What Do Site Owners Need to Know About Domain Management

In Order Not to Lose Their Business?

The process of website creation comes with numerous challenges and problems. Therefore, those who want to run an online business should be aware of possible setbacks. The website owners should be educated on the whole process of creation and promotion of their businesses via a well-run platform. This article represents a perfect guide for those who own websites and want to keep their online business running.

Decide On the Purpose of Your Online Business

A site is a multi-functional tool that helps its owners to promote the entire niche. The platform could be used to educate people on the company activities and help the owner interact with the audience. In addition, it could help to establish long-term relationships with customers by offering industry-specific goods and services.

Pick the Right Registrar and Website Name

A website name, or domain name, distinguishes your business from other providers and features all the necessary information about your products and services. If you want to choose a relevant domain name, it will cost you both time and money. Once you purchase the domain address, you can now build your brand and attract users to the platform. Over time, the domain name will become an integral part of your business and will be directly associated with your brand.

How to Pick One

When choosing a domain name, you can either pick a branded name or a keyword-based one.

Branded names are generally used by companies that have already made themselves known in the market. One of the obvious examples of brand-focused domains is Apple.com. However, a completely new online company can also select a brand-oriented name if it informs customers about the type of offered business.

Keyword-based names are used to determine products and services, and make it as clear as possible. As a site owner, you should first compile a list of keywords that are relevant to the products your company offers and then select the best one. Make sure to choose the keywords which are optimized for SEO. Most likely, you want to include a keyword that is regularly checked by customers when looking for similar products on the web.

Know When the Website Expires

One of the serious problems that site owners face is the expiration of the site. After you have established your online business under a specific name, you want to keep profiting from it. However, each domain has a termination date and you should check it regularly. Once you lose the domain, it could come into possession of someone else despite all the efforts that you have made to promote it. It means that someone else can take advantage of the reputation of your domain leaving you on the sidelines. For this reason, site owners should set the expiration reminders, or email notifications to stay up to date with their domain validity.

How to Recover It?

Prior to termination, you will have several possibilities to save the initial domain:

  • Phase 1. You receive alerting emails informing that the domain is about to expire.
  • Phase 2. Once it expires, you still have some time for renewal. During this period you can still restore the domain free of charge.
  • Phase 3. The website name is held by the registrar and gets the corresponding status. It implies that you can return the domain at an additional charge.
  • Phase 4. If you miss out on these opportunities, the auction starts. The domain is sold at the highest bid, but you can still return it within 30 days.
  • Phase 5. If not, it could be returned to the registry. You can also pay the renewal and redemption fees and recover the domain name.
  • Phase 6. If this opportunity is also lost, the domain pends deletion. If you don’t restore it, it is available for general use and registration.

Keep Software Upgrades Under Control

Site owners should take care of software upgrades and installations. If you have outdated software, your platform can become a target for hackers and malware. There are countless options to prevent such issues. For example, you can install plugins that will inform you about necessary software upgrades.

Be Responsible

As the website owner, you should ensure the online presence of your business at all times. In order to not lose any critical information, you can take the following measures:

  • Back up your site;
  • Make regular upgrades of the platform;
  • Back up emails;
  • Remove malware, spyware and other viruses;
  • Have an offline copy of your site in the case of deletion.


As you can see, efficient site management, especially domain management, contributes greatly to the safety and security of your platform. If you take all appropriate measures to ensure the smooth operation of your site, you can rest assured that your online business will prosper.


Guest post by Julia Beyers