17 Tips To Create A Killer Writing Portfolio As A Freelancer

Guest post: Tiffany Harper

Creating a killer writing portfolio as a freelancer requires a lot of hard work. As a freelancer, your writing portfolio can either mar or make you, it determines the types of clients you attract and how successful you will become.

Great writers today have differenthow to create a killer writing portfolio image tales of how they created excellent portfolios for themselves. There are various tales and research behind the best term papers and best essay writing service you would normally find in the portfolios of technical writers.

Freelance writing is not just about making money. This is surprising right? Money making is not all that it entails. To be a great freelancer, your ability to attract clients through a killer portfolio is crucial. You need to build a killer and professional writing portfolio that will make every client want to hire you.

Creating a killer writing portfolio is not as difficult as you think it is, with the right tips, you can build an excellent portfolio in no time. Below are the 17 best tips that will help you create a killer portfolio as a freelance writer.

  1. Know what you’re selling: The phrase “know what you’re selling” might not appeal to you as a freelance writer. The likely question that comes to mind are; but I’m not selling products, how is this phrase applicable to me? As a freelance writer, before you can get the attention of clients, you must know what freelance writing is all about. It is often said that you cannot give what you don’t have, this is also applicable to freelancers. You can’t convince a client on what you know little about.
    Before I started my career as a freelance writer, I consciously paid attention to knowing what freelancing entails and this formed my right approach to clients. Acquire an in-depth knowledge about the field and this will help you create a killer portfolio.
  2. Have a niche: As a freelance writer who aims for a successful career, have a clear-cut area of specialization. No one wants to hire a freelancer who lacks goals or direction. Bloggers and great freelancers usually choose a niche they are most comfortable with. EssayMama and AssignmentMasters are always written by writers in academic niche and who have a niche in essay writing. Therefore, having a niche will help you target the right clients and build an excellent portfolio for yourself.
  3. Do some free writings: Building a killer portfolio might be a daunting task if you don’t have any past experience as a writer. It is vital that you gain experience so as to create an excellent portfolio for yourself. As a beginner, take up free writing jobs, find yourself some blogging jobs that appeal to your target clients, this will help you gather experience.
  4. Be an amazing writer: To build a killer portfolio as a freelancer, you must be a good writer. Learn how to write creative and intriguing contents. You can check NinjaEssays and for tips on how to become a great writer.
  5. Be consistent and persistent: Consistency is another factor that helps you build a killer portfolio and attract clients. Be consistent in writing, no one wants to order an unstable easy essay writing service. Edu Birdie reviews writers who have achieved great feats are those who are consistent.
  6. Discover your area of strength: Another way to create a killer writer portfolio as a freelancer is to discover your area of strength. For instance, my area of strength could be writing of articles and blog posts, while yours might be writing of fiction. Know your area of strength and it will help you stay focused.
  7. Have a good selling point: Another way to build a great portfolio is to have a fantastic selling point. You must determine to be unique, this will inform how you present yourself to clients. A good selling point is crucial and it contributes greatly to having a good portfolio.
  8. Have a website or blog: When you own a website or blog, it becomes easier for you to create a killer portfolio for yourself. Set up a portfolio page on your freelance website. You can simply check out EssayOnTime UK or EssaysOnTime AU to know how portfolio page should look like on your website.
  9. A good biography: Another tip that will help you create a killer writer portfolio is having a good biography. The biography contains necessary information about you and tells intending clients of your abilities. Your biography should contain your educational background and certifications, your profession and other vital points that tell people about you.
  10. Don’t show off: A killer portfolio is not an avenue to show-off. Don’t show off while trying to build a killer portfolio. Be as modest as you can, to prevent your clients from having a wrong impression of you.
  11. Have a good networking skill: A good networking skill can help you create a killer portfolio. Learn to connect with great writers with excellent portfolio, check their writing styles and how you can improve on yourself. For instance, if you have a niche in essay writing, you can check up fantastic essays on RushMyEssay and this will be of help to you.
  12. Social media presence or identity: If you don’t own a blog or website, you can use the social media to set up a fantastic portfolio as a freelancer. You can use LinkedIn or Contently for your portfolio, each time your post or article gets published, add it to your portfolio.
  13. Learn from other writers with great portfolios: Learning from great writers will help you build a killer portfolio, learn what they do best and how they do it. Each writer has something that distinguishes him from others, note this and see how you can also make yourself unique.
  14. Know useful tools that you need as a writer: There are certain tools that are useful for you as writer, some of these tools are Grammarly, Canva, WordPress, Keyword filters and many others. Knowledge of these tools contribute to how you create a unique portfolio as a writer.
  15. Be a good user of English language: Fluency in English language is as important as knowing how to write the language without grammatical errors. You cannot have a killer portfolio when your contents contain a lot of grammatical errors. You must know the standard usage of English language.
  16. Make internet your friend: When your name is typed on the internet, what type of results do viewers see? It is important that you have rich contents that contribute to you having a great result on the internet when your profile is searched.
  17. Set standards for yourself: Another tip that can help you create a killer portfolio is setting standards for yourself. Don’t plan to work for just any client that comes your way, this is a mistake many freelancers make. Rather, set standards that includes what you can or cannot do and what type of person you’re likely to work with.


The tips listed above are helpful, if you want to create a killer portfolio as a freelance writer. Do not just skim through, a closer look will be of great benefit to you.