The Ethical Bribelist

The ethical bribe is basically something that you provide to your site visitors in exchange for their email information that you can add to your own private email list.

The ethical bribe is also called a lead magnet. The ethical bribe came into being at the point in time when people became increasingly concerned about their online privacy. In the old days people gave out their email address freely but now you need a strong incentive to get them to part with it .

Purpose Of The Ethical Bribe

The ethical bribe is not only intended to build your email list but also your credibility too. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in your niche and connect with your audience on a personal level.

It’s also your chance to show your audience that you share your valuable information freely and will continue to do so – which is why they should remain on your list for the long-term. 

Your ethical bribe should help your target market solve an important problem they’re having right away. Whether that’s teaching:

  • someone get their first website live on the internet by the end of today
  • somebody a trick on how to stop a panic attack in under a minute
  • someone how to lose 5 pounds in the first two weeks
  • someone how to increase their daily productivity by 25% within one week

It all depends upon which niche you’re in. And please notice that the example above are specific and have a time frame built in for results. If you can show your audience results right away with free info chances are they’ll stick with you and remain on your list and become a buyer of yours for a long time.

What Makes A Good Ethical Bribe? 

A good ethical bribe should appeal to a very specific target market instead of a much broader audience. A lead magnet that offers solutions to social anxiety is much better than one that targets mental health problems. Remember your goal is to help your audience solve one specific problem as fast as possible.

Secondly, your ethical bribe must have a high perceived value so that your visitors will find it too good to pass up for free. Give your lead magnet a memorable name which will make it easier to share online. Also, instead of calling it a free video or free ebook try naming it instead a free training video or whitepaper; anything that will make it stand out and appear more valuable or limited.

Don’t worry about giving away some real valuable information that you could otherwise sell them. They’ll love you for it and they’ll be more likely to buy from you later. Give freely before you can get. 

Types Of Ethical Bribes:

  • ebooks
  • audio or video interviews
  • workbook
  • resource lists (rolodex)
  • free reports
  • webinar
  • checklist
  • software
  • template
  • tutorial
  • mini-courses
  • whitepaper
  • videos
  • quick-start guides
  • access to private site area or forum

Where To Get Your Ethical Bribe:

The best way is to create your own. After all, if you don’t know enough about your topic to share some valuable insight about your topic perhaps you better choose another one right?

If you have the knowledge to share but can’t write well or produce videos, software, templates, or interviews look for some help. is a great place to find help fast with these types of projects, and nearly all for only five bucks!

If you lack the know-how or would rather buy an ethical bribe to share look on a PLR (private label rights) catalog site like this one for rebrandable ebooks, articles, videos, and more.

Whether you know if or not you’re getting bombed by ethical bribes every day. Coupons, happy-hours, limited time discounts (sales), buy one get one free, bonus products when you buy, free trials, etc. Start paying attention to the types of offers you respond to and adjust those strategies within your own marketing.

Just remember that the key to your giveaway is that it needs to not only be something of value but something relevant to your target market. The more relevant and valuable your bribe is the higher your response rate will be, the larger your list will become, and the more money you will make.

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