Job Skills Necessary To Turbocharge Your Resume 

So maybe you’re not a world class internet marketer yet. Or perhaps you are still finding your way to making money online and are looking for a steady income source before you have the (wonderful) option to do this full-time.

Finding a solid job, one that you actually enjoy and pays you well enough, is often a long and exhausting process. Yet, nothing feels better than getting that phone call you’ve been expecting when you’re told you’ve beat out all other candidates and nailed down the job. But are there some things you can do to make sure you’re the one selected?

The old-school books and guides will give you the obvious answers such as:

  • Doing your homework on the company you’re interested in
  • Researching some info on the human resources director or whomever may be conducting the interview
  • Dressing both sharp and appropriately
  • Conducting yourself with professionalism and eagerness

Those are all great but what makes you unique? How do you stand out from the other candidates? What is the first impression you make? These are the things, along with a desirable set of 21st century skills, that will give you a strong competitive edge.

In case you haven’t noticed, the labor market has changed significantly in the past decade. Some of the 21st century technological innovations and socio-economic drivers have changed the landscape completely.

These are also some of the main drivers that are shaping the future environments of job markets. Cognitive abilities, like creativity and problem sensitivity, are positively outplacing physical strength and manual precision.

These changes bring with them new opportunities for recruitment departments in the employee selection process. Many companies, like Google, for example, have a unique hiring process where they ask applicants to answer a tricky questionnaire or complete certain tasks. Such methods help recruiters determine the level of creativity and complex problem solving skills and choose the perfect fit for the job.

However, prior to the interview, companies check out the resumes they have received and pick the candidates they would like to meet in person. And since experience and skills are the two most important parts of your CV, Market Inspector has created an infographic with the 21st century job skills that will can help you improve your resume.*

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  1. DNN

    Doing the homework part on researching the company you’re striving to work for is absolutely good for your personal knowledge. I was once dismissed out of a job interview because the prospective potential employer at the time asked me if I knew anything about the company. I honestly said I didn’t research it. They walked me right out the door, no further questions asked. I came back later and got the job after showing them I did my homework and now knew the company history. This is also good to know about affiliate companies before partnering with them because you don’t want to earn one affiliate network a ton of money, then they go belly up and don’t pay you.