12 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Influencer Marketing

How did you feel?

Do you remember the day you started your own business? How did you feel? Of course, you felt as if you were walking on air. Youinfluencer marketing image 1 worked so hard to stand up on your own two feet and become your own boss. You chose to work for yourself rather than being securely employed. And now you have your own brand which needs to be marketed using the most effective strategy for you to get more customers while saving money.

Which marketing strategy should you embrace? Should you go for influencer marketing while combining it with cheap writing services? This article will address this question.

Influencer marketing defined

Influencer marketing is the best marketing tool for your brand. But what exactly is it? Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that aims at using key leaders or influencers to send your brand’s message to the larger section of the market. Instead of marketing your brand directly to consumers, you partner with influencers to get the word out. Here are 12 reasons why you should embrace influencer marketing.

Your competitors know the secret

Why should you embrace influencer marketing? Because it works like magic. Your competitors are probably using this tool to stay ahead of the game. Do not be left behind! Do not use traditional methods to market your products. And do not try to reinvent the wheel. Here’re tools your competitors might already use to keep in secret their successful content strategy – the creation of unique high-quality content with lower prices, like: Brill Assignment, AssignmentGeek, Myassignmentwriting or even Essay Writer Service. Sometimes you really need to try more products to find your one, the most productive and effective for your content strategy.

Increasing number of consumers

Today, the world has shifted to social media with consumers looking at fellow consumers to help them with their purchasing decisions. With technology advancing rapidly on a daily basis, you can expect to have more consumers online waiting to buy from you. And they can only buy from you if they are convinced by a person they trust and look up to. Influencers are the key to increase the number of consumers for your business.

Influencers affect your consumers

According to a research conducted by Nielson, 84% of consumers acted on recommendations from the people they knew and trusted rather than strangers. If they happen to know you, they will gladly share or retweet what you say.

You’ll understand your market

You need to discover who the top influencers for your audience are. For example, if your target market is aged between 16 to 25, you should look for the best influencer on a platform like snapchat. If your target market is aged above 55 years, you should find the best influencers on twitter. In short, know your target market and ideal consumers inside out.

Understanding your niche audience

Many businesses understand their target market in general but do not know how to effectively identify their niche audience or market. Influencers have the ability to attract your niche audiences like a magnet which in turn will boost your brand.

Improving your ranking on Google

Partnering with an influencer and requesting him to mention your brand on his or her blog not only generates leads, but also generates quality backlinks to your site which ultimately improves your ranking on Google search.

Enhancing creativity

You are probably thinking of how to make the next campaign different and memorable to your audience. How will you do it? Influencers have the ability to identify current trends in the market. Owing to this fact, they can create a different type of energy for your brand.

Increased engagement

An influencer will assist you in increasing your brand’s engagement thus increasing the number of people using your brand

Personalized content for your audience

Who on earth wants to read sponsored posts that appear too salesy and pushy? No one! They are just frustrating and mind influencer marketing image 2numbing. All of us want to read and write posts or listen to stories which we feel we are personally connected to. And that’s why influencer marketing always wins. Influencers contents are highly tailored. An influencer knows that it is his/her duty to be true to your values and promote what you honestly believe in. The most popular influencers understand this rule of thumb.

Generation of leads

Since influencers work with tailored content, they will eventually grab your audiences’ attention. Once attention is grabbed, why won’t your message be the talk of the day? According to a research conducted by TapInfluence, 50% of marketers reported to attract quality leads due to influencer marketing. That’s great for you and your business. Right?

Influencers boost your returns

How do influencers boost your returns? According to Brian, a very successful salesman, an organization which encourages its sales team to go out and increase the time spent talking with customers (conversations) just can’t help being successful. Your influencers will generate more leads, who will lead to an increase conversations and ultimately in revenues. Nielsen reports that influencer marketing boosts revenue by an average of eleven times. Why shouldn’t you embrace influencer marketing?

Influencers know it all

Influencers are influential people because they know their target audience inside out. They know what works and what does not. If you are an expert at something, say motoring, you will definitely know within a few minutes of driving whether a car does well or not.

And finally…

If you want reach your customers easily and understand who they are, start looking at the people who influence and grab their attention. And when you get that person, you won’t just help increasing your sales and growing your business rapidly. You will sleep soundly at night and still be richer than your neighbors.

Guest post by Tiffany Harper:Tiffany Harper image

Tiffany Harper is a talented writer from New York, an extremely active woman, and a real leader. She began her career as a journalist and later proceeded it as an educational writer and editor. Now she works as an expert writer mostly in the digital marketing area. Please do not hesitate to contact her on Twitter.

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