How To Create Affiliate Websites Fast

With The Least Amount Of Work Possible

The Truth About Affiliate Website Creation

Creating affiliate websites is a great way to earn passive income online.

But getting started with the creation part always seems to trip people up. It can be incredibly time consuming and daunting unless you put the time in to learn the process. WordPress is the easiest platform to learn but it’s still a process…

Here Is The Normal Process To Affiliate Website Creation:

  • Do All Of The Initial WordPress Setup Tasks: For starters you’ll need to do some WordPress maintenance by removing their demo content, installing all of your desired plugins and adding all of the required pages. 
  • Add All Of Your Content To The Site: Once your site is set up, you’ll need to do the time consuming task of creating content-rich posts for your sites, inserting featured images into each post and at the very least add a few videos to keep the Google gods happy and get your site found. 
  • Monetize Your Site By Adding Affiliate Products To Each Post: Once you get to this point, you’ll need to monetize your site – which of course is the whole point. This process involves identifying and inserting affiliate products into your new posts that your audience is interested in.
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Not many people get this far because until you get these three steps done, you’re not making any money and so many people give up.

But what if there was a WordPress plugin that could automate all of these three steps (and 9 more) for you?

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Will Automate All 12 Of These Tasks With One Click:

  1. Delete The Demo Posts, Pages & Comments
    WordPress comes pre-loaded with some demo features that must be deleted before you can begin to customize your new site. This plugin will do it in one simple click. 
  2. Change The Permalink Structure
    You’ll also need to change the Permalink structure on your new site to %PostName% for proper SEO benefits. Again… one click.
  3. Create Your About, Contact Us & Privacy Policy
    Every site needs these three pages to enhance the trust of the site in the eyes of the search engines. Setting up these pages yourself often wastes as much as 15-20 minutes of your time – even with a template.
  4. Install & Activate All Of Your Essential Plugins
    You’ll also need to add WP plugins to your site to help with usability, SEO, site speed, etc. The process of searching for the right plugins, installing them and then activating them yourself can easily take you another 15 minutes.
  5. Create Posts For All Of Your Relevant Keywords
    To start building your site you need to create posts and pages using the keywords you plan to rank your website for. Using AffiliRocket, you’ll simply enter in all your keywords and the software will create a post or page for each one. This tedious process is time consuming so automating this task alone makes this plugin worth the price.
  6. Add Content To All Of Your Posts
    Of course, you’ll also need content for all your posts. With AffiliRocket you will simply upload an article for each keyword and the software will automatically add that content to your post or page when it’s created. 
  7. Add Images To Each Post
    No post is complete without an image. Having to go to each post, upload an image and then insert it into the post is a huge waste of time. AffiliRocket automates this process too – saving you additional time.
  8. Add Relevant YouTube Videos To All Posts
    You also want to add relevant YouTube videos to each post to add content, increase engagement and, of course entice Google to rank your pages higher for organic traffic. This tedious process can easily take 30 minutes for you to do manually. 
  9. Add Affiliate Products To Each Post
    No site is complete until you have monetized it so you can make money from your site. The AffiliRocket plugin will automatically monetize every post on your site with relevant affiliate products. You can choose from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress or CJ. This saves you another 60-90 minutes of your time.
  10. Add Your Optin Box To Every Post
    AffiliRocket will add your optin box to every post so you can start building your list to increase your commissions.
  11. Inserts Custom Ads (No API Needed)
    Want to promote related Amazon products or even non-Amazon products? AffiliRocket gives you the ability to insert your own custom ad code to be show at the top and/or bottom of each post automatically. This means you can promote literally any affiliate program you wish. Cool.
  12. Add Your GDPR Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent
    With the adoption of GDPR requirements, AffiliRocket will take care of adding your GDPR Privacy Policy page and also adding Cookie Consent to your site. You need this now to keep things legal. 
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