How To Spark Your Creativity With 5 Awesome TED Talks

I’m lucky. I was blessed with a high level of creativity that I directly inherited from my artistic mother. It’s a gift that I have never taken for granted.

If you weren’t as lucky as me and struggle with creativity, one of the best ways I know how to spark it is to listen to how very successful people think. Getting a fresh perspective on how people come up with creative ideas can get your own mind moving in the right direction.  

Creativity and innovation are important elements in internet marketing. It’s a competitive field and coming up with a fresh approach on your topic can set you and your business apart from your competitors.

One of the best sources I know of to help you ignite your own creativity is the hugely successful media company TED (which is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design). TED Talks are informative, motivational and inspirational lectures that get millions of views each and every month. What makes TED so cool is the wide variety of topics and presenters that appear there. They range from scientists to pop icons, from models to environmentalists, from engineers to entrepreneurs and everything in between. The lectures produce a literal goldmine of nuggets you can use to help yourself succeed.  

Whether your looking for a new market to enter or product to create the fifteen talks linked below will all open your eyes to new ways to solve problems.

Are You Ready To Spark Your Own Creativity?

This fine infographic below by online auction site Invaluable lists the 15 best TED Talks for sparking your own creativity. Below the infographic are hyperlinks to each TED Talk individually so you can click right to the source:

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    Creativity fuels profitability and profitability fuels creativity. This is why affiliate marketing, blogging, and social media marketing is here to stay. 🙂