Luxury Selling By Entrepreneur André Taylor

André Taylor is as bright as they come. 

“André is an influential force in this modern era of entrepreneurship, grounded in decades of real business-building experience. He regularly appears on television, radio, in print, and online as an expert in entrepreneurship, most notably as a regular contributor to ABC News, Money Matters presenting an artful blend of practical business tips along with the psychology of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur since 1978, starting his first venture as a teenager, André has launched and grown unique and successful businesses from Wall Street to Main Street in media, marketing and management consulting. Andre’s motto: “Rich Life, Flourishing Business, On Your Terms” is his guiding principle for his many entrepreneur clients”.* 

The luxury market segment is one of the fastest growing and prestigious categories in business. In fact, there have never been so many luxury products and service available before. 

Please watch André present twenty-one essential skills to be effective at selling luxury goods: 

Video recap: 21 Essentials To Selling Luxury Products And Services – by André Taylor 

1. You must know your product – what’s the story behind your luxury brand? You must be able to present, describe, and position your product effectively. 

2. You must know your competitors products – luxury customers are knowledgeable, know exactly what they want, and do their homework. 

3. You must be targeting the right buyers – you need skillful qualification skills to make sure you are targeting the right folks.

4. You must be the right person – you must be able to convey luxury to your persona and this takes practice and experience. 

5. You must always act the part – selling luxury means you’ll have demanding clients that will ask you tough questions.

6. You must put your customers at the center of your business – you must be extremely customer-focused and go the extra mile for them.

7. You must use CRM (customer relationship management) tools to capture, manage, and analyze data to reward your customers – use the latest technology tools to reach and impress your customers.

8. You must create a unique experience – it may be old fashioned things like sending a hand-written letter or thank you note by postal ‘snail mail’.

9. You must understand the psychology of your customer and the needs you must fulfill – are you surprising your customer with attention to detail?

10. You must remind your customer early in the sales process why your product or service is luxury and why the price is higher – are they seeing the extra value they’re getting?

11. You must fulfill your customer’s fantasy – can you paint the right word picture? 

12. You must be able to put your product or service into context – in some cases, historically – is there a back-story or mystique to the product or service? 

13. You must communicate well – both creatively and constantly – this is essential since effective communication is one sure way convey luxury. 

14. You must be willing to go out of your way (take care of it -before you are asked to) – never wait for them to ask you for service or to attend to an obvious detail.

15. You must be able to make creative recommendations and provide guidance – they are relying on your experience and expertise. 

16. You must have a positive plan for difficult customers – are you prepared for often demanding and even unreasonable customers?

17. You must focus entirely on your customer – avoid involving your customers in your internal procedures rules and operations – affluent folks hate these details! 

18. You must treat your customer always like its always the first time – make the experience unique and fresh.

19. You must say thank you – again and again and in new ways – express your gratitude.

20. You must continually create a new vision – an expanded understanding of luxury surrounding your product or service – always work on improving your customer experience.

21. You must keep your name and your product in front of your customer in a positive fashion – learn to use the right words and always express your sincere gratitude.

If you enjoy Andrés expertise as much as I do and would like to know more please go visit his website. He offers books, videos, coaching, and even an advanced selling luxury workshop:


Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier via Compfight cc