Can You Make Money With CBD Affiliate Programs?

More and more, affiliate programs are becoming a preferred way for bloggers to make money. Sure, you can make some money through advertisements on your pages, but too many advertisements are bound to scare readers off, and they can make website pages laggy and rife with spam.

make money with CBD affiliate programs

For many bloggers, affiliate programs are the best way to make money now. With these, you direct people to a manufacturer’s site, and they pay you a percentage of any purchases that person makes. CBD affiliate programs can be a great way to do that. However, how do you make money when you use a CBD affiliate program?

1. Decide How to Work CBD Into Your Niche

The first step to making money is deciding how you’re going to work CBD into your blogging activities right now. Different types of bloggers will be able to work CBD into their blogging activities more easily, but every blogger can do it. It just might require a little bit of work.

Any niche can work well with CBD, whether you’re a wellness blogger, you routinely talk about supplements, or you blog in a seemingly disconnected industry like technology. Find a method of talking about CBD that works for your personal brand.

2. Make the Right Content

There are many different types of content that might be great for you to make as a CBD affiliate. These are some of the more common content styles.

  • Product Reviews:
    Product reviews are great as a CBD affiliate because they allow you to add in affiliate links that are both extremely natural and basically expected. You can direct people toward the CBD companies that you really love and give them some tips and tricks regarding your favorite ways to use these CBD products. Plus, product reviews tend to be fairly evergreen, so you’re likely to get consistent traffic on product reviews long after you write them.
  • CBD Stories:
    If you want another way to put CBD front and center in your blogging, you might want to consider telling stories about the ways in which CBD has impacted you. For example, you might think about writing a blog post about your first time taking CBD before exercising, or you could write a post about the way you found your personal perfect amount.
  • Blog Posts:
    If neither of these things seem like they’d fit your blogging style, you can also just write blog posts and find a way to tie them into CBD. For example, if you run a movie blog, you could get together a number of movies that all talk about CBD, then link to the CBD affiliate at the very beginning of the blog post. Though it’s more superficial, it’s great for just about any niche.

3. Learn More About Your Requirements

As an affiliate, you have certain legal and company-mandated requirements. Each affiliate program will fill you in on the unique characteristics of these requirements. It’s important to read through all your requirements and stick to them every time you write a post.

Legal requirements are especially important because the FDA enforces them not only for you, but also for the company you’re affiliated with. If you break these legal requirements by doing something like stating the CBD product can treat or cure a disease, you’ll probably lose your affiliate status with the company.

4. Sign Up for High-Quality CBD Affiliate Programs

You always want to steer your readers toward the highest-quality CBD available. You don’t just want to direct people toward CBD manufacturers because you get paid. Ideally, you should truly believe in the CBD company that you’re an affiliate for.

Charlotte’s Web is a well-respected and high-quality CBD manufacturer, and that’s what makes it stand out in a world of CBD affiliate programs. Whether you’re writing more generic blog posts or you’re writing incredibly targeted CBD product reviews, Charlotte’s Web can give you a product that you’ll be happy to recommend to your readers.


A CBD affiliate program can be a very good way for you to make money. The important thing to do is to make sure that you’re signing up for a high-quality CBD affiliate program and you’re not coming off as too much of a salesman. Have faith in the product itself, like Charlotte’s Web CBD, and you’ll be able to provide information, then let your readers make their own choice.