Top Tips When Hiring an SEO Company

Getting a startup website off the ground is the vital first step to establishing a good online visibility. With nearly every company today putting efforts on their digital marketing, it’s not enough that you got an advertisement rolling on digital platforms; your business itself must be fully available on the digital landscape.

As cited from Entrepreneur, 93% of online experiences starts with searching. That being said, leaving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from your marketing strategies is simply a big mistake. When a tactic is properly executed, it can work great to give opportunities that may not not have been presented themselves otherwise. This is the reason why it is vital for every business to invest in SEO the early stage.

But before you jump to hiring an agency to help your business with its SEO needs, there are things you need to consider first to ensure you’ll be getting one that would really benefit your company. Below are three of our top tips to get you started:

Review Their Portfolio

Looking at the website of an SEO company, it’s likely you’ll find a list of clients they have previously worked with. Albeit there are some reasons for a client or two to remain private, the majority of them has no problem with putting their links on that website. In fact, some consider it as free publicity.

On the other hand, if their website has no list of business clients or any proof that they have worked for actual companies, you can consider it is a potential red flag.

Identify Your Goals

Once you identify a number of potential companies, the next step is to have a firm goal of how you would want to make the SEO campaign work for you. Usually, goals as such include increasing exposure, boosting leads and most especially getting more conversions.

However, these are already given and can be too general. What you might need is to specify your goals and give tangible figures for them to work on so you can easily track things once you start collaborating with them. For example is the number of unique visitors you’re aiming to have.

Do A Deeper Background Check

Of course, to win clients, companies would likely list testimonials with success stories. And whilst such are good reference, you need to conduct a deeper review towards the companies you’re eyeing.

The stories that would really help you are those you’ll hear from average clients. Ask them about their experiences from the company. It’s better if you can get a hold of at least three clients who availed their SEO service.

The stories you would want to hear are those from the average clients. What was their experience with the company? If you can, try to get a hold of at least three businesses that have used the agency’s services. Don’t only ask about the end results, know how the day-to-day processes gone like communication with them, especially for urgent matters and report deliveries.

Wrapping Up

Apparently, choosing an SEO company to work for you is like hiring a new employee. You wanna be sure that you’ll be able to reap benefits after investing into them. Though the decision process could be nothing but tricky, the above mentioned tips shall help you hire the right agency. And if you want to, I would love to recommend an SEO service in the Philippines offered by Carl Ocab Digital Marketing. You can apply the tips above when deciding to hire them.

Guest post by: Edwin Deponte

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