How To Promote A $300 Affiliate Commission Product

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn profits either full time or part time.

And while many beginner affiliates fail to launch their first sale, many other succeed in doing so after couple of months. The trick is to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Many affiliate programs can offer you high commissions that can reach $1000 per sale; mostly they are products in lucrative niches like the luxury, travel and education.

It takes the same amount of effort to promote a $10 product as to promote a $10,000 product, as both products will require you to generate traffic to your affiliate website.

The reasoning behind this is that there are always buyers looking for products, so why not find those high-paying buyers instead of the pennies-paying buyers. And being able to find those buyers and convincing them of the product’s quality is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Picking your High Paying Affiliate Product

An important skill in affiliate marketing is finding products to promote.

And before you pick a high paying product to promote you have to first decide which niche you want to be involved in.

The niche can show you who your target market is, and will help you draw up your marketing plan and determine the size of the market.

For example, I will pick the high paying mattress niche because from that niche I can conclude that:

  • My target audience are newlyweds, home buyers, people with back problems
  • Buyers aged between 27-40 years old, males and females
  • I will target local buyers

This information is vital when it comes to launching a paid ads campaign, because now I know who to target.

Plus I know the niche is huge because people marry and buy houses every day.

A good affiliate program in the mattress niche is, and my affiliate commission for one sale I generate is over $300.

Build your Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing for high paying products requires you to own your affiliate website, this way you can offer more than just your affiliate link.

In our example I need to build my affiliate website so it can show the mattress products in a user-friendly manner.

It is ok if you want your affiliate website to be a blog, because even for products that are image based (like mattresses) they can be well presented in a blog.

However you need to pick the right blog theme because the design will play a big part in my sales conversion rates. And for a quality brand like the one I am promoting, my affiliate website needs to reflect that quality in the design.

As I said above, my target market includes newlyweds among others, but I want to target only the newlyweds. The wedding industry is a huge market itself and can be enough for me to sell to.

Being focused in your market segmentations allows you to build your affiliate website solely around that segment which will boost your affiliate sales.

Don’t be greedy and promote to every segment in the niche from one website, people will not see you as an authority in that niche which will negatively impact your sales.

After you setup your affiliate website blog, you need to write content for the segment you chose (newlyweds in our example).

To get content ideas you can head to Google’s keyword tool and pick the keywords you think are more relevant to the bride/groom to be

Writing useful content will make your blog visitors stay more on your website and read other posts you have written. This will help establish a trust relation with your blog visitors as they will see you as an authority source and most likely will buy the products you recommend to them.

In the end, your affiliate website should look like this

Draw up your Traffic Plan

Now you need to organize your thoughts and figure out how you will be generating traffic to your affiliate website.

From our analysis of the market, we know that we need local traffic, depending on where your affiliate product is based.

Our traffic options include:

  • SEO traffic
  • Social media traffic
  • Community traffic
  • Paid Traffic

SEO should be your long term traffic option, and that means you shouldn’t expect your first visitor from Google. It requires daily work of obtaining backlinks to your affiliate website, so we will work a bit by bit on that each day.

Usually you will see results from your SEO work after 1 month of link building, which is good because the kind of traffic Google sends you is both local and highly targeted.

Social media will be your major traffic source especially for a niche like mattresses because it is an image based niche.

You can uses websites like Instagram, Pinterest to post images of the product and try to gain followers on your social media accounts.

If the product you are promoting offers coupons then post these coupons on your social media account, because people are always looking for deals especially in a niche like mattresses.

Twitter and Facebook also should not be neglected; you will find huge part of your market there.

Web 2.0 Communities are another source of instant traffic; you can lurk around forums and community discussions answering questions there while leaving a link to your affiliate website whenever you can.

For our newlyweds niche I found many forums I can participate in by doing a simple “wedding forums” search:

Paid Traffic converts well if you target your ad correctly, almost every top advertising network like Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords allow you to choose which people to show your ads to.

This is done by setting multiple targeting criteria like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Gender

From what we know about our niche segment the newlyweds, we can set our ad show only to females aged 27-35. If you are targeting grooms then you could set the age range higher and change the gender.

Running a successful PPC ad campaign can give you a high ROI, so if you spend $200 on an ad and that generated 2 sales for you then you will be making a net profit of $400 plus your original invested $200.

And the best thing about running PPC campaigns is that you can repeat the campaign dozens of times all while you are earning a handsome profit from your high paying affiliate program.

The last advice I can give you is not to spend too much on advertising at first, spend little and test many ad campaigns and once you find the perfect combination that works for you, you then stick to it and improve upon it.

I offer the same advice to my students at my affiliate marketing course Affset because this is the key to be a successful affiliate marketer.

This is a guest post by Ibrahim Dahy

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  1. Efoghor Joseph E

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for this timely post. A lot of us want to earn big online. Unfortunately, it is not easy to earn as one has in mind.

    I agree that there are affiliate programs that earn over $175 but the competition for the keywords that bring the traffic is quite high.

    Great content brings in quality organic traffic; that will only happen if the keyword is ranking in the first or second page of Google search result.

    However, a lot of the big sites are employing paid link building but never disclose this to some of us who are not yet fully established. Even when the secret is made open, there is still the challenge of cost.

    The use of social media to drive traffic also works well if the person is active on the social media platform or the forum through which he intends to get traffic from.

    Then the issue of promoting a single affiliate niche comes in as well. I wish to say that this is not for everyone. My site for example, is built to be used as an affiliate review site where a lot of the affiliate programs are accommodated because it acts as an information portal. Whatever affiliate program I am promoting will have to be reviewed there. But in a situation whereby the purpose of the site is just to earn from an affiliate program, it is advisable to hook up to one affiliate product, master how it works, build a site around it and promote it vigorously.

    My take on this:
    – Affiliate programs that earn big commissions are good
    – You need to do a lot of work before enjoying the dividends
    – Build traffic using different methods such as social media, forums, organic, paid traffic, link building, etc.
    – Stick to one affiliate product and master how it works and how you can make money with it.

    Thanks once again, Bill. May I say that I have used your affiliate links to open over 50% of all my affiliate accounts so far. I love your content and what you are doing here.
    I hope we will be able to strike some form of relationships someday. Have a lovely day.
    If you don’t mind, you can take a little time to check on my site at and let me know if you have some advice or recommendations for me.