The EvaDav Opportunity

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge tool to further monetize your website, look no further than Evadav.

EvaDav is a push-notification AdNetwork – which is a relatively new method to monetizing websites. Push notifications appear as small pop-ups on the screen of user’s device (PC, mobile, tablet etc).

If you don’t already know, a push notification is a text or rich media message, similar to an SMS text message, that is sent to a mobile device from a third-party applications who has opted in to receive them (similar to permission-based email marketing).

Push notifications can be used to offer value to your customers or fans content, updates, coupons, or time-sensitive incentives to bring the user back to engage with the application.

Push Notifications Work Like This:

You’ve likely seen push notifications on your mobile device before but perhaps didn’t  know what they were. When a mobile app is downloaded to an iPhone or Android device, a popup will appear that must be either accepted or denied. That popup will request the user’s permission for you to send them alerts and notifications directly to their phone or devices home screen. 

Users who receive your push notifications can choose to engage or ignore the message. If your message grabs the user’s attention, they might re-engage with the app and accomplish whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish.

Why Choose Evadav?

EvaDav offers on of the easiest way to increase the revenue on your websites.

Their platform connects you to a global advertising exchange from the very top advertisers. It does not matter whether the user visits your website often or had stumbled upon it by accident, as soon as they subscribe to the push-message system on your website, they’ll remain connected to your account, earning you a constant daily income. 

Evadav’s Advantages: 

All GEO Traffic: Evadav accepts traffic with any geo. Their advertisers offer relevant advertising campaigns and deals for every country.

The Highest Conversion Rates: Evadav offers the highest conversion rates on the market since they target customers the appropriate and relevant advertising based on the internal analysis tools.

Safety for the Publisher: They offer 100% safety for publishers since their advertising messages come from their own domain, within a limited time span and are in no way are associated with the publisher’s website.

Weekly Payments: Evadav offers the fastest income generation on the market by providing publishers with cutting-edge tools that are effective at earning them income as quickly as possible.

EvaDav Referral Program

How To Earn Income EvaDav

EvaDav will pay you a generous 5% of the income generated by your referred publishers.

What makes this so valuaable to you is this referral revenue is a lifetime commission, which means you can keep growing a revenue by simply referring people to the EvaDav network.

Further, you can make extra bonuses for high production.

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