How To Scan Your Content for Plagiarism 

Content theft on the Internet remains a burning issue because nowadays the number of blogs is constantly growing at an extremely fast pace. A lot of new bloggers tend to cheat by sharing or copy/pasting your content illegally in order to enhance their web search rankings within a short period of time. With a great amount of different web sources it has become more difficult to prove that your content was stolen.

Although preventing plagiarism is not easy, there is the Unicheck online search engine, which can help you fight plagiarism to keep your readers engaged with your content and not lose your top site rankings.

What options can you make use of in your personal Unicheck account?

To start using the Unicheck plagiarism checker, you should create your personal account by filling out the form on the Unicheck website. For this, you only need to enter your email address and create a password.

After logging in, you can create an unlimited number of folders and documents, which you can move, delete or rename any way you like.

All scanned texts and their plagiarism reports are stored in your personal account, so you can always see what texts were checked, the dates and times they were uploaded, their status (checked or unchecked) and the percentage of similarity and originality found in every submitted text.

If you need Unicheck to protect your own work go here.

Check across 16 billion open online resources in Google and Bing to detect and prevent any potential plagiarism

One of the primary advantages of Unicheck is that it allows you to choose scanning for plagiarism across the Internet. To choose the “Doc vs Internet” option you should upload a text and click the “Check for plagiarism” button at the right top corner of your personal account.

Unicheck has access to the web pages indexed by Google and Bing. That is why you are able to find original sources used by copycats all over the Internet without missing a single page out of 16 billion pages and documents on the web.

The “Doc vs Internet” check enables scanning several documents simultaneously in any amount and size. The service easily copes with loading and keeps on working at 1 check per 4 seconds speed. This allows you to check huge amounts of texts and have extra time to do other useful tasks or take a break instead. The protection and confidentiality of all documents you check is guaranteed by 128-bit encryption, which lets you avoid data leaks.

Send automatically generated reports with all non-unique items straight to your customers without logging out of your account

At the end of every text scan, the Unicheck web tool provides you with an automatically generated report with all non-unique areas. To facilitate the plagiarism detection process and avoid spending hours on searching copied paragraphs across the Internet, all the scanning results are neatly displayed with the highlighted stolen fragments and the links to the sources where the original content was found.

Furthermore, you can download a .pdf report for your offline usage or just send it to your colleagues or clients without logging out of your account.

What about the pricing?

To check your content for originality, you need to have credits on your balance. If you are an individual user you can choose one out of three subscription plans (1 month / 3 months / 12 months) and check your texts for plagiarism starting from 33 cents per day. To make sure Unplag fits your needs you can apply for a 1-page free trial valid for 27 days.

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  1. Emma Mitchel

    Use it. It’s really indispensable tool for bloggers. Accurate checker. Thx, Bill.