How Ecommerce Is Strangling Brick And Mortar Stores

It’s no secret that online shopping is slowly killing off the old-school brick and mortar stores. The numbers do not lie.

But you may be surprised to learn that there are enough people who prefer shopping offline with the brick and mortar model that it’s still experiencing growth. Just at a much lower rate of growth (4.5%) than online shopping is(15%).

The infographic below, by, will provide you with information concerning both in-store and online shopping. Compare the growth rate between both types of sales and see who the top sellers are. Have a look at what people buy most and where. Compare what factors do people take into consideration before shopping in-store and what triggers them to shop online. All the relevant facts and stats are right below.

There are some global statistics but most of the data focuses primarily on the US market:

Key Takeaways Of Ecommerce vs Brick And Mortar:

  • More than half of all Americans, and a large percentage of younger people, prefer shopping online to offline
  • More than half of American’s shopping budget is spent in-store, but the gap with online spending is rapidly closing
  • People prefer shopping online to offline primarily because of the ability to shop anytime day, night, or holiday, the convenience of price comparing and finding better deals/prices
  • People prefer shopping offline primarily because of the physical experience (handling items), being able try things on and being able to see exactly what they’re buying looks like
  • More than half of Americans read reviews prior to making a purchase online
  • A surprising percentage of people research items online prior to buying something in-store. The top 3 categories researched online first include appliances, electronics and men’s apparel
  • More than half of US businesses have adapted to the omnichannel (having both an online and offline presence) shopping experience
  • What buyers want most (47%) are real-time promotions but rarely (7%) get them. Do you see any opportunity here? I sure do!
  • Buyers also love coupons and discounts (42%) but rarely (16%) get them. More opportunity!
  • More than half of global retailers have mobile phone apps that have purchase capabilities
  • Eight-three percent of global retailers have mobile-optimized websites with purchase capabilities

Advantages To Shopping Online:

  1. It saves time, fuel and energy
  2. Easy and often instant pricing comparisons
  3. The ability to shop 24/7/365
  4. Never any lines
  5. Easy product search features
  6. Better prices that often include rebates and online deals
  7. More variety of items to choose from
  8. No threat of compulsive purchases
  9. Easier to find used and refurbished items
  10. The ability to shop discretely

Disadvantages To Shopping Online:

  1. The loss of the tactile experience
  2. Shipping usually adds to the cost
  3. Returns can be costly and complicated
  4. You’re often dealing with an unknown vendor
  5. Online security can be compromised
  6. The possibility of shipping damages and lost/stolen packages

Advantages To Shopping In-Store:

  1. You can test the product before you buy it
  2. No payment security issues
  3. You can take the item with you immediately
  4. You can try it before purchase
  5. Convenient return policies

Disadvantages To Shopping In-Store:

  1. You have to travel to the store, park, etc
  2. More limited selection/stock
  3. Physical location costs money
  4. Limited store hours