Phil Is A Seagull

But a very, very smart one. In fact, you can learn a very important marketing lesson from Phil. Let me explain…

We met Phil yesterday, very soon after we checked into the 27th floor of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego for the Traffic & Conversion Summit with Ryan Deiss. An event, by the way, that you should attend next year. 4000 internet marketers coming together to solve the world’s problems.

Phil figured out, probably years ago, that if he landed on the windowsill of our room and pecked at the window to get our attention we just might give him a treat. He was right.  Like most high-rise buildings, the windows only open about 6 inches. Just enough room to allow an arm to reach out and hand-feed Phil. Phil knows this. Because Phil is smart!

So what’s the marketing lesson?

Simply this… Phil knows what works.

He doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel every day. He already has the winning formula which is:

  • He shows up
  • Grabs attention (pecking at the glass)
  • Pitches his message (being cute and feigning famishment)
  • Gets fed (paid)
  • Rinses and repeats every single day

Phil will never go hungry or file for bankruptcy. Because Phil is smart. 

The point is that once you figure out what works for you, keep doing more of it. That is where you need to be. If you’re already there, then congratulations. If you’re not there you need to dedicate yourself to getting there as fast as you can.

Be more like Phil. And win every single day!