Affiliate Landing Page Design

Have you ever walked into a restaurant before and turned around and left before you even sat down?

Maybe it was the outdated decor, or the clientele. Or worse, a less-than-appealing smell or the obvious uncleanliness of the place.

Whatever it was, you were instantly turned off and made an instant gut-decision to leave and go somewhere else.

The same thing happens online; only much faster!

Attention spans are short on the internet and that’s what makes effective landing pages so critical to your success.

The Problem With Making Beautiful Landing Pages 

Just like every other skill, it takes practice and experience to learn how to create visually appealing and responsive blog posts, sales letters, and landing pages that keep people on your website.

Of course you can pay a professional to create these pages for you but when you’re still starting out you probably lack the financial means to do that. After all, quality designer fees can be expensive and the delivery rate slow (typically… a simple landing page design will take 3 or more days, a sales page can take a week or more).

Luckily, there are a few shortcuts you can take…

WordPress, which you probably use, has many different website themes and plugin templates that you can choose from to help you design the perfect pages for your site. But the problem with these two options is that even these limit what you can do:

WordPress themes are great but each uses a fixed framework that limits the amount of creativity you can use for each.

Plugin templates such as Optimise Press, Profit Builder, Insta Builder, and Lead Pages are cool too since they come with a many different applications and are usually easily to edit. But like themes, they’re limited to a fixed framework and are the same ones that other people who use them will look like. There’s no room for your creativity or customization.

So what’s the best solution?

Introducing… OriginBuilder.

The world’s true drag n’ drop page composer with seamless instant actions technology that will allow you to build innovative, beautiful and super-intelligent websites/landing pages in minutes without designing or coding anything yourself.

Check out this quick demo:

With OriginBuilder you can create the following:

  • A beautiful blog post
  • Lead capture page
  • Personal/Company Portfolio
  • Countdown/launch pages
  • Amazon product review
  • Video sales page
  • Photography/video blog
  • Membership sites
  • Download page
  • Presell for physical products
  • Authority Sites in Any Niche
  • Sweepstakes/offer pages
  • Niche affiliate site
  • CPA landing page
  • Bridge page for your Ads
  • Robust eCommerce store
  • Company website
  • Thank you & shipping pages

Go check out the entire demo here

Photo Credit: Jordi Cucurull via Compfight

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