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are growing every year as the online legal services industry embraces all of the benefits and conveniences the internet offers them to reach new customers.

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2) Standard Legal

Affiliate Commission: 25-50% commissions.

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Affiliate Description:

Standard Legal’s do-it-yourself software uses a question-and-answer system to instantly create the legal documents you need. To complete these forms, you enter answers into fields based on the question or specific instructions provided for each field. Once you have filled in all of the fields, you simply print out the forms and use them as recommended in the instructions.

3) Law Depot

Affiliate Commission:  30% commission on every sale.

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Website:  Here

Affiliate Description:

More than 2 million people have used Law Depot to create over 4 million legal documents and save over a billion dollars in legal fees. Whether you are interested in protecting your estate, managing a rental property, setting up a business, or any other situation requiring legal forms, Law Depot’s extensive library of documents and legal resources are able to assist you with your legal needs.

4) Legal Contracts

Affiliate Commission: Receive 30% commission on each sale completed.

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Website:  Here

Affiliate Description:

LegalContracts helps users to create and print customized legal documents with our simple, step-by-step questionnaires. Millions of people have used our site to create affordable, quality legal forms and contracts.

We are dedicated to providing you with top quality documents that are up-to-date and tailored to the unique laws of your region. All of our documents are created and maintained by an in-house team of attorneys, helping to ensure that our users receive premium legal protection.

5) US Legal

Affiliate Commission: Up to 20% commissions.

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Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Founded in 1997, U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. is celebrating 20 years as the Nation’s leading online publisher of state-specific legal documents. Nationally endorsed by financial talk show host Dave Ramsey, has been recognized as the best legal forms company from 2006-2017 by Top Ten Reviews in all categories, including forms, features, customer service and ease of use.

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