Are You New To Affiliate Marketing?

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Awesome

  1. Affiliate marketing is the greatest “job” in the world. I hesitate to call it a job since it’s so enjoyable. The potential exists for you to earn a high income each and every month. You have the choice to either make a few hundred extra bucks per month part-time or build a multi-million dollar income if you decide to go at it full-tilt.
  2. You can work from the comfort and convenience of your own home or anywhere you have internet access. I know some internet marketers who travel the world almost non-stop while making money online to pay for that lifestyle. 
  3. The affiliate marketing model means you are getting paid for selling someone else’s product or service. That means you don’t have to do any product creation, fulfillment, shipping, customer service, or billing. And those are the things that make the work less enjoyable in my opinion. 
  4. The playing field on the internet is still level which means that a beginner can directly compete with, and often out-perform, large companies. You may not believe this now; but it’s a fact.
  5. Getting started in the affiliate marketing game requires a surprisingly small amount of money to get started.
  6. Affiliate marketing has a very bright future. The internet marketing industry is forecasted to grow to $7 billion dollars per year in just the next five years.

The 3 Best Online Marketing Models To Choose From In 2017

There are many ways to make money on the internet. But as we maneuver through 2017 three models really stand out. I’m going to let my good friend and colleague Mark Ling explain them to you. Mark is an internet marketing legend who generates over $128,000 in profit each month (crazy right?) in many niches most people have never even heard of.

Click here to watch Mark’s short video revealing the 3 business models he uses to achieve his incredible results.

Practically anyone can use at least one of these models… or you could combine all 3, and absolutely dominate just about any marketplace. If you’re new to internet marketing and looking for a good place to start this is it. Mark has taught total newbies how to generate massive profits using the exact methods you’ll see in this video.

If you’ve never made a dime online before, this is one video you don’t want to miss.


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  1. Dalton

    What is the best to use. A blog or a website. Just getting started and just wanting to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you anything would be very helpful

    • Bill Burniece

      Both. Start with a simple website (like WordPress) and have a blog section on it. Just like this on! Sincerely – Bill