How To Market Organically On Instagram

Do you want to grow your brand presence on Instagram?

Do you want to do it organically?

I’m sure you already know that Instagram is a great photo and video sharing platform that is growing at a fast pace and is arguably the best platform in its niche. What’s cool is that Instagram still allows businesses and brands to market themselves without having to buy ads and spend a fortune. That may not be the case forever, but for now it’s awesome. It continues to be a great marketing tool for many brands that are looking to gain exposure, build their online fan base and turn them into potential customers.

The well-thought-out infographic below, created by Market Inspector, provides 20 tips on how a business can use Instagram to their advantage, without buying followers. There are several brands that have already established their mark on the photo and video sharing platform, by gaining millions of followers and building a high rate of engagement. Simply put, if you’re not creating a presence on Instagram yet you’re missing out on a wonderful free tool.

Social media is a boon to online marketers everywhere, because it opens up an opportunity to showcase your brand to anyone across the globe. While it may sound all too easy, it is extremely important to focus on how you want to showcase your brand identity.

It’s critical to engage with your followers and reply to their comments instantly. Many successful brands on Instagram post at least once every day to regularly keep their followers engaged. You should neither post too rarely, nor too often. There have been many studies done on the perfect days and times that you can post in order to get maximum viewership.

Usage of hashtags is another aspect to consider. Research shows that if you have more than 11 hashtags for a post, it will drive more interaction that a post with fewer or no hashtags. Hashtags for an Instagram post is similar to keywords for a web page. They can play an important role in bringing traffic to your site or profile.

Take a look at the infographic below and see how you can use these tips to promote your brand on this amazing platform.

Why Market On Instagram?

Instagram is a buyers goldmine.

It allows you, the internet marketer, to tap into over 700 million buyers who engage offers many times more than people presently do on Facebook. And as of this writing Instagram is creating more “free traffic millionaires” each and every day than all the other social marketing platforms combined.

Who is cashing in on free Instagram traffic?

  • People like Ali Maffuci, who started “Inspiralized”, an Instagram account on turning vegetables into simple spaghetti dishes. She’s now quit her corporate job and is raking in thousands of dollars each and every day.
  • And Shirley Braha who has over two million followers on “Marniethedog”, just by posting pictures of her dog, she now earns a fortune by featuring famous celebrities.
  • And “thefatjewish” who only posts other people’s funny pictures and now makes six figures promoting their accounts, too.

These people are just ordinary folks like you and I who are just doing one thing different that is making them wealthy.

So what is that thing? Traffic-grabbing Instagram apps; that’s what…

  • We know because we’re doing it too. We generated over $1,000 in just 45 days by cashing in on just a few little-known free traffic tactics, and we’re still growing rapidly, every single day.
  • Imagine what YOU could do with an extra $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 dollars every single month…

Introducing InstaCrusher2:

  • InstaDB Software – database of the top Instagram niches and accounts – to find most engaging and profitable niches & accounts
  • InstaTemplate – software pre-loaded with dozens of slogans and templates for instant engaging content ideas
  • AutoInsta (AKA Insta Crusher) – the fastest way to instantly create Instagram quote/text images like a $500 pro designer
  • InstaCinema – lets you create awesome cinemagram that mix image with the power of video. These cinemagrams are the latest tactic used by huge celebrities….
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME LICENSE creates as many accounts and designs as you like. Your PROFITS are unlimited

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InstaCrusher 2
How Does InstaCrusher2 Work?

With 4 completely unique softwares designed to make you the most Insta money, traffic and leads, with the least time and effort.

So let’s run through the exact six-step process used to dominate the most profitable niches on Instagram:


  • Choose your niche. Start by browsing the InstaDB software and choosing a hot niche with lots of six-figure accounts, filled with rapid buyers who click through like crazy…
  • Each of these niches are proven to make tens of thousands of dollars every day…
  • There’s thousands to choose from, any of which will yield massive results.


  • Prepare your content. Content is KEY on Instagram, so you’ll use 2 powerful new approaches to prepare your content.
  • First, start by looking at what content is performing great on the top accounts in your niche on InstaDB, this will only take about 30 seconds
  • Second, enter your niche and keywords you found in InstaDB into our InstaTemplate software to generate template text for your chosen niche, based on profit-boosting posts proven to convert followers into buyers.


  • Create your content. Now you know what posts to create, it’s time to make them!
  • Head over to our AutoInsta software. Just enter the background image and text you found earlier in InstaTemplate and an optimised Instagram image post is automatically created.
  • This is the EXACT approach used by the Instagram elite, but without needing expensive designers and complicated briefs. AutoInsta does it automatically, giving you the type of posts that get free likes like THIS and build viral followers like THIS.


  • OK, now it’s time to take things to the next level!
  • And that’s where our new INSTA CINEMA software comes in…
  • Insta Cinema lets you create awesome cinemagram that mix image with the power of video. These cinemagrams are the latest tactic used by huge celebrities….
  • So now you’ll be getting monster shares, likes and clicks, using the latest “Insta trick” for 2018!​


  • Hit 10k followers in a matter of days, just like we did. Creating great content is half the battle of getting followers but there’s much more to it.
  • We’ll show you how to “hack” Instagram tactics like “shout outs”, “reposts” to force yourself to the top of the news feed, and get mass free traffic.
  • This way you’ll be sure you’re building a relevant, buyer-hungry audience, that you can turn into swarms of free traffic and leads.


  • Monetize. Now you have a huge following and great engagement, but how do you drive traffic and turn those clicks into $$$?
  • Like I said, it’s all about promoting products your audience already wants to buy.
  • We’ll show you exactly how with our step-by-step training…

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