of the most common online activities of the wealthy is monitoring stocks and following financial news. Yet more than any other activity, they spend disproportionately more time on sports websites than the average consumer. Nielsen singles out; apparently if you want to advertise to big spenders, the U.S. soccer website is your best bet. Unfortunately Gatorade seems to have monopolized the ad space. 

The mass affluent also spend a lot of time online doing work-related research, following the news (especially politics), and visiting home, food, and travel websites. Essentially they are libertine, political news junkies.

This wealthy demographic is more likely than the average consumer to use Apple products. Except the retired folks, who typically have a single computer and connect with AOL. Once retired, the mass affluent also seem to replace the time once spent online doing business research with gambling, trivia, card games, and looking at high school and college alumni information.”*

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