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What Is Learn Build Earn?

Learn Build Earn is a brand-spanking new affiliate marketing training program created by native New Zealander Mark Ling. More on who Mark is in a paragraph or two.

Simply stated, Learn Build Earn is the most complete beginner’s guide to internet marketing that I’ve ever come across. I know because I was lucky enough to receive my own copy of the course prior to its official release in order to critique and review it for you here on my site. (I’ve included personal screenshots below to prove it!) The course will take you step-by-step through the entire process of learning how to make a full-time income online.

Mark Ling is an internet and affiliate marketing expert who is both well known and widely respected. Personally, I heard about Mark about a decade ago when he launched his breakthrough affiliate marketing course called Affilorama which has now grown to more than 300,000 members worldwide. I learned many of the strategies that I use to make money online today from Mark’s teachings so I know they work.  

Let’s dig into it…

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The Learn Build Earn Course

Course Overview:

The Learn Build Earn course starts from a newbie level, finding profitable niches, and covers a lot of ground throughout the program including tripwire offers, upsells, sales copywriting, building a website, how to construct high value offers that customers love, traffic, and much much more.

Once you’ve learned the entry level stuff, the course goes on to more advanced topics such as video sales letters, constructing more comprehensive offerings, recurring billing offers, progressing even into even more advanced topics such as high ticket programs and selling those via a webinar launch model.

This program is perfect for newbies. The 14 module program is ideal for anyone wanting to get started and make a day-job-quitting level income online. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s enough training and community support to take them to a millionaire status and beyond.

Additional bonuses and resources include the recordings from a live ‘copywriting and conversions’ event, filmed in Vancouver, Canada recently. High value private label resources that they can use as additional bonuses and/or upsells for their existing offers (they are not encouraged to use these as front end offers as I encourage them to be unique with those). And more.

The course is broken down into 14 easy-to-follow modules that allow you to pace yourself and stay on track as you learn. The first half of the modules focus on the basics you’ll need to build the foundation of your own profitable internet marketing business. These basics include:

  • Planning your first project
  • Finding profitable niches
  • Creating your own lead magnet
  • Effective writing secrets
  • How to influence others
  • Setting up your own sales page
  • Where to find graphics
  • and much much more..

The second half of the modules will get you to roll up your sleeves and start building your own online empire. Including:

  • Setting up your website
  • Email marketing
  • Finding and creating content to share
  • Outsourcing
  • Creating members areas
  • Traffic methods
  • Types of offers to use
  • Advanced methods to help you roll out and expand your reach and income
  • and much much more…

What makes the Learn Build Earn course different for all of your other choices?

These are hands-on video training lessons; not simply a collection of .pdf documents that you have to read. Although you do get .pdf’s of the lessons as well so you can take notes and assemble them if you would like to.

If you’re more of a visual learner, like I am, watching somebody teaching you what to do and how to do it is far more effective than just reading about it. Right?[/box]

The videos are great and so is the simplicity of the user dashboard which I’ve screenshotted for you below. Note how well organized and easy to it is to navigate through the material.

When you click the button on the left that says “Click here to Access The Course Modules” you’ll get a nice drop down box showing each module and subsequent lesson listed below it. The platform even has a progress graphic to let you know how much of each module you’ve completed and to get you back to where you left off.

Module 1 – Profit Funnels, Niches and Influence – (7 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Profit Funnels
  • Lesson 2: How to Find Profitable Niches
  • Lesson 3: 8 Laws of Ultimate Influence Part 1
  • Lesson 4: Homework: Browsing Profitable Niches
  • Lesson 5: Homework: Planning Your First Project
  • Lesson 6: Homework: Where Will The Traffic Come From?
  • Lesson 7: Homework: How To Plan Your Free Gift

Module 2 – Creating Products That SELL – (3 lessons)

  • Lesson 8: The 8 Laws of Influence [Part 2 of 2]
  • Lesson 9: The Number 1 Secret To Writing So That People LISTEN
  • Lesson 10: The 6 Keys To Creating A Product That SELLS

