Understanding Online Trust And The Flow Of Money

Internet marketing is all about trust.

Without trust, you’re never going to be able to rach your potential in this business. More likely, you’ll fail fast and fail miserably.

If you do build trust with your audience and subsequently lose it, it’s nearly impossible to regain that trust and restore your solid online reputation once it’s gone.

That’s how important trust is online. As an internet marketer it’s everything.

Building Trust Online

One of the easiest ways to build trust online, and build it quickly is to be a giver. In short, you must give before you can get.

Sounds logical right? But this rule is especially important on the internet since there is so much existing mistrust of any information found on the internet. Especially from a source that a new site visitor has likely never heard of before. Namely you and your site.

People visit your website to find information or solutions to a topic that they’re interested in. If you provide that information to them, or at least a portion of that information, they’ll likely stick around long enough for you to collect their email information (list building) which should be the primary goal for any first time visitor. Not making them a fast offer.

The best strategy is to create a well-organized site that offers lots of great free information that your visitors are looking for. Demonstrate your expertise and and work on building trust. If you do this first step right you’ll get plenty of opt-ins to your list where you can make multiple future offers to people who both respect and trust you. 

Why is this approach better than making a fast offer?

Think about websites that you visit. How do you feel if you’re bombarded with sales offers and annoying popups even before you determine whether or not the site has the information you’re looking for? That’s the kind of thing that high bounce rates are made out of!  

The Same Principle Also Applies With Money

Have you ever noticed that this same idea of giving before getting also applies to money. For example, have you ever paid something forward such as buying the next person’s coffee that’s in line behind you? It may seem like just a good karma thing but there’s much more going on.

When it comes to money you must become a conduit (a channel for passage) and not a receptacle (a holder or container).  Money must circulate to you and from you to others if you desire to attract a steady endless stream of it.  Let me explain.

In order to get attract more money into your life you need to give more money back.

You may call BS on this, as I did years ago when I first heard it, but it’s not a psychological principle; its a universal one.  You have to give first before you can get back.

The Law Of Attraction states that you get back whatever you put out into the world ten times over.  If what you put out is positive you’ll receive back an abundance of positive returns.  If what you put out is negative you can expect to get a endless stockpile of negative returns.  Perhaps you know someone who’s caught in this circle of negative thinking who bitches about every little thing that goes wrong in their life and by doing so continues to induce more negative events.  Money follows these same universal rules of attraction.

The key: when you give money you need to have no expectation of the specific source of how and when it will return back to you.  If you give money hesitantly and only because you expect a large and immediate return on your investment from whom you gave it to this won’t work for you.  You must give and feel good about the act of giving with complete detachment from any potential reciprocation.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

So who do you give money to?

  • You may tithe to your spiritual or inspirational guide.  This doesn’t have to be religious in nature.  Perhaps you met a street performer who inspired you today. Or a young girl scout selling cookies in front of the grocery store.  It can be anyone.
  • Helping out someone in your community who is fundraising for a good cause
  • Paying it forward by doing something as simple as buying a cup of coffee for someone in line behind you

 I don’t expect you to fully believe in giving money before you can receive money.  After all I was the one calling BS on this method of thinking at one point.  Then I tried it and you know what?  It worked.  All I ask if that you give it a try to and let me know what happens to you.  

Remember, give without any expectation of gain and you’ll start to see money move in your direction and great things begin to happen to you. And remember, it’s not just money. This principle also applies to information, kindness, and money.

Be a giver first and you’ll be rewarded in spades (do people still use that expression? lol) again and again.

 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill