How To Find Common Searches Queries

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There is a lot of potential to get a better SEO result and increased web traffic if you know how to make the best use of the common searches that people usually perform. If you are unaware of these potentials then you can get a lot of suggestions from Google when you look into their SERP or Search Engine Result Pages and scroll down to the bottom of these pages.

You will come to know about several things and aspects that involves the different areas of SEO such as:

  • Mechanicalcommon search queries
  • Civil
  • Industrial
  • Environmental
  • Audio 
  • Aerospace

Though all of the above are highly competitive, the aerospace happens to be one that is most interesting.

All these factors will determine the search results according to the search intent of the people. This plays a very significant and specific role in different matters such as:

  • In providing results
  • In providing higher ranks
  • Helping in keyword selection and
  • Helping to move onto any other useful tool

However, as good an expert like Gramista you may not be,you may have a specific question in mind as to what specific this that someone looks for when they type in specific keywords?

You can get the answer yourself when you type in the keywords such as ‘best marketing automation tool’ into the search box of Google. You will see that a list of all marketing automation tools appears but the search engine is ready to commit to any one just immediately. What it actually does instead is to look for the best ways in which the search engine algorithm can identify and evaluate all possible alternatives.

It means, the search engine will set up and look for the comparison side by side of each site so that they can come up with the best possible ranks after comparing apples to apples and separating these from the oranges.

Running The Best Search Query

Therefore, search query is the most significant factor to consider when it comes to SEO results and traffic. To know how it affects the results you must run that search query into Google and see what are the final result and its impact. A few things that are worth noticing and mentioning here are:

  • The first paid results are highlighted along with the organic ranking of the site. This is because the search engines or its algorithm in particular goes after the search intent.
  • You will also come to know that the search engines are actually trying to follow the pattern of the searches conducted by the people. This helps them to understand what these people are actually looking for rather than what type of words they are typing onto their search box.
  • When they are sure about their intent and need, the search engines deliver them with exactly what is wanted for and not what is typed in.

This means that all other search results in the middle that are paid are meant to sell a tool to you. This is in spite of the fact that ideally the people here are searching for other multiple options through the search engines.

The Motivation Factor

To make sure that you get the most hits and clicks, you should have more like a tunnel vision rather than a normal vision.

  • This means, you will have to think and look differently as compared to those companies that look at a given list of keywords but do not normally consider the motivation factor of each user that may be underlying when each of these keywords are typed onto the search box.
  • This will help you to pull up the most successful and common keywords from the list in some tool and at the same time rank each of these keywords according to the search volume to eventually run down the list.

Rest assured and be well informed that this is not as easy as it may sound to you. It will take a lot of time and effort, not to talk much about the planning and precision in its execution required.

However, all this effort and time devoted will be well worth it because these keywords and links are practically algorithm proof.

Consider The Bounce Rate

Just as guest blogging is important in getting better SEO results and can be done in varied forms such as black, white or gray, third party validation is also very important for the same. However, the type and process to follow will largely depend on how you use it.

Ideally, when you get a validation from a third party such as a top publication, it will provide you with the best White SEO results as it can get.

This will have a considerable impact on the bounce rate which in fact is a simple measure of the number of people who viewed only a single page of your website before they left it immediately. This bounce rate is affected due to several factors and elements of the website including;

  • The length and quality of the content
  • Designing and appeal of the site
  • Loading times of the pages
  • The usability factor and
  • It ability to attract the right type of readers.

All these can reduce the bounce rate if these are considered carefully the rules are followed during the creation of the site. However, the math involved here is very simple. You will have just the right types of readers and traffic you want for your site only when you spend more time and effort in designing your site that not only looks good but also has a great content and loads fast. All these will significantly reduce the bounce rate to your site.

Today, the most common SEO trend is to include a video which is another great and effective way in which you can do so. However, you must make sure that the content of the video you include stands out and deliver.

To sum up, with all these practices you will be able to deliver your users just what they want to gain more traffic.

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Gramista for more information.