Online Lead Generation Techniques

Online lead generation trends and techniques come and go. Just like everything else on the internet.

If you’ve followed the evolution of the internet over the past dozen years or so you’ve seen a huge shift driven mostly by the birth and explosive growth of social media platforms. Social media added an exciting element of personal interaction to the information library that defined the early internet. This personal interaction forever changed the world of marketing too.

Lead generation has also evolved during this shift from simple word search and email lead generation to a diverse online world of lead generation options and choices.

And choices are good…

Why The Number 1 Is The Worst Number In Marketing

I learned from the great marketing legend Dan Kennedy long ago that the worst number in marketing (including internet marketing) is the number one.


If you rely on only one of anything related to your internet marketing business you’re exposing yourself to overnight failure. For example…

Do you rely on only one:

– Traffic source
– Product or service
– Group of customers
– Social media platform
– Lead generation technique
– Market or niche
– Data source
– Analytics metric
– Search engine (for SEO)

We all know that the internet changes at lightning speed.

If you put all of your marketing eggs in one basket you’re destined to fail. Want some examples?

  1. I knew a successful online marketer who relied on paid traffic on only one platform: Google Adwords.  After a terms-of-use violation he was banned and all of his traffic disappeared overnight. Since he had nothing else to fall back on, such as SEO or social media traffic, he had to start from scratch while his business floundered.
  2. Another marketer I know received all of her traffic via SEO from Google search only to have her sites disappear from page one of Google overnight because of an algorithm update.
  3. The worst? I knew a guy (band actually) that got all of their exposure from only one source: MySpace. Enough said lol.

Diversify everything you do online and never rely on any one thing. Especially when it comes to lead generation…

Here’s a lead generation technique you may not have thought about before. And it’s working better than ever right now:

Lead Generation Using Online Quizzes

Quizzes have stormed the internet over the past few years and smart marketers have learned how to turn these quiz-takers into leads and sales.

But I know what you’re thinking…

  • How do I set up an online quiz to collect leads?
  • Is there an easy way to automate the entire thing?
  • Is there a way to even pour these quiz-leads into an online funnel to do my selling for me?

Until now, unless you are a software engineer or clever website coder there was no way to do this. That’s all changed with the release of Smart Funnelz.

Smart Funnelz

Smart Funnelz changes everything and make it easy for you to create a highly engaging new kind of funky funnel that gets you hot leads that lead to more sales and conversions with a few clicks of your mouse.

One of the best features is that this easy-to-use app is cloud-based so there’s nothing to install. It allows you to create simple funnels that use the power of quizzes and polls to get you big results.

Although there are other funnel builders that use quizzes out there, you’ve never seen anything quite like this because Smart Funnelz is about so much more than just creating quiz funnels.

After someone goes through your quiz funnel, you have complete control of what happens next.

Have the visitor opt-in to your list, before or after seeing the results…

Or send them to what we call a MONEY PAGE.

This is really where the magic happens and what sets Smart Funnelz apart from any other funnel builder out there.

The included money pages inside Smart Funnelz are 100% done for you and we’re including multiple types of money pages you can use right out of the box for FREE.

I can continue to blab on about it but you would be better served to watch this short video demo.

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