How to Use Customer Behavior Analysis for Segmentation Marketing Ideas

Modern marketing is developing with the speed of light, with new concepts, frameworks, ideas, and methods appearing every week. These innovations take the field onto a completely new level of effectiveness by employing more effective tactics and targeting more specific audiences. Among these new innovations, many traditional strategies hold their positions firmly, including customer behavior analysis and segmentation marketing. Although they can be considered relatively old, their importance for reaching out to the customers has not diminished a little bit, and they are used by numerous companies around the world.

Let’s take some time to review this great strategy in this article because the knowledge of effective conduction of customer behavior analysis and segmentation can help to enhance your business.

Why it Matters?

Customer behavior analysis is defined as a strategy that helps to define the behaviors among specific groups of customers with the purpose of predicting how similar customer will behave under similar conditions and circumstances. It is a powerful tool that allows getting an insight into the minds of the customers through the analysis of customer data that characterizes their behaviors. For example, the analysis can help the company to predict the actions of their target audience in the case of a particular marketing action, say, a new product. If the data are supported by other relevant models of analysis, the marketers could follow their recommendations to develop marketing campaigns that can maximize the organizational profits.

Segmentation is the division of the potential customers or markets into specific groups that allows developing particular marketing ideas. The customer division is implemented on a number of specific factors, including needs and buying characteristics. First, the product should satisfy the customer’s needs and the second, the characteristics include marketing channels, sales channels, and responses to marketing campaigns. The marketers define three methods for segmentation, priori, needs-based, and value-based.

The market segmentation has two main levels: strategic and tactical. The first respective level has a direct connection to the decisions on positioning while the second one relates to the decision of which customer audiences need to be targeted. There are several kinds of market segmentation, including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioristic.

How to Use this Strategy

There are lots of ways in which you can use customer behavioral analysis and segmentation for your business. Experienced marketers say that all of them cannot work for the same organization because they are largely different and employ various strategies that could not be effective in different markets. In addition, the market can be affected by numerous trends that prevent the effective implementation of the strategy, so determining the right move and defining the best type of customer behavioral analysis and segmentation is critical at that point.

Any tips?

Assuming that you have decided to take advantage of the customer behavioral analysis and segmentation, we have prepared some tips that can help you to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. We strongly encourage you to use these tips to make your marketing even more effective and receive the desired response from the target group of customers.

1. Come up with an interesting idea that would make the audience want to respond

In marketing, one of the most challenging tasks to get the target audience to respond to the calls to actions in the desired way. Let’s face it, why should they buy your product or use the service if there are lots of similar ones on the market? Even if you have the most beautiful and appealing advertisement design and lots of paid adverts around the Internet, it does not guarantee the success of the campaign because of this challenging task. To enhance the effectiveness of your customer behavior analysis and segmentation efforts, you need to motivate the potential buyers to take the action. Lucrative offers are a good way to go, says Mike O’Brian, a chief marketing specialist from the, or propose some additional benefits for the potential buyers, they will respond more because they might want to take advantage of this campaign.

There are many strategies that you can take to make this happen. For example, you can portray a higher level of professionalism than your competitors, thus underlining your competitive advantage and improving your image among the potential buyers. Or, you can share your knowledge with them by connecting on a different level. Specifically, you can stay connected to your customers by sharing the professional knowledge for people who work in a specific area. Also, you can use psychological factors based on needs and many other things that work. However, there are certain rules to be followed here that help to prevent bad reputation and ineffective effort. Read these rules on motivating customers here from a well-known marketing expert Josh Gordon.

2. Put an extra thought into words

Customer behavior analysis and segmentation often require the campaign to have slogans and other calls to actions that include a limited number of words conveyed to the customer. That’s why it is needed to put an extra thought into this deal and choose the words very carefully because otherwise, you would not have the opportunity to take advantage of them. Also, you need to remember that customers do not spend a lot of time reading the adverts and often a quick look that lasts a few seconds is the only chance to get their attention. Just a few seconds, and sometimes you have less than one second. Clearly, not a lot of time for such an important task, so make sure an appropriate analysis is done to define the words that could capture the attention of potential customers.

3. Do not be afraid of experiments

As it was briefly mentioned above, not all customer behavior analysis and segmentation strategies work for all business, so there is no a definite way to say whether some of them will be effective for your business. However, given the benefits that could be provided by them, they are definitely worth a try. Therefore, encourage yourself to try different strategies and see which ones work for you, and make sure to define the methods that are the most effective because eventually, you can combine them into one ultimate strategy that would be the best. In business, like any other area, you really cannot know much when you do not try it yourself, and this rule certainly applies to customer behavior analysis and segmentation.

What will I get in the end?

There are a number of great benefits with using this strategy that could really help your business to increase revenues, enhance the marketing, and find the target audience. First, you can improve your entire product because you will have a better idea about the end customer and their needs and preferences about its use. Second, it will help to focus the marketing message to customize it to each of the audience segment, which results in higher quality interest in your product or service. Third, you will allow your company to pursue higher percentage profit opportunities by spending more on the most lucrative segment, and finally, you will get higher revenues in the end.

If you need more, here is the complete guide to the benefits associated with analyzing the customers from Kissmetrics Blog.

The Bottom Line

Customer behavior analysis and segmentation are among the most effective strategies to reach out to the potential buyers in modern marketing. Like with any other project, preparation is essential in this case as well because it decreases the possibility of a failure. Ensure you have taken the right path by reading and taking insights from this article because it can help to focus on what is important to your business.

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