Essential SEO For 2015

SEO is a journey, not a destination.

The key to effective SEO is both consistency and relevancy. Consistency is doing a little SEO every day and relevancy is making sure what you’re doing is still working. That’s why it’s smart to keep up with the latest algorithm changes in the search engines and new ways to get your site noticed and ranked. SEO is not a hard job as long as you keep up with the evolving nature of it.

What’s Working In SEO Today In 2015

Focus On User Experience

Google’s primary goal is to place websites on it’s page one search results that not only provided the best quality and most relevant information but also the best end-user experience. It monitors this using several factors including user behavior such as bounce rate which measures how many people navigate away from your site after viewing only one page. Your job as site creator is to provide the highest quality of information you can and arrange it in a well-organized fashion that’s both easy to navigate and visually appealing. When you do this, you’ll earn valuable backlinks that will give your site a big SEO boost.

Mobile Is Key

With Google’s mobile-targeted algorithm change (Mobilegeddon) earlier this year it’s critical that your site is mobile-friendly and easy to both view and navigate on mobile devices. More than half of all searches occur on mobile devices and that number is growing rapidly. Google’s goal for mobile is to reward websites that have a responsive design and pages that load their above-the-fold content in less than one second. 

Diversify And Lengthen Your Keywords

Focus on a variety of keywords including long-tail keywords that expand your reach. Google and the other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.) prefer websites that have more than just simple singular keywords. Find a good keyword research tool to identify good relevant long-tails that tie into your topic nicely. Research what keywords your target audience is using in their searches and include some good action-based  phrases. For example instead of focusing only on topic keywords such as  “medieval weapons” lengthen some terms out which are more likely to attract buyers such as “where to buy medieval weapons” or “medieval weapons for sale”. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Improve Your ROI

While ranking high in the search engines for many of your keywords is nice it doesn’t exactly guarantee you’re making any money. It’s better to rank for the keywords that lead to a higher return on investment (like the action keywords and phrases explained above) than to rank highly for keywords that have low ROI. The key to ROI is knowing your numbers and site metrics. If you’re clueless as to how to track ROI there are many software packages out there (both free and paid) that can help you. 

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