Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Domain Names

I have to admit it. I’m kind of a domain name junkie.

I have lots of domain names. Most are for future projects but many others are simply speculative investments. 

Domain names are important for several reasons:

  • Your domain name helps define your business at a single glance and first impressions are important
  • A good domain name including a keyword or two will help improve your position in the search engines (SEO) when someone is searching for your topic
  • Having a domain name adds credibility and demonstrates that you’re serious about your business

If you ever wanted to know the short history of domain names, and every element about them, you’ll like this infographic by hostingtribunal.com.

Do you need your own domain and website? If so, I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to own your domain name and start your own website.


Photo Credit: The Booklight Flickr via Compfight cc