Influencer Marketer Implementation

This is the third and final post in the series on influencer marketing.

In the first post we discussed what influencer marketing is and why it’s such an important element to internet marketing success.

In the second post on influencer marketing we laid out a 3 step strategy on how you can tap into influencer marketing to increase your online sales. Next we described how to profile and locate good influencer candidates which is the first step. 

In this installment we’ll discuss the final two steps: 

  • Step 2: How To Reach Out To Social Influencers
  • Step 3: How To Incentivize Your Influencers 

Step 2: How To Reach Out To Influencers

The best way to reach out to you market’s social influencers is by email. Here are some tips:

  • Never ever use a ‘form’ email or template that you send to everyone. That’s the laziest strategy there is and any influencer will smell it a mile away and will ignore any other emails you send them. Guaranteed. 
  • Personalize your approach with a compliment. If you’ve done your due diligence (and you better!) you know enough about them to know what to key on. Something like “I loved your post on blah…blah… blah because of blah..blah”. You get the idea. To capture the attention of your targeted influencers, your content has to be as engaging as possible.
  • Be yourself. Literally. Always disclose who you are and never try to use any trickery to get them to reply to you. Influencers value their time just as much, if not more, than you do. Get to the point in as short an email as possible. You wouldn’t believe some of the novels that are sent to me in an email that just take too long to read.
  • If you don’t get a reply don’t take it personally. The best influencers are notoriously difficult to reach. Have patience and if you don’t get a reply after two attempts simply move on to someone else. If you do get a reply, regardless of their position, thank them for their time.
  • When you do recruit someone get them active as fast as possible.

Step 3: How To Interest Your Influencer With An Incentive

Influencers in your marketplace expect to be compensated for their efforts in pimping your brand or tooting your horn. But don’t worry… it doesn’t necessarily have to be money. In fact, I’ve listed 5 ways to compensate your influencers below and only one of them is money:  

  • Content. Offer exclusive use of some of your best original content they can share with their own audience.
  • Products or samples. If you have a product and you’re asking them to promote it make sure to give them a free copy or at least a heavy discount or sample. I’ve been handed multiple thousand dollar courses for writing a review and promoting it to my audience. That may not apply in your case but make sure you keep them talking about you and your brand. Be a generous giver.
  • Shout outs. Made sure that you share any post or promo they write about you on your social media channels. Feed their ego by telling your followers how awesome your influencer is and why they should follow them as well. This creates a nice reciprocation as your audience opt-in’s to their own offers. 
  • Commission. This is if you have a product or service. Offer commissions for any referred sales or leads and set up some tracking to do just that.
  • Financially. Never lead with financial incentive because that can often sound like a bribe. (Lobbyists anyone?) Unless your offer another type of incentive (above) upfront simply ask what it would take for them to promote you or your brand.

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