The First Facebook Slap May Be Coming Soon

If you’re new to affiliate marketing you may not know what a ‘Google Slap’ is.  Don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough as you learn SEO and begin the process of working your websites up the Google search engine totem pole.  For now, its really nothing that you need to worry about. 

Facebook has grown organically into one of the largest and most visited websites on the planet in a relatively short period of time.  Aside from frequent privacy updates that upset many of their users they have managed, for the most part, to avoid major news-making controversies that plagued Google during their growth.  Most efforts by black-hat wearing Facebook fan page owners to game their system or manipulate their platform for profit have fallen flat.

But recently, that’s all changed…

“I’m an Old Man

If nothing else, social media is brilliant for reminding people about birthdays. Even if you would prefer they forget them!

When I turned 44 last week, I noticed a distinct increase in the number of “old man” comments. That’s okay, I had my midlife crisis at 20.

With age, you would like to think comes wisdom. I’m not sure about that…

I am sure many thousands of marketers, are making the same mistake their forebears made eight years ago.

Facebook is about to go medieval.

For us old fogeys, we’ve seen it all before. Get off my lawn and pull up a seat beside my rocking chair.

Ol’ Ed is going to tell you a story.

Let me take you back to the summer of 2006…

Or as we called it- The Summer Of Money.

There is no question in my mind, the high watermark of easily earning money online happened in the first half of 2006. A perfect storm of factors meant people could earn, literally, millions of dollars in a month. While hardly having to lift a finger…”

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