Module 3 – Chapter Outlines – (3 lessons)

  • Lesson 11: Part 1: 3 Doors Theory of Success
  • Lesson 12: Chapter Outlines [Part 1 of 2]
  • Lesson 13: Chapter Outlines [Part 2 of 2]

Module 4 – Sales Pages and Mini Mechanisms – (2 lessons)

  • Lesson 14: Part 1: The Beginning Section Of Your Sales Page
  • Lesson 15: Part 2: Mini Mechanisms

Module 5 – Overpromising and Creating GREAT Bonuses – (2 lessons)

  • Lesson 16: Over Promising… HOW can I deliver?
  • Lesson 17: Part 2: Creating GREAT Bonuses

Module 6 – Creating Graphics – (1 lesson)

  • Lesson: 18 Getting Graphics Created For Your Product

Module 7 – Story Component of Salescopy – (1 lesson)

  • Lesson: 19 The Story Component Of Your Sales Copy

Module 8 – Email Marketing and Writing in the 1st Person – (3 lessons)

  • Lesson 20: Special Guest Daniel Toh
  • Lesson 21: Part 1: Email Marketing
  • Lesson 22: Part 2: 1st Person vs 3rd Person

Module 9 – Setting up your website and Installing WordPress – (10 lessons)

  • Lesson 23: Part 1: Special Guest – Jason
  • Lesson 24: Part 2: Setting Up Your Website
  • Lesson 25: Additional Video 1: How To Register Your Domain Name
  • Lesson 26: Additional Video 2: How To Set Up Hosting
  • Lesson 27: Additional Video 3: Installing WordPress
  • Lesson 28: Additional Video 4: Preparing WordPress
  • Lesson 29: Additional Video 5: Backups and Permalinks
  • Lesson 30: Additional Video 6: Installing and Activating InstaBuilder
  • Lesson 31: Additional Video 7: Creating Your First Page
  • Lesson 32: Additional Video 8: Creating An Add To Cart Button

Module 10 – Quality Content and Outsourcing Tasks – (6 lessons)

  • L33 Part 1: Guest Speaker – Liz Benny
  • L34 Part 2: Quality Content vs Boring Filler Content
  • L35 Part 3: Outsourcing Tasks
  • L36 Homework Videos: First 2-8 Minutes Of The VSL
  • L37 Homework Videos: The Close Part 1
  • L38 Homework Videos: The Close Part 2

Module 11 – Members Area, Affiliates Area and Improving Readability (4 lessons)

  • Lesson 39: Part 1: Your Members Area
  • Lesson 40: Part 2: Your Affiliate Area
  • Lesson 41: Part 3: Improving The Readability Of Your Product
  • Lesson 42: Homework Videos

Module 12 – Facebook Traffic, Email Lists and Continuity Offers (3 lessons)

  • Lesson 43: Part 1: Intro To Facebook Traffic
  • Lesson 44: Part 2: Nurturing The Relationship with Your Lists
  • Lesson 45: Continuity Offers And Billing Memberships

Module 13 – YouTube Organic Traffic – (5 lessons)

  • L46 How To Drive Organic Traffic With Youtube – Part 1
  • L47 How To Drive Organic Traffic With Youtube – Part 2
  • L48 How To Drive Organic Traffic With Youtube – Part 3
  • L49 Bonus Video 1: Headlines For Sales Letters
  • L50 Bonus Video 2: Sales Copy Critique

Module 14 – Hurricane Method Review and Attracting Affiliates – (6 lessons)

  • L51 Part 1a – Reviewing the Hurricane Method
  • L52 Part 1b – Reviewing the Hurricane Method
  • L53 Part 1c – Reviewing the Hurricane Method
  • L54 Part 2a – Ways to Get Affiliates On Board To Promote Your Product
  • L55 Part 2b – Ways to Get Affiliates On Board To Promote Your Product
  • L56 Part 2c – Ways to Get Affiliates On Board To Promote Your Product

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