Tips for Writing a Captivating Guest Post

Generating the right traffic to a website or a blog can sometimes be hard and for you to succeed you need people to read you. One of the most effective methods to reach as much traffic as you want for your blog or website is to do guest posting for SEO. What exactly is guest posting?

Guest posting is writing or publishing an article or a post on the blog or website of another person. Guest posting can either be with financial benefits or not depending on whether the host website or blog pays for such contributions. Sometimes you may want to do a one-off post to boost your own website or blog. It is important to note that guest posting and contributing to the host website are different things. If you are contributing, you will probably have to post articles on the website or blog for about 3-4 days a month.

Benefits derived from guest posting

  • Guest posting gives you authority over your blog or website
  • You reach a wider better-quality traffic
  • Builds your confidence which gives you the motivation to write more
  • Builds your brand as you get the exposure you need
  • Helps you to create a more effective email list
  • Creating backlinks at the end of the posts gets you noticed

How to create a guest post?

If you want to create the perfect guest post, follow the guidelines stipulated below. Make sure all the objectives of the guest post are clear.

Know the blog and follow guidelines

Get to know everything about the blog where you want to publish your guest post. Find out what kind of content, gets people to visit the blog and check out the styles and contents of the previous posts. If the previous posts required details, stick to that. Do not give anything less detailed than what you see in the previous posts. Stick to the number of words required. If the limit of the article is 2000 words, do not try to be too smart and make yours 3000 words.

Pitch your idea

Pitch your idea by writing a short but precise email giving a description of the article you intend to write. Give a short bio of yourself and some, links to your previous posts.

Increase the referral traffic

Check several referring sites and use them as your medium for generating traffic from them.

Build a better-quality SEO strategy

Avoid any content that does not make sense to people reading your post. Make sure whatever you write is original, unique and well-tailored content for the right audience that you expect to visit the blog or website.

Always remember quality is what sells and what drives more people to your content. Everything you write should have authority, be insightful and be of great value to your readers. To create great quality, do the following things:

  • Only write on what you are passionate about
  • Make a thorough research of whatever you are writing about
  • Stick to your own style of writing
  • Interact and interview other writers to broaden your knowledge
  • Keep with all the latest trends in the market
  • After the first stage of your writing, ask for a feedback to know whether you are on the right path
  • Everything you write should tell a story
  • Should your post get published, make sure you do not republish it a second time even on your own website or blog.
  • Make sure to answer many questions related to the article. By answering you get a happy readers and the possibility of getting featured snippets.
  • Before you submit an article, make sure you do a thorough revision. Your article or post should be of high quality with no grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Choose only the most aspirational sites for placements

There may be many people out there that might want you to post on their websites or blogs. You cannot write for everyone. Instead, you should choose few but aspirational placement sites that will give you realistic goals. Make a list of all the sites that you think would do your post some good. Then after listing, visit the sites and go through the contents. This will help you to achieve the following things

  • Help you to avoid writing contents that may turn out to be spammy
  • Nurture your content for higher SEO ranking
  • Puts you in a better place to compete with other writers with great content

One other thing worth considering is the multilingual audience of the site. When writing a guest post, it is important to write in simple terms that are easy to understand and read. At the same time, Sean Hopwood, CEO and President of Day Translations, Inc. says it is crucial that the content you write can be easily translated into several languages. Therefore you should use words that are universally accepted unless you are writing about a specific subject matter.


Guest posting remains one of the best-known tactics to give you the much-needed exposure for maximizing your SEO rankings. Set your goals clearly and implement the above guidelines, to have quality work on your guest post.

Guest post by: Rilind Elezaj 

Photo Credit: tonyhall Flickr via Compfight cc