Google Is A Juggernaut

We all know that.

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a few years then you know that Google is a love/hate experience. They give but they can also take away; in a moments notice. Search engine rankings can be turned upside down with one simple rule change and those changes are completely out of your hands. In fact, you never know when they’re coming until they’re implemented.

Regardless of your feelings about Google if you’re an internet marketer you must deal with them one way or another. Google has such a stranglehold on organic search traffic that what happens there will impact your bottom line no matter what niche you’re in. Even if you’re not into SEO or running Google Ads you still need to know the behavior of your customers that search Google for the information they are looking for.

What you’ll find is savvy surfers will use Google to find out everything they can about you, your reputation, and your products and services before they buy from you. You better know whats being said about you before they do or you may find yourself in a constant state of damage control.

“Are you one of those businesses who doesn’t think a search engine strategy is necessary for your business? Do you think creating content via your blog, video or a podcast is unnecessary? Do you measure search engine success by where your website shows up on the results page? And do you think that it is only about new customers finding you?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you need to read every word of this. Your online marketing strategy and success depends on it.

It’s a small, connected world after all

Truth in advertising has never been easier. What you say about yourself and your business can be researched and debunked like never before in human history.”

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