How To Cash In With GearBest

GearBest’s New Referral Bonus Program  

GearBest is at it again… making affiliate marketing fun again.

This time, you’ll be rewarded by bring new new associates on board with you as a GearBest affiliate.

The GearBest Referral Bonus Program is an incentive campaign for all associates, which is easy to participate just by inviting new friends and colleagues to join.

How To Benefit:

1. Invite New Associates To Join And Win Bonus Incentives Up To $50

This incentive runs until Dec 31, 2018.

2. Earn A Cool 10% Of Their Commissions

When your newly referred associate generates sales within the first 30 days, you’d be credited with 10% of their commissions as a referral bonus.

E.g. If your referred associate has got $1,000 commission in the first 30 days, you win a Referral Bonus of $100 (10% of $1,000).

3. Your Referred Associates Also Benefit

  • They’ll earn VIP commission rates for the first 30 days
  • They will earn a $5 bonus for the first click they get
  • They’ll also earn a $20 bonus for a $200 sale reached

How To Get Started With The GearBest Referral Program:

1. If you aren’t already an associate with GearBest click the button above to get started

2. In the GearBest associate dashboard click the blue Referral Bonus Program button:

3. Navigate over to the Referral Bonus Program Page, read the details,then click ‘REFER NOW’

4. Grab your Invitation Link and start sharing it on your websites, social media accounts and emails.

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