The Importance Of Email Marketing Campaigns

As an affiliate marketer if you’re not building a list, you’re not building a sustainable business. Period.

I know you hear it constantly… ‘the real money is in the list’. But’s it’s true.

Most of the internet marketers I know that don’t have a list mistakenly believe that it takes too much work, is too complicated, and expensive. Nothing is further from the truth.

The Simple Truth About Email Marketing

  • It’s easy to set up and implement
  • It’s inexpensive to operate
  • Email marketing, if properly set up, will earn you more money than any other thing

In my opinion, email marketing is the single most important element of your online business. It certainly is in my own business. But don’t just take my word for it:

Ramsay Taplin – Founder of The Blog Tyrant: “Even if all of my search rankings disappeared tomorrow I’d still be able to promote my blog to tens of thousands of people via email.”

Neil Patel – Co-Founder of KISSmetrics, QuickSprout, and CrazyEgg: “Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them.”

Noah Kagan – Founder of SumoMe:  “ is a 7 figure business and 90%+ of our revenue comes from emails.”

Joe Pulizzi – Founder of The Content Marketing Institute “If I have one regret as a business owner, it’s not focusing on building our email list earlier in the process.”

Please note what Ramsay Taplin said above. Even if his online business lost all of its organic traffic overnight (Which by the way is not farfetched; all it takes is a Google algorithm update sometimes to do just that. But that’s another topic for another day) he would still have his list of customers, prospects, and fans to communicate with and keep his business running. In other words, your list is completely in your control no matter what other external forces affect your business.

But it’s not just communication, your list gives you the ability to almost literally print money ‘on demand’.

In fact, the average list owner shoots for $1 per subscriber per month, every month. So the average monthly income from 1,000 subscribers is $1,000. With a 2,000 person list, you could be making $2,000 per month… with 3,000 you could make $3,000 per month, and so on…

That’s just average. If you become a good email marketer that’s above average you can make much more than that!

Would you like to learn how to do just that?

Here is my full tutorial on email marketing.



Photo Credit: pmgnilre via Compfight cc