Principals To Improve Your Life In The New Year

The difference between success and failure is almost always minute. I’ve seen so many internet marketers quit just a few tweaks or steps away from massive success. Here are a few mind-dumps that can help you find the success that you work so damn hard for. Pick and choose what works for you and make 2015 your most profitable year ever!

Change Your Workspace –  Organize, change colors and pictures, and decrease clutter in your workspace. Switching up what you look at all day at the office brings a new perspective, stimulates new thoughts, and brings about a sense of excitement and change.

Post Your Goals And Action Plan – Surround yourself with a few one-page summaries of your goals and the action steps that will take you there. Looking at these several times a day will keep them fresh in your mind and keep you on track to get there.

Plan Your Success –  Opportunity does not knock. YOU must knock. Stop waiting and hoping for your ship to come. Sorry but its not coming. You must go get it.

Be An Early Riser – Get up an hour earlier and use that time to better yourself. Reading your goals and other things motivational before getting started will fire you up for the new day every time.

Separate Work For Your Personal Life –  Leave your work at work and don’t dwell on your job 24/7. Family time is family time.

Put An End To Distractions –  Do one task at a time and know exactly what you’re going to do next when you complete each task. Deal with emails and return phone calls only once per day.

Read More And Watch Less –  Think about the amount of time you watch TV every week right now.  Spend half of that time reading books this year. You’ll quickly boost your brain power, awareness, and creativity.

Give Up Bitching And Moaning –  Life’s too friggen short. It really is. Give all of your relationships a boost by improving your attitude. You’ll find yourself invited to a hell of a lot more activities and parties -trust me. Nobody likes hanging around a buzz-kill.

Tone Down Your Perfectionism –  You want to do great work but there are times when you must accept that good enough is good enough and move on to the next step.

Get Yourself Back In Shape – It’s not only healthier in the long run but will boost your energy levels that will get you through the long days in the short run.

Share To Make Ideas Happen – Many entrepreneurs tend to jump from idea-to-idea-to-idea and the majority of them end up dying on the vine. Organize a mastermind group of trustworthy individuals to bounce your ideas off of and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to collaborate.

Never Multi-Task –  It doesn’t work; ever. It only makes you do several things in a half-ass manner.

Explore The World Outside Your Comfort Zone –  Push yourself to try some things that you never thought you would or found time to do.  

Boost Your Intelligence –  Learn a new language, read a book on a topic you know nothing about, or attend seminars. Immerse yourself in material that challenges your core beliefs and makes you think. 

Have Fun –  Life is short man. Work hard, play hard, and try to be as fun to be around as possible. Make yourself happy, be outgoing, do good deeds for others, and count your blessings. Every single day. 

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  1. Jen

    These types of lists usually bore me but man did you do a great job with this one.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • bill

      Thank you Jen. Happy new year to you as well. Bill