Everad: High Commissions In Health & Beauty

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You may not have heard of Everad yet, but it’s one of the top affiliate networks in the Health & Beauty vertical market.

In short, Everad is a rocking CPA (cost per action) network that is entirely results-oriented. The majority of Everad products are the exclusives made under its own trademark. This is key because it allows them to pay you maximum commissions as their partner. Their exclusive products are of the highest quality and several of them have scored honors as the best in their category. They have some of the highest conversions in their market and have paid out millions of dollars to their affiliate partners.

So, What Makes Everad Unique? These 6 Points Should Get Your Attention:

1. Highest Approval

  • The first call-back on orders takes place on average 27 seconds after placement
  • They have 9 call centers in different cities and 1000+ operators
  • They provide detailed statistics about the time of the call, how many times they called and why (if) the order was cancelled
  • They don’t cancel orders with 1 package. Their office quality-control listens to all call records
  • Thanks to their own call-back technologies and operators’ qualitative training, on return they obtain the highest approve percentage (70%+)

2. Instant Payments. Yup!

  • They do not hold your payouts. Affiliates with decent traffic quality and a good reputation get immediate payment approval
  • They are set up to make payments 3-4 times a day without any delay. Just press the “pay” button and forget about any cash flow problems

3. Unbeatable Commissions

  • The Everad tech platform enables high conversion rates, while the call centers complete the sale to guarantee high approval rates. These factors alone make them more profitable than any other affiliate network
  • Everad pays out the high commissions in the industry. Guaranteed. How? If you see a competitor offer a higher payout, post a ticket with a screenshot – and they’ll beat it

4. They Develop Their Own Products

  • They are a direct advertiser. The majority of Everad products are the exclusives made under its own trademark. Their products are the best in their category. They have the highest conversion and provide millions of dollars to their partners. These products have “uniquely designed” tags and they are represented in their affiliate program and affiliated networks
  • The Everad team creates over 10 new exclusive offers each month
  • They also guarantee the highest conversion rate. Should the conversion rate not exceed other networks by 10%, send them a screenshot and they’ll increase payouts to compensate you

5. Award Winning Product Quality

  • All their uniquely designed products are of the highest quality
  • Product specs completely match the info listed on the package, the manual and on the landing page. This is a critical element of compliance
  • DAT Brand Control System prevents any counterfeit production
  • Quality claim line numbers are listed on the package of their products. As of today, they only get repeat order calls through those lines

6. Customer Service Response Within 3 Minutes

  • Customer support is available 24/7. Each partner gets dedicated manager. For managerial work, they hire only people with affiliate marketing experience. They understand and feel your problems as their own
  • They’ll suggest a suitable offer for your traffic, provide the newest information about awesome landing and transit pages and give advice on selecting the traffic sources

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Everad is responsive to all their clients including newbies, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them to help get you started. Their managers will guide you through the offers that are red hot right now, share the best tactics in order to convert your audience and tell about traffic sources that are doing good with the offer.

Some of the traffic types that are surely matching with Nutra offers include:

  • Social – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
  • Search – Google Adwords
  • Native
  • SEO
  • E-mail

Everad also has their own custom in-built technology, just to make sure their partners have the most advanced conversion tracking and real-time stats.

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After starting your first campaign, you’ll get the following:

  • Quick Support – your personal affiliate manager will reply on your questions in just a moment.
  • Audience Analytics– we provide 1st party data and breakdown by age/gender for your leads. Laser-target your campaign only on converting audience and double your profits!
  • Easy-To-Use Dashboard – create and manage campaigns without any distractions. Clear, detailed stats, money withdrawal, domain parking functional, API – all tools are just one click away.

Are You Ready To Get Started With Everad? Sign Up By Clicking Here Now

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