Are Apps The Future Of Internet Marketing?

We all love apps because apps are awesome. These days you can find an app that does just about anything you need it to.

I read an interesting article today by the founder and CEO of AudienceBloom Jayson Demers. Jayson makes that case that apps are not only widely used, and still exploding in number, but are taking over the digital world as we know it.

We’ve witnessed the evolution of computer hardware from large bulky drives and monitors to smaller, thinner models including laptops. Today it’s all about handheld devices – phones, tablets, and pads. The next phase is wearable tech which seems to have a ways to go before people start favoring them over their phones, tabs, and pads.  

Jayson explains that these smaller devices make the need for apps much more practical than web browsers for the following reasons: 

  • “Smaller screens require easier navigation and data entry. Apps are well suited for this because they can be easily customized for this type of user experience.
  • Users require more immediate answers. Because we require information and functionality on-the-go, we need a more immediate system of access, and apps provide that to us.
  • Online access is no longer a barrier. Because we’re connected to the Internet 24-7, the hunt-and-retrieve style of the old web is no longer relevant. Apps offer a more integrated form of software and information.”

Don’t think for a minute that Google isn’t paying close attention to the evolution of apps and their impact on ecommerce. In fact, Google is already indexing apps in their search results and rewarding the best ones with page one rankings – just like they do for websites.

Love Google or not, they don’t do things without a good reason and it’s fairly obvious they know where apps are heading in the future and are right on top of it.

Internet Marketing Apps

So when will the shift begin from traditional website marketing to app-based marketing? It’s impossible to tell but it seems to be inevitable. It may take a few years or even a decade but its coming.

Your job as an internet marketer is to familiarize yourself now with cutting edge business apps to get a feel for what people like and the technological advances that come with them.

It would also be a good idea to develop, or have developed, an app for your own business or brand so you can get in the game now before it gets too crowded.

I know I will. Your thoughts? 

Photo Credit: jimmy_b0y via Compfight cc

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