Getting Started in eCom

If you’re tired of working for somebody else on their terms (not yours) you should consider working from the comfort of your own home in eCommerce (eCom).

What is eCommerce?

Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet.

  • It’s easy to get up and running (much more on that down the page)
  • eCommerce is exploding worldwide as people love the convenience of buying online
  • You can make income while you sleep on your business is set up (which again is easy as you’ll see)
  • You will be able to sell on a global basis effortlessly
  • It’s a highly scalable business that will allow you unlimited growth (and thus unlimited income)

Why You Need To Get Started In eCom

  • No experience necessary
  • No massive ad budget required
  • No stock or inventory to keep
  • No shipping or product handling
  • No more 9-to-5 BS: Work anytime, anywhere on your own terms
  • No more boss. You’re now the boss
  • No risk! This training course is guaranteed to work for you within 60 days or your money back in full


  • You don’t have to quit your day job or give up your weekends to pursue this opportunity.
  • You won’t be risking money you can’t afford to lose – what I’m about to show you works reliably
  • You will not be spending money on expensive programmers, coaches, software, and so on…

How To Get Started In eCom

What you’ll learn is how to get started in eCom the right way.

You’ll learn not from one eCom master but two. Both of these guys have been doing eCom since before it was called eCom and have sold million of dollars of products using the exact methods they reveal in this training course and using exactly the same tools.

Introducing: eCom Domination:

eCom Domination is a collection of 154 training videos.

Yes, 154!

Why so many? Because unlike most training programs, this one shows you everything you need to know to make income online step-by-step. All you need to do is watch and copy the methods that are already working.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to make money online. Just copy what other successful people do – those who’ve already figured it all out through expensive trial and error.

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Not convinced?

Here is a quick peek at a few of the modules:

  • INTRODUCTION TO ECOMMERCE: This is an explosive “30,000 foot bird’s eye overview” training that will shine a new light on your old understanding of what ecom is all about. We’ll shatter myths and beliefs about ecom and show you why you haven’t been able to absolutely crush it yet.
  • RESEARCH FOR HOT NICHES: Do you know what your ideal customer profile looks like? This module will show you which questions you should ask yourself about a potential niche. We’ll tell you what to sell, and even show you a few secret tactics for identifying red-hot niches. We’ll even dive deep into analytics of your competition, so you can use their data to “spy” on the demand for consumer products.
  • FINDING REAL WHOLESALERS & DISTRIBUTORS: Where to find quality products and services to sell.
  • BUILDING YOUR STORE: Even if you’ve never built a website ever before in your life… You’ll learn everything you need to get your ecom website up and running. From purchasing your domain name, to writing the most important pages of your site, to making product listings – everything is explained, step by step.
  • USING AMAZON: How cool would it be to have Amazon ship your products for you? Once your online store is up and running, getting approved for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a piece of cake. We’ll show you how to tap into the biggest global distribution system in the world, and prepare you for the difficulties in logistics that may come as a result, by showing you how to “keep it simple.”
  • USING EBAY: Ebay is a perfect buyer traffic trap. We’ll explain how you can use eBay to bring pre-qualified visitors to your store, where you can make sales without having to pay eBay a dime for it. We’ll even show you how to do extra market research on eBay in case you do wish to sell there, plus provide you with useful tools and resources to make this process easy.
  • CREATING CONTENT: To make your store stand out, you need outstanding content. Sounds easy, until you’re burdened with the task of making it. Luckily, thanks to simple outsourcing sites like Fiverr, great content is easy to make, and very affordable. We’ll show you how to generate amazing product listing content without having to take a computer class on video editing. Even if English is not your native language, your store will look and feel 100% official.
  • TRAFFIC-NICHE DOMINATION: ​This is a never-ending battle for eCom store owners: where to get the traffic? Even though our primary training revolves around FREE traffic, we decided to break down our other traffic sources one at a time. When you do all of this at once, an avalanche of buyers will rush to your store. It’s amazing, and you need to see it to believe it.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BLUEPRINT: We’ll focus heavily on Facebook here, because it’s the #1 best and largest traffic generation system available to most ecom store owners. With over a billion users, this is the go-to place to find your ideal buyer target. There is more than one way to get traffic from Facebook, and we’ll show you all of them, inside this module.
  • BULK SURPLUS & LIQUIDATION: Want to save up to 95% on already-cheap wholesale prices? When you buy products wholesale, they are sold to you at a price that’s much less than retail. But when you’re buying surplus & liquidation lots, you save up to 20x more, allowing you to profit BIG time. This module will show you where to find these lots + what red flags to avoid.
  • IMPORTING & WHITE LABELING: Want to start your own brand? Thanks to white labeling, you can. This is for advanced ecom business people who have capital to invest into ready-made products which they wish to sell with their own brand name.
  • TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: Here, we discuss the “smooth edges” of your business, namely: customer service, credit card processor perks, and PayPal’s flexible shipping options.
  • LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS: In this final section, we’ve included LIVE training which we’ve done with our students – a whopping 19-hour collection of insane deep dives into our clients’ problems and our newest industry discoveries.

Sure, there are plenty of “guru’s” out there with impressive income screen shots, but to find TWO of them willing to share over 30 years of experience and millions of dollars of sales know-how.  That is practically unheard of.

Go check it out NOW and stop chasing your own tail!

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