Finding Your Life Balance

I am a perfectionist but I know how to live life. When I’m working, it’s 100%. When I’m with my friends, I put everything away and enjoy life. When I come home to my kids, it’s pure joy and everything’s worth it. Every time, I really focus 100 percent on one thing. I’ve learned how to juggle my life and I feel like now I have the perfect balance. – Monique Lhuillier

One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do is to find absolute balance in their lives. I admit that I’ve personally struggled with this for years. I inherited my workaholic gene from my father and its both a blessing and a curse. I’m always trying to find ways to split time equally between my family and my work but unfortunately it doesn’t always balance out.

Internet marketing legend Jeff Walker just posted a video on finding balance and I think its a must watch video. Especially this week between Christmas and New Years when so many of us are working on our goals and plans for 2015.  Please watch this short video right now. It’s only about six minutes long and I believe it will really leave its mark on you – especially if you’re struggling with your own balance.

It should be equally as important for you to be there for your family as it is for your ultimate business success. Having one without the other will never make you happy. You need happiness and cohesion in your life just as much as you need money.  Don’t neglect one for the other.  

Oh, and don’t forget that you need sleep too.    

Entrepreneurship and internet marketing, especially when you’re new at it, can seriously compromise your sleep load. Sometimes during critical points in a project we’re required to put in a crazy 16-20 hour day. But this is not sustainable in the long run. If you keep up that pace you will burn yourself out long before you have your major breakthrough. Believe me, I’ve worked myself into a virtual coma before and ended up paying a huge price later for my ultimate burnout. Hard work is great.  But overworking constantly reduces your efficiency, focus, and creativity.  Getting a good nights sleep more often than naught is an important part of your job.  

This year work on finding your own balance and you’ll begin to leverage yourself to be at your best when you need to be – both at work and at home.   

How are you going to find your own balance this year?


Photo Credit: James Jordan via Compfight cc

